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Pink is the colour that evokes the feminist part of everything. The colour pink is the universal colour of love to oneself and others. Every lady, girl or woman loves pink in one or the other way. When talking about nails, pink nail paints go literally with everything.

To all the ladies following our page, this post is particularly for you all. K4 Fashion brings to you some of the most amazing and aesthetic pink nail art designs. Here we go!

Pink Nail Art Designs

1. Dark pink nails have got us like..

Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Miss Deer Nails

This shade of pink has to be our personal favourite and those hands look beautiful and absolutely manicured. This nail art design is so clear and basic. These are the basic gel nails which have been exposed to the gel light. This can be paired with pink coloured dresses especially frocks, rompers, one pieces paired with belts, cold shoulder tops, jumpsuits, etc. If you want, you can go for embellishments on it for royal parties.

These nail art designs can be suitable to be worn on birthday parties, dinner dates, Valentine’s Day celebrations, random meets with friends, normal hangouts and tea parties.

2. This pink contrast is all the girly feels

pink contrast Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Lauren Davis

Different shades of pink creates a striking contrast in the nails. Lighter shades of pink combined with darker shades is quite a quirky and interesting combination. All you need are the matte shades of pink and clear coat. This very basic yet chic nail art design can be paired with college outfits, daily work costumes, party outfits, ethnics sas well as with formals.

If you are a comfort lover and like it to bear simple and sober, this is for you especially. Perfectly suited for daily hauls and visits, small parties and get togethers; this nail design is bound to earn you praises!

3. Cute and sexy nails for you

Cute and sexy Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails Upon A Time

Nails are looking super cute and stylish. The middle two nails have been painted different and others are all alike. Glitters are always in fashion. The small designs are good and will complement any look. This can certainly be paired with short frocks, embellished tunics, maxis, floral outfits and long dresses. For this, you will need baby pink shade of nail polish, stamping tools and silver glitter polish.

Rock this baby pink nails in farewell parties, get together ceremonies, ring ceremonies, inauguration parties and cocktail parties.

4. We have all the “eyes” on these nails

Eyes on these Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nuka Nails

These eyes are so beautifully and perfectly painted. The nail clearly mentions that this nail paint will be rocked by boss babes and we do believe. One can pair this with pink outfit  You can also opt for black outfits with this. Some good prints and patterns can be rocked with design. Ombre effect has been used to create the effect. Then, stickers of eyes and stars can be dabbed on the nails.

This nail paint can be suitable for occasions like girls night out, pajama parties, discos, clubs, kitty parties, bachelor’s parties and small dates.

5. Giving out floral vibes and energy

Floral vibes Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Kolorowa Dusza

These nails look absolutely comforting and fresh. We are in love with the background. The nail colour is pretty soothing and aesthetic to the eyes. After applying the base coat, take the polish and apply it. A simple brush can be used to create the small cute flowers. This can be paired with light, flowy outfits like a simple frock, floral maxis, sleeveless t-shirts, floral crop tops, light comfy tracks, etc.

You can wear this nail paint to birthday parties, late night outings, random dates, lunches, hangouts, dinners and meets.

6. A tribute to the real fighters of the nation!

Nude Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails INC

When the entire world was fighting COVID-19 by sitting at their homes, there was someone who was toiling day and night to make sure that people can heal from the coronavirus attack – the doctors. These people are our front-line heroes who have tackled the situation with patience. Dedicated to them is a nail paint here for you. These lines represent the lines shown on the ECG machine. This has been created using glitter nail polish.

You can pay a small tribute to your doctors while you visit them by applying this on you nails.

7. But first glitters!!

Pink glitters Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nails Upon A Time

Some pink gel nail paints and multicolored glitters is all we ask for to complete the attire for a particular occasion. These multicolored glitters are like those happy moments which makes life enjoyable. The glitters are going to amp up the light pink shade and bring the best out of them. Perfectly combine it with ethnic dresses, jeans, denims and casuals.

This pink nail art design can bring you lots of admiration and attention in wedding parties, discos, clubs, get together and hangouts.

8. These nails are oddly satisfying

Nude Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Polskie Paznokcie

These are pale pink nails topped with Swarovski crystals. With the right tools, one can master this style. Swarovski crystals on nails look too royal and classy. On painted nails, apply glue and with the help of tweezers hold the crystal and place it on the nail properly. Now, you  are ready to shine anywhere. One can pair this pink nail art style with gowns, fancy sarees, blouses, maxis, lehengas, bridal outfits and dresses.

This pink nail art design is suitable for engagement parties, wedding functions, 50th anniversary celebrations, kitty parties and light cocktail parties.

9. Love these nails to the moon and back

Moon and back Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: By Mizz Blac

A nail art design dedicated to the moon. The level of calmness and serenity the moon provides is incomparable. One can make it a best friend and convey their thoughts to it. This lilac coloured nails look extremely pleasant and instills tranquility. Comfortably pair it with light, comfy clothes even with night dresses and night suits. You need lilac nail paint and star shaped stickers for this look.

