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Wedding bouquets represent antiquity. The wedding bouquet has a collection of suitable flowers held together. From being wedding centerpieces to the bride holding this collection in modern western marriages,  fresh flowers are used in decorations over the place. Back then these flowers were a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, and fertility. Additionally, these flowers bring aesthetic values.

They are visually pleasing. These bouquets can be styled and decorated by the florist. You can customize your bouquet! You get a smaller bouquet or a larger one. The price ranges of these bouquets also vary. You can go for one according to your preference. There is also an event where brides pass their bouquet, they throw it back from over their head and someone grabs it. This is called Bouquet Loss. With British roots, it is believed that grabbing this bouquet brings fortune to the bouquet holder. So a bouquet seems like an important part of the wedding event.

Here in this article, we have gathered some of the most beautiful wedding bouquets for you. You can choose your bouquet according to the price, the flower sets, the wedding location or wedding venues, and the wedding dress! The bouquet should complement the overall look of the bride. Also, there is no such rule for the selection of flowers for a bouquet. It can be done as per the needs and customization requirements.

The colors chosen are mostly white though. In this article, we have enlisted some of the beautiful bridal bouquets we chose from many. There are simple wedding bouquets, small wedding bouquets, elegant wedding bouquets, bushy wedding bouquets, church wedding bouquets, and many more. As per your needs, select the one for your special occasion!

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs

1. A Multi Flower Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Multi Flower Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Amik Ayano

Multi floral bouquet! This bouquet has flowers of various kinds. There are orange, pink, brown, nude, blue, and purple flowers together. The flowers in the bunch go pretty well together. There are buttercup roses and other fancy flowers as well. This jolly wedding bouquet is a suitable choice for weddings in open flower-decorated locations.

2. A Boho Style Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Boho Style Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Manmade And Sage

Boho Style! This bouquet has a bunch of dusty flowers. There are white flowers, white roses, and dusty brown roses. The olive-green leaves go pretty well with the boho bouquet. There are nude brown feathery flowers too. The bouquet is held together within a silky brown fabric. This wedding bouquet looks phenomenal. It gives a dusty rose look. The girls with dusty brown hair can go for this bouquet at their wedding. You can even wear a floral tiara to fall in place with the whole concept.

3. A Pastel Bouquet for Wedding

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Pastel Bouquet For Wedding

Image Source: The Petal Girl

Pastel look! The wedding bouquet is all pastel. It consists of many flowers. There are Roses, dahlias, cinderella zinnias, and pretty silver foliage. There are both white and pink roses. They are tied together in a pink ribbon. This pastel flowers bouquet is soothing and peaceful. This can be a good choice for a soothing floral location. It can be a sound one for calm and winsome brides.

4. A Bushy Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Bushy Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Pracownia Kreatywna

A bushy boho!  This is a perfect bushy bouquet. It has a color combination of pink, orange, yellow, white, and green. There are many tiny pink flowers and inflorescence. There are orange roses. You can see the yellow ball Gomphrena flowers. There are even green flower buds and pretty leaves. This overfilled floral bouquet looks like a pretty bush. It makes a remarkable choice for boho weddings.

5. Colour Blast Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Colour Blast Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Lessenza Dei Fiori

A pretty color blast! There are pink(in different shades), orange, and mauve roses. You can even catch the pretty orchid flowers covering the bouquet area. There are purplish wine flowers. There are white, purple, and blue baby breath flowers, a symbol of everlasting love for the new couple This wedding bouquet is a tempting choice for weddings at fun locations. Have a color blast with a  contrasting suit and surroundings.

6. Vintage Wedding Bouquet with Dusty Roses

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Vintage Wedding Bouquet With Dusty Roses

Image Source: Al Wedding Bouquet

A Dusty Bouquet! This wedding bouquet has a bunch of dusty roses and closed flowers. There are many dusty brown and nude shades of roses in this bouquet. This dusty floral look gives perfect vintage vibes. Also, this dress is of impure white shade. You can wear an embellished tiara and milky brown nail art. If you want a vintage touch this look would work perfectly for you and an outdoor wedding venue as well!

7. White Flowers Leafy Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs White Flowers Leafy Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: K flower arrangements

A leafy wedding bouquet! There are filled with pretty white roses. Also, you will find the black centered big white flowers in it. There are other teeny-weeny white inflorescences in between the bigger flowers. This wedding bouquet house leaves in various shapes and sizes. This whole look together comes out to be an amazing work of artiste. This wedding bouquet is a good choice if you have visible tattoos! The black center of the white flowers will complement the tattooed look.

