Beautiful Bridal Nath Designs for Indian Wedding

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Naths play an important role in bridal dressing. They help in accentuating the look just like other pieces of jewellery. Naths have been popularized in India since the times of our grandparents. It had been in trend in the times of our parents but eventually the trend of wearing naths fell down.

Now, they are again gaining mass popularity. With celebs and artists starting to wear naths again and making it a trendsetter, many people are opting to wear naths in various occasions to give their wardrobe a major upgrade. We bring you a list of awesome bridal naths ranging from pearls to diamonds, small to large, lighter ones to heavier ones. So, brides!!

The D- Day is near and you all must be drained out selecting the outfits, destination and making other choices. Stay tuned with us get the solutions to all your bridal problems!!

Indian Bridal Nath Designs

1. Pearl naths for jewellery loving brides

Beautiful Pearl naths for indian brides
Image Source: Safarsaga Films

If you love innovation and experimenting with looks, this nath is just perfect for you. With small stones and pearls, this can be a great choice for a traditional bride. The pearls along with the small stones are forming a star sort of a shape which is quite innovative because in general we come across naths which are just a ring with a few stones studded and some embellishments.

The nath also features a string made entirely of pearls. Similarly, the bride hs also opted for pearl jewellery and rani haar. The heavy makeup look featuring smokey eyes and hued lips is in perfect combination with the nath. This can be also be worn with lehengas or ghagras whichever you prefer to wear.

2. Small naths have a great compatibility with heavy makeup looks.

 Beautiful Small Bridal Nath
Image Source: Leena Bhushan

The caption says all about the nath. A very simple nath with some diamonds would be our pick for the sangeet. The nath is in sync with the heavy jewellery and heavy makeup. This is a very small nath with diamonds studded on it and the string is made of gold. If you cannot handle a big or aan oversized nath, this nath is going to be your best friend.

The bride has paired it with a heavy diamond maangtika and a heavy diamond neckalce. The makeup is all pink and peachy which is complementing her entire look. Embellished lehnegas would look stunning with this nath.

3. Heavy naths for brides who can carry it well

 Beautiful Bridal Heavy naths for brides
Image Source: Shahid Naar

Looks like the bride has opted to wear the jewellery of her ancestors which have been passed on from generations, yet has not lost its shine and glamour. That’s why the nath looks utterly royal and prestigious. Oversized naths are a major upgradation to the whole bridal look. This features a nath wnitrely made of all things royal. There is gold, pearls and diamonds.

The middle of the nath has a jaal kind of a thing and some diamonds have been attached in a way to make it look like two peacocks are facing each other. It has also got tassels at the bottom. The nath is a perfect representation of how Indian craftsmen give meticulous attention to every detail. How they painstakingly create a nath by joining a stone to another! The bride’s makeup is just perfect. The jhumkas and the jewellery are also oversized and she is carrying the shole look effortlessly which very less people can pull off.

4. When the bride decides to pair her nath with the jewellery.

 Beautiful Bridal Matching nath and jewellery
Image Source: Leena Bhushan

Naths are truly the befriender of a women. A nath clustered with shiny pearls and red diamionds looks way more prettier than any other ornaments. The bride has wisely paired her nath with a benign neckpiece whereas the cream coloured royal lahenga compliments it.

A beauty of a women blooms out when she wears a nath. Wearing nath is not only the motive but pairing it with proper jewellery is. The bride has fully done justice to the nath with her complementary touches to it.

5. Naths do not necessarily have to be made of gold or silver!

Gold or silver Beautiful Bridal Nath
Image Source: Studio Kelly Photography

Ditch the traditional golden and silver nath trend and try this new one of a  kind nath. A perfect sized nath with a blue gemstone and a string made of pearls. The bride has matched her jewellery colour with the colours of her outfit.

Though her jewellery has all the traditional embellishments, it also has the balance of blue colour to match the outfit. We cannot stop gushing over the nath of this bride. The nath cam also be customized according to the hues of the dress. You can pair this particular nath with blue floral lehengas, ghagras or other bridal outfits for a fresh look.

6. A large nath with few pearls can do the job!

Large nath with few pearls Beautiful Bridal Nath
Image Source: Dipak Studios

This is what simplicity looks like. The bride looks utmost elegant in this look. Her nath is perfectly sized with three pearls one of which is green in colour. And the string is made of small beads. The jewellery is pretty good. Overall, the bride’s look is completely balanced.