This can be suitable for night parties, baby shower parties, kid’s birthday parties and light small get together.

10. Some matte and some glitter!!

Matte and some glitter Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Amy Tran

These nails are a perfect example of one odd yet interesting combinations. You will never find any design having combination of some matte and some glitters. Beautifully combined in a way that these nails look very royal and breathtaking. Calling out all the brides who want their weddings to be simple to definitely try this style. These nails can be combined with wedding dresses, themed dresses, gowns, sarees, suits and other ethnics. All you need are the matte and glitter lilac shades.

This can be paired with light coloured lehengas, gowns studded with crystals and sequins, casual dresses and t shirts.

11. There is always some time to have a good mani.

Black flower Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Polskie Paznokcie

Nude nails are always the best. If you think that nude nails are monotonous and boring, think again. With more and more people accepting the culture, the nude nail trend has taken over the internet and has become a classic trendy option. Nude nails have a long way to go and have a bright future ahead. This features a basic clear pink polish with some lines drawn in a way to make it look like a flower. These lines can be created using a fine brush and requires skills. This simple nail paint can be paired with daily outfits be it formal dresses or casuals.

You can wear this on a daily basis to office, college, formal as well as informal events.

12. Flowers are our instant fix to everything!

Pink Flowers Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Paragon Nails

Nails so colorful that we cannot take our eyes off them even for a minute. Floral nails look as fresh as spring and very relaxing. These are gel nails curated under the gel lights. These are the pink, red and white gel paints. With the use of a fine brush, the white flower petals can be made over the shades. Do not forget to apply the clear coat to give the glossy and matte effect. This can be paired with floral dresses, maxis, gowns, suits, crop tops, LBDs, party outfits.

This is perfect for spending time with nature and do all sorts of natural adventures, visits to botanical gardens, flower gardens, hiking, camping and bird watching.

13. Embellishments never go out of trend.

Black heart Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Kaja Hagno

Another nude nails just for you but this time we have got some embellishments for you. Just few brush strokes and you get the design you have always desired. This one is a heart shape and some embellishments at the cuticles. You need to have fine brushes, nude pink polish, nail glue to stick the stones and some stones to adorn the whole nail art. The shining cuticles make it perfect to be paired with party tops, skirts, fancy gowns, fancy dresses and different patterns of party dresses.

This is perfect for a party evening or a party night in five star hotels, some mega events at 5 star hotels, dandiya and garba nights, diwali party and rakshabandhan parties.

14. Those cuticles are just too perff!!

Pastel Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Pakuten

These pink matte nails are so gorgeous and clear. The cuticles have been beautifully done. Feels as if someone has just freezed pink ice cubes on nails!! These nails are mind boggling and really cool. We are gonna definitely try these magnificent nails. All you need is a base coat and light pink matte polish. These pink nails can be paired with woollen clothes, party gowns and other maxis and dresses.

These nails can be suitable for dance performances, random meet ups, formal business events like auctions, hangouts and late night parties.

15. Is it snowy yet?

 Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Sammi May

Ombre nails are a cool option when one wants to feature multiple colours on a single nail. They help in creating a gradient which looks very ravishing and aesthetic. Generally, the dark and the light shades of a polish are mixed to create the effect. This one features a light and a dark shade of pink with some meticulous detailing using the brush. Ombre effects are best created with sponge. This can be paired with any outfit which can be worn in spring like crop tops, palazzo, frocks, light shrugs and denims.

You can celebrate light parties with these nails painted. Such parties can include small get togethers or reunion of friends, holi parties, tea parties and birthday parties.

16. Life is full of patterns and strokes.

Pink And White Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Paragon Nails

We cannot stop admiring these beautifully created wavy patterns. This features parts of nails being painted and not the whole nail. This is another gel nail look by us at K4 Fashion. This can be paired with pink and white coloured outfits, some dresses with nets and cuts, off shoulder tops, crop tops, boat neck tops, cold shoulder tops and any casual tees and shirts.

This can be worn on a daily basis to schools, colleges, workplaces, offices, formal meets, informal events like shopping, watching movies or random hangouts with loved ones.

17.Angelic nails for beautiful you

 Pink Angelic nails Art Designs
Image Source: Aneta Ujwary

These beautiful nails doenot fail to attract one’s attention. There is an assortment of shapes and patterns in this nail art design. These colours look pretty cool and good. The spread of designs makes it worth a try atleast once. This can be paired with denims and tops. This can also be adorned with accessories like beaded jewellery, earrings and hairbands. With the help of paper cutouts one can make these designs.

This can be suitable for parties like house warming ceremonies, farewell parties, baby shower parties, picnics and birthday parties.

18. This should be made the universal style.

Dark Pink heart Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Misako Nails

Japan is considered to be the most effective producer of gel products in the market and we cannot agree less. These are Japanese nail art with some excellent pink gel nails. The parity of the pattern on all the nails is soothing to the eyes. These are some basic yet stylish nail art goals. This style is perfect for all teenagers and young adults. This basic style demands for some basic prints and patterns. Casuals and denims will look the best along with some accessories. You would be requiring base coat, pink and dark pink polish, nail art tools, sticks and the top coat.

