Easter Nail Art Designs 2021 Just For You

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Easter Nail Art Designs are loaded with cuteness with beautiful colors and designs with adorable bunnies, carrots, chicks and eggs. These make Easter nail designs sweetest among spring nail designs.

Easter is a jamboree of new beginnings and is all about second chances. It is a festival which can turn you into a whole new person if you decide to become one. Jesus raised from death today and therefore you can too bring liveliness and style to your lives on the Easter day.

With little chicks, rabbits, and flowers all around you, you can make the Easter even more memorable and worth celebrating. Start to color your lives by starting to color your nails right. Discard the old ways of just putting the enamel on your nails and just mixing and matching random colors in the name of nail art. There are many more creative ways to do a nail art which is not so back-breaking too. Here is a drop-down of all the easy and fun nail arts you can get on your nails on this Easter.

Easter Nail Art Designs 2020

1. Chick And Easter!

Image Source: Hot Gloss

Have a merry and amazing Sunday with this cool Easter nail art! With a subtle hint of Easter symbolized by the little chick came out of an egg and so much cooler enamels in your fingers, you are going to look fabulous this Easter. Polish your thumb and ring finger with a white base coat and then artistically draw some polka dots on it. Paint your index and pinky finger with a white base coat too and paint some crazy horizontal lines on it with blue enamel.

2. Bunny And His Carrot!

Image Source: Special Koko

Again, a great inkling of Easter the cute bunny is painted on the ring finger of the left hand. And, on the right hand’s ring finger is its carrot. How much fun your Easter will become if you get this nail art on your hands, right? Both hands ring fingers are uniquely polished and therefore you can wear some funky bands or rings on both too. I love the way how the base color is chosen to be flamingo pink which is going perfectly with the bunny face.

3. Hatched Eggs

Image Source: Jilless Thetics

This hatched egg with a chick face popping out of its Easter nail art design is cherubic and also fancy. There is a casual imprint in all the nails that let you wear the nail art with casual outfits like a middy or a one-piece. There are many enamels on each nail and then there is this special imprint on them. The ring finger is painted with a hatched egg and a chick is peeping out of it.

4. Easter And Colors

Image Source: Karissa Bianco

With Easter in air, there will be happiness and glee everywhere in your lives. Then, why not on your nails, girls? I think you will definitely like this beautiful combination of all the colors on your nails. There is also a joyous bunny face with such innocent eyes that looks so appealing. Also, a glitzy enamel is used to paint all the nails which make the whole nail art look even more pretty and shiny.

5. Cute And Simple

Image Source: mylacqueredlife

This is a basic yet most exquisite way to decorate your nails. To play with your nails well you need to know the right color combinations which go together and also looks nice. Here the nail artist rightly knew which all colors to use together and make the best out of a nail art. There is yellow, pink, and blue and all the bright colors alternatively painted. The nail art is funky and cool and will go well with tee shirts and denims.

6. A Perfect Sunday

Image Source: Nails By Erin

What a sunny Sunday to look at right? There are clouds, there are grass, and there is also a footprint of a rabbit. Everything is symbolising a new start and a new beginning. This nail art has everything an Easter nail art design should have. There is a scenic nail art on each nail plus there is a hatched egg and a chick too. Besides, the wonderful nail art, the artist has used fabulous base coats on all the nails.

7. Playboy Art

Image Source: Malishka’s Nails

To go a little offbeat and do something new and different is all we have learned from the Easter day. Going a little offbeat this time you need to discard some old nail arts and try and adopt some new ones. Like here, not using the cute bunny or chick, the nail artist made a playboy symbol with the nail art. This is an authentic design with a playboy made up of stones and the rest of the nails painted yet tremendously.

8. Hip-pity-Hop!

Image Source: Nailsteria

Rabbits are though a symbol of new beginnings and new life on an Easter day, they are also a symbol of happiness and energy as they are always hopping and look joyful while doing so. Bringing this level of hip-pity hop and energy in your lives, this nail art can be a gift and an inspiration for you this Easter. Note the fact how the index, thumb and pinkie finger is polished with carrot red enamel, wow!

9. Easter Nail Art Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for hip-pity hop! There are easy steps and information on the nail enamels given below. Follow the steps and you can get the same nail-art as shown on your screens.