She has not overdone anything and looks ravishing. The nath is matchimatching her lehenga. The peach lips as well as the  makeup looks glam and royal. The slightly kohl eyes are just looking charming. All we can say, that you can pair the nath with the most basic outfits and even look good then.

7. This bride is giving out all the nath goals!

Beautiful Bridal pearl nath design
Image Source: 7 Vows Production

The making of the nath is slightly different than others. This is absolutely different than the usual pearl nath trend. Basically, brides like to play with pearls. But, this bride has a nath that is made of some floral designs and we are up for it. The jewellery is basic but very enhancing.

Everything is adding character go to the bride’s look. The locks are looking so so wonderful on her and we are speechless about the makeup. She definitely makes one of the most beautiful brides. Oh!  And what say about her mehendi! Absolutely gorgeous.

8. An oversized nath with minimal touches to it is a thumbs up.

Beautiful Bridal oversized nath with minimal touches
Image Source: Leena Bhushan

A bride’s overall look not only depends on a particular thing but is an amalgamation of vaeios things including her choice of outfit, selection of jewellery and texture of makeup. All of these are making this bride the perfect one. Her nath is a ring the string of which is made of small pearls.

When we talk about naths, the first thing which crops up is the extensive use of pearls in creation of the nath. This is one such nath. Overall, the selection of her wardrobe is giving out Bikaneri bride vibes. Rajasthan is rich in culture so is the choice of women over there. So, we suggest you to try this look if you are planning to have a wedding there!

9. Just the perfect nath with a cluster of stones is glamorous!

Beautiful Bridal perfect nath with a cluster of stones
Image Source: The Wedding Story

A nath with flower shaped stone looks really awesome. The bride has gently paired it with heavy pearl neckpiece which makes her look adorable. The baby pink lehenga complements the look. The nath has one of a kind design.

With everything being made of pearls and kundan, we cannot deny that the bride is looking beautiful. There is a cluster of stones attached near the floral stone which is making the nath an absolute hit with us. Every single thing about her wardrobe is complementing. The combination of her baby pink lehenga and her jewellery is killer. Do give this a try if you are seeking for something to amp your bridal wardrobe.

10. A nath with a pearl string is truly gorgeous

Beautiful Bridal Nath with a pearl string
Image Source: Safarsaga Films

Simple naths really cast a long and neat impression on others. It does feel comfortable to carry as well as adds character to the whole look. It is one of those accessories without which a woman is incomplete. This features a perfectly sized nath with just three pearls attached to it and a string entirely and solely made of pearls.

Well we have all seen these kinds of naths before in the collection but the real factor on which the nath depends on is the jewellery. Here, the bride has paired the nath with a pearl and kundan set amd a pink lehenga. The colour choice of the lehenga is really unique as we don’t really see such jewellery sets in combination with ligjter colours. The other colour options could be the red, orange or even yellow.

11. When jewellery is heavy, small naths are the right pick

Small Beautiful Bridal Nath
Image Source: Dipak Studios

The bride certainly knows how to strike the perfect balance between keeping it simple and drowning others in the royalty. The jewellery choice is really good as she opts for everything heavy like other brides to be. The nath is the highlight of the look as it is too small as compared to other accesories.

Nonetheless, it stands out in her entire bridal look. The nath is half made of pearls and green gemstones and other half is empty. And the strings have small tassels attached in a pattern. The bride has opted for an extra headpiece. The heavy makeup look is best suited to her face. You can opt for lehengas and bridal gowns to go with this nath.

12. Vintage naths are eye catching.

Vintage Beautiful Bridal Nath
Image Source: Shahid Naar

The look that is certainly made for people who love to wear heavy jewellery and carry it very well. We love the fact that the bride has worn everything oversized be it the maangtika or choker or the nath. The nath is in the shape of a half moon and half of it is made of beads and pearls. In the middle is another concentric design which is quite intriguing.

The string is also made of some stones. The nath matches the jewellery which is a heavy kundan set which is oozing out royalty. It feels like the bride is going to have a grand royal affair at a posh destination. This nath can also be paired with traditional red marriage joda or lehengas.

Therefore, the collection of the most sought after bridal naths ends here. We are pretty sure that whether you pick an oversized nath or a traditional vintage nath, you will definitely slay your wedding day. If you are looking for wardrobe solutions related to brides, this can be your one stop solution. Follow us on our social media handles and showering your love on us for daily doses and inspiration of fashion, style, bling and a little drama!!

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