This pink nail art design can be suitable for colleges, farewell parties, picnics, hangout with friends, Valentine’s Day celebrations, pre-valentine’s week celebrations or whenever you want to celebrate the spirit of love.

19. All girls want is a pink gel polish

Pink gel polish heart Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Izabelle Hammon UK

These are some super cute pink nails. There is a vast spread of designs on different nails and all are related to one strong emotion that is love. We find some heart shapes and cute patterns. For creation of these nails, all you need is a base coat, pink and purple coloured polish, some glitters, a brush and the top coat. The shapes can be drawn using the fine brush. This can be paired with cute outfits like cute tops and dresses and to amp up the style, some cute hairstyle and accessories.

This is perfect for a Valentine’s Day party, dates with your loved ones, dinners with your partner and anniversary celebrations.

20. Head over heels in love with those coloured lips.

Coloured lips Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Nuka Nails

Calling out all the ladies to definitely try this nail design. Different colours of lips are drawn on the nails. This simply looks awesome and trendy. You need polishes of different colours and lip shaped stickers. This can be paired comfortably with bold outfits, different prints like animal prints, floral prints, etc.

This is suitable to be worn in different events like visits to pubs, clubs, parties, discos, valentine’s day party, girls night out and hangouts with your girl gang.

21. Cause every style has got a spark

 Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Beauty By Adka

Every single woman has got fire within. All that is needed is a spark to kindle the fire and bring out the best out of them. Dedicated to this aspect of being a woman, here is a pink nail art design inspired from this. We love how the flames have been drawn using magenta nail paint. This can be paired with bold and sexy outfits to embody confidence and determination. These nails can be achieved through the usage of brush to get the flames and the magenta and light pink shades of polish.

This can be suitable for girl night-out parties, friends birthday parties, kitty parties, while going shopping and watching movies with your girl gang.

22. Lady bosses rock the basic pink.

Rock the basic Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: JH Nails

This pink colour is truly satisfying and admirable. Neons look extremely classy and out of the world on nails. If combined with light coloured dresses, they help one bring out the vibrant and the energetic side of personality out of them. A classic combination would be of woollen clothes and these nails. Warmers and tracks will make a nice pairing. These nails require neon pink nail paint, sugar glitters and clear paint.

These beautiful nails are perfect while visiting hill stations, nature adventures, camping, chilly places and destinations.

23. For whenever you feel a little under dressed.

 Pink Nail with Jewels Art Designs
Image Source: Get Nailed

These nails are for moments when the person feels that she is a little under dressed. You can wear basic tees, sweaters, sweatshirt, tracks with this nail paint. This is also suited to go with ethnics as well. These acrylic nails can be created using paper cut outs to give a proper design and them the embellishments can be stuck on them.

These nails are perfect for adventures, nightouts, wedding functions, pre and post wedding rituals and birthday parties.

24. Royalty is not everyone’s cup of tea

Light pink Nail Art Designs with white pearls
Image Source: Pyon

These are some nail goals. They not only look gorgeous but also royal which tempts people to copy the above nail design. Embellished with diamonds, the baby pink nail polish looks cute. The amazing shape of the nail makes it look more attractive and eye catching. Baby pink colour in itself a bliss. Embellishments make it the perfect choice for shimmery outfits, sequined outfits like dresses, suits, sarees and gowns, metallic jackets and outfits. You must not forget to apply the top coat for providing a strong base to embellishments.

This can be suitable for ballroom parties, wedding parties, kitty parties, 50th anniversary celebrations, golden and platinum jubilees.

25. Nails sharper than the knife!

Nails sharper Pink Nail Art Designs with glitter
Image Source: The Nail Wizard

These nails have got some fabulous pink shades. This has got a kind of violet touch. The glitters, the sparkles,  the embellishments and every other thing about these nails are good except the shape. The shape of the nails look less appealing than any other shapes but the designs are awesome. Representing confidence and believe in oneself, these nails are calling out on all the young and confident ladies. This can be paired with bold and stunning outfits as well as crop tops, embellished and sequined dresses. Mere sticking of embellishments will do the work!

These can be suitable for wedding parties, anniversary parties, dates and meets.

26. Gold on pink is like icing on the cake.

Gold on Pink Nail Art Designs
Image Source: Desy Forato

Those nails are really very long and admirable. With a different design drawn on every nail, this looks quite trending and sassy. What actually is catching our attention is the lips which is drawn with perfect detailing. This pink nail art design can be paired with furry clothes like sweaters, coats, jackets during the winter seasons. This can also complement embellished outfits. It will also go quite well with bold outfits like crop tops and off shoulder tops. These details can be made with a brush but getting it done from a professional nail artist is recommended.

This is suitable to be painted during kitty parties, visits to clubs, pubs and discos, Halloween parties and Harry Potter themed house parties.

Thus, we conclude with the article. We hope all the people out there would try these pink nail art designs and follow us for some major fashion inspiration.

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