8. A White Silver Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A White Silver Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Juvo Flowers and Decor

A silvery bouquet! This gorgeous wedding bouquet has prominent white roses. There are tiny sky blue Geraldton wax flowers. The leaves of this bouquet are silvery, shiny, and white. This is a beautiful winter floral bouquet collection. This bouquet will surely compliment the platinum hair look! You can try wearing simple neck jewelry with this one. A tiara of pretty flowers would look iconic. This wedding bouquet can also be said to be suitable for church weddings.

9. Simple White Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Simple White Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Su V Expressions

Leafy pink! A pink and white floral combo. There are white flowers and roses. You can also see the baby pink flowers. There are even pretty pinnate leaves in this bouquet. This wedding bouquet is the epitome of a calm and serene look. It can even become a sought-after choice for church weddings. This bridal bouquet is a good choice for Maui brides too. Long and flowing bridal gowns would look great with this one. You can compliment them with bridal gloves as well.

10. A Big Boho Wedding Bouquet- Unusual Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Big Boho Wedding Bouquet- Unusual Bouquet

Image Source: Bohoblooms Perth

A big wedding bouquet! This is a bunch of big flowers. The big and unusual ones. There are even the dried wheat inflorescence and big feathery decorations. You can try a big 3D tiara with this unusual bouquet. This is a great choice for Perth weddings. The Perth brides will slay the look with this big bouquet and a floral pattern wedding gown.

11. Small Wedding Bouquet – Lily of the Valley

Small Wedding Bouquet - Lily Of The Valley

Image Source: One The

A small bouquet of lily of the valley! When you look at these flowers at a glance separately you might not think of them as a choice for a wedding bouquet. They are tiny flowers. Here is a lily of the valley bouquet for you. These flowers when clustered together-look gorgeous. They form a small but catchy bouquet. All you have to do is carry them with confidence. You can try this for your big sheer fabric veil wedding gowns and even the off-shoulder wedding outfits.

12. Pink and Red Vibrant Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Pink And Red Vibrant Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: A wild Romance

A vibrant one! There is a perfect collab of pink, blue, pinkish-red, brown, and yellow flowers. These flowers like their colors have distinct features as they came from very different origins. Like there are bushy ones, feathery ones, hanging ones, ball flowers, roses, and so on. This bouquet is also comparatively thinner to hold.  No kidding, but a good choice for women with short grips! Also, a colorful romantic location will make wonders happen!

13. Feathery Boho Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Feathery Boho Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Emerald Photography

A darker boho! Just look at these beauties. A combo of darker and lighter flowers arranged fantastically. Most of these flowers are long, feathery, and flowing. Also, the leaves of this bouquet are majorly dark olive green. The darker and bushy look of this bouquet makes it a good choice for Perth weddings. Brides with brown hair would look even more graceful with a whitish outfit.

14. A Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs A Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Sofia Pinter Weddings

A cluster of different roses! Several rose in a bouquet wrap. There are many big and small roses. There are pink, nude, white, and yellow roses. Dreamy Combination!! These pretty roses are outlined in a leafy border. This bouquet will look gorgeous and perfect with a mermaid wedding gown. Again a good one for outdoor weddings.

15. Peaceful Wedding Bouquet

Western Wedding Bouquet Designs Peaceful Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Pracownia Rosochate

Peaceful colors! This bouquet has white and faded baby pink rose flowers and other flowers with scattered pink inflorescence. Long pinnate leaves surround the floral bunch. The long bunch of leaves hanging around gives a pleasing look. This floral bouquet looks heavenly. It is even the foremost choice for church weddings. Long veil dresses will look extraordinary.

16. Elegant Ideas for Wedding Bouquet

Elegant Ideas For Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Flowerna RU

Multiple choices! Here in this one, you will see a new idea for each time you swipe left. There are many ideas. These are either a mix of flowers or the bouquets are made with the same flower. These are simply elegant and classy. Blended or unique, there are many to choose from!!

We have discussed a variety of bridal bouquets. These bouquets make an essential element of western marriages. May it be for wedding events or complimenting the bride’s look. These wedding bouquets will uplift your mood as well as look. You can pick any that compliments your wedding venue and bridal attire.

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