10. Egg-Cited For Easter?

Image Source: BeneYou with Kelly Flannery

I know you all can sight the egg patterns on this nail art very easily. All the patterns done on the nails are symbolic of the toons egg and will make your Easter even more fun if you get them drawn. There is also a bunny face drawn on the ringer with a white base coat on the nails. Do wear some adorable rings on your ring finger to highlight the nail art more.

11. Something Different!

Image Source:Polishmeliz

I bet you have liked the nail art idea, the moment you looked at it. It has decorative stones, floral, and a bunny figure. I love how the base is coated with such a calm color and then all the nail art is done on it. Want to know how the bunny figure is made? It is made up of cotton balls, yes. The nail art is artistically done with pastel colors and add a little more excitement to the Easter Sunday.

12. Holiday Nail-Art!

Image Source: Nails by Mei

Easter is the greatest Sunday and a lot of hangouts and gatherings are planned to happen on that day. To give your nails a holiday look you can try out this special nail art for it and attend all the gatherings and meetings without pondering on the fact that how are your nails looking. They will look out of the crowd all the time with this unique touch of outlining of all the bright colors on the tip of your nails.

13. Colors And Defining!

Image Source: Oh My Nail Snyc

You must not have seen such a bold and unique touch of nail art anywhere before. Note the fact that there is every color here a girl may like and the whole nail art gives you a vibe of excitement and festivity. Mostly these nails are going to look standout in nightlights. With all the remarkably chose colors there is also a bold outlining of all the colors with a black stroke enamel.

14. Shimmery Polish And Toons

Image Source: This Is My Nails

What a deadly combination of shimmer and toons polished on all the nails. It is just wow and exceptionally fantastic. The nail art is both fancy and snappy as well. On one side there is shimmery polish on the nails and the other side, there are tonic nail arts such as grasses and flowers, and a bunny face on the middle and the pinky finger. Wear some glittery bracelets and other hand ornaments to look more picturesque.

15. Egg And The Bunnies!

Image Source: Pinails Hybrid

All the nails are painted with the colors of the eggs. Eggs that are symbolic of new life on an Easter day, everybody around you will get impressed with your thoughts and personality. All the nails are uniquely painted with yellow, pink, green, and blue colors respectively. The ring finger has a sleepy bunny face on it painted with pastel colors. The paints look real and do not even look painted, this the most special thing about acrylic paints.

16. Blush Nails And Shimmer

Image Source: Karissa Bianco

Notice the blunt shape of the nails and look at how it pairs with the blush pink base color. Blush pink defines sober and simplicity whereas shimmer brings a glint to eyes to anybody who looks at it. Then this is a great combination of both, right? The ring finger also has a bunny figure made up of white pastels and there is also a sparkle at its bottom. The middle finger is unique among all the other, is polished very well with the golden shimmer.

17. Happy Easter!

Image Source: Colores de Carol

What a great way of celebrating a festival by totally embracing all the vibes of the festival. Writing happy Easter on your nails can be called cliche by some people but I don’t think it is relevant to think so. Embracing and living all the liveliness and vibe of a festival makes you a happier and more live person. This nail art has all the vibes from the Easter, right from egg patterns to a cute bunny.

18.Trendy And Customized!

Image Source: Nena Sofia’s

You all girls may be thinking what newer and more artistic can be added to the nail art when it comes to Easter. In that case, you need to mix and match several patterns and nail arts and make a suitable new one. Here is the same case, where the nail artist has used several arts together and made this complimenting new nail art with it. There are decorative stones, a shimmery base coating, a bunny, eggs, and customized nail art on the ring finger.

19. Most Sober Touch!

Image Source: Dorottya Nail Salon

Most Sober touch of nail enamels on your nails which can make you look cute and complimenting on that special holiday. Just look upon that cute bunny made with white pastels and blackout linings. Those blackout linings are the real highlight of the whole nail art. The extended rabbit ears look just amazing. The blush pink color in all the nails makes those nails look appealing and cuter.

With hope around the corner and rabbits, carrots, and chicks all around the atmosphere, I wish you all great beginnings and great choices in life. And, with that, I hope you have chosen a great Easter nail art for you, for this Easter. I hope this blog helped you and I also insist to do read our other blogs for more such trending blogs in fashion.

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