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Gearing up for a good wedding party or a casual party and don’t know how to style your jewellery? Do not worry!! We have got the solutions to all your styling problems. K4 fashion presents to you some of the best and trending collections of Deepika Padukone’s jewellery which even you can wear with your favorite outfits and flaunt your style anywhere you want.

Deepika Padukone is one of those names in the Bollywood industry which has gained massive popularity and admiration from her first film ‘Om Shanti Om’ and there is no looking back for her since then. When we are talking about fashion, her name needs a mention as she influences a lot of people with her style. We at K4Fashion bring to you some of Deepika Padukone’s Jewellery collection that you can wear too in your daily life or at occasional parties.

Jewelry never fails to add glamour to your look. It acts as the appealing and attention-grabbing element at any event. So far we have seen Deepika’s awesome collection of jewellery and we couldn’t resist coming up with more of such Deepika Padukone’s jewellery so we bring it to you.

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Deepika Padukone’s Jewellery Collection

1. Has Deepika Ever Looked More Elegant?

Deepika Padukone’s gold circle earrings

Deepika is an ethereal beauty and no one can deny this fact. She looks so elegant and beautiful in this look. It seems that her eyes are speaking a lot in this picture. The gold jewellery looks good on her. She has donned a messy ponytail and bold brows to complement the look. No wonder that the white outfit looks so comfortable and chic. The golden earring can be paired with bold outfits and comfortable outfits as well. The gold jewellery combination is so light and so fashionable that it can even be rocked in parties if not just wedding functions because jewellery is not only meant for traditional functions.

This jewellery can be worn to different kinds and all sorts of parties are it be a cocktail party or a birthday party or a disco party. Just pair it with bold outfits and you can slay anywhere.

2. Because The Queen Never Looks Up And Keeps Her Head High.

 Deepika Padukone’s ring with beads earrings

Deepika is a queen in herself and this look suits her. She is looking like a lady boss ready to conquer the obstacles coming in her way. This is a very interesting ring with beads on the inside. She has paired this ring with a one-sleeved shirt. You can pair it with a full-sleeved shirt if you aren’t comfortable with a one-sleeved shirt because not everyone can pull off such a look. You can even wear light pendants if you love to accessorize your look. Also pair it with tunics, one-pieces, and maxi dresses.

As she already has written “it’s the time to disco” so do we agree that this can be flaunted in disco parties, clubs, and all-night parties.

3. That One Eye Closed Look Is Killing Us.

Gold chain and gold earring look of Deepika Padukone

This is another gold chain and gold earring look of Deepika Padukone but this time she has paired it with a black outfit and that pose. She is looking admirable and gregarious. Here, she has opted for a nude makeup look and we are going gaga over her. You can also pair it up with a black hairdo and black accessories. Other than black outfits, you can go for shimmery and metallic outfits to combine with golden jewelry. If you are a college-going girl, you can just pair the gold earring with any of your college outfits.

This jewelry is perfect for late-night parties or a casual outing with friends or on any date night.

4. We Are Running Short Of Words To Express Her beauty!

 Deepika Padukone’s pearl earring with sky blue colored shirt and a checkered blazer

Here, we can see a more formal side of Deepika rather than that sexy, bold side of her. How can we not say that she is slaying in this look too? Deepika carries herself very gracefully and manages to pull off every look effortlessly. This picture features a pearl earring combined with a formal sky blue colored shirt and a checkered blazer. The side-parted hair is acting as the icing on the cake. We have a very interesting idea for you. Try to pair your summer party dresses with this pearl earring, pearl necklace, and pearl bracelet to look like a 90’s heroine. You can also pair this pearly look with wedding lehengas which are embellished and embroidered.

This jewelry is perfect to be worn in sangeet functions, wedding functions, ring ceremony functions, or any bridal parties and rituals. Not forgetting to mention, the formal parties and events just like our favorite Deepika have aced.

5. That Candid Look With So Many Earrings Is Giving Us Goosebumps!

 Deepika Padukone’s with multiple number of earrings and rings on her finger.

Deepika has got the perfectly crafted features that one person can ask for. So this candid looks very aesthetic and soothing. In this one, Deepika has sported several earrings and rings on her finger. She has also donned a ponytail. This looks very sporty so pair it up with a sporty outfit to bring out your energetic side. Whenever you feel like going bold, do wear these earrings.

You can wear these earrings to picnics, nature adventures, bird watching, wildlife watching, and boating rides with your loved ones.

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6. Only Deepika Can Pair Up A Denim Combo With Silver Earring.

 Deepika Padukone’s silver jhumka

We guarantee that no one can ever ace such a deadly and killer look as perfectly as Deepika has aced. Generally, people pair up denim jackets and trousers with studs or tops but this time Deepika has gone out of her way and tried something new and exciting. She has paired her denim look with a kind of silver jhumka. Girls like to pair such jewellery with suits, gowns, and lehengas or bridal outfits. She has also used a dark lipstick shade to accentuate her look. As we have already said, that these jhumkas can be paired with ethnic dresses.

Wear it to religious functions as well as casual parties with friends and discos like our styling queen.

7. One Should Always Do It In Style.

 Deepika Padukone’s gold tops, ring, chain and a pendant.

A high bun, gold tops on ears, a gold ring on the finger, a gold chain, and a pendant. What else can a person ask for? Deepika looks like a lady bandit over here but a sweet and innocent one who can steal hearts instead of material things. She is not only wearing a golden chain but also a golden pendant which makes two necklaces combined with one shirt look. She certainly knows the art of reusing old jewellery and combining it with different looks. You can separately wear the necklaces if you do not like to accessorize your look much. Combine the pendant with light comfy summer outfits and wear it anywhere you wish to. We have already told you how to pair the chain.

You can wear the combo for photoshoots, for clicking selfies, and whenever you are in the mood to dress up.

8. Those Earrings Are Bigger Than Her Fan Following!!!

 Deepika Padukone’s over sized gold earrings

You all must have heard about the fictional character, “Cat woman”. Here, she looks not less than that character. An all-black outfit combined with oversized earrings is our current mood. These earrings can be combined with any party outfits like printed tunics, body-hugging dresses, animal prints, and other rocking outfits. Heels will also go well with these. Open your hairs and go with the flow. Try smokey eyes even.

Go clubbing, partying, and dancing wearing these earrings.

9. Deepika Going Retro Is A Treat To The Eyes.

 Deepika Padukone’s golden chain and a pendant with floral hairband.

She looked ethereal over here. She has gracefully paired a butterfly-painted dress with a blazer and floral hairband. Here, she has again worn a golden chain and a pendant. This is by far the most beautiful and sexy look of Deepika for us. You too can pair it with butterfly prints and floral prints. So we have already seen three looks of Deepika with the same kind of jewelry. This shows that celebs are not afraid to repeat anything.

The jewellery is perfect for light summer and spring parties, tea parties, and kitties.

10. Red Is For The Bold.

Deepika Padukone’s red blazer with golden bracelet, earrings and a neck piece.

Deepika Padukone’s red blazer with golden bracelet, earrings and a neck piece.

Deepika has gone all red with gold jewellery in this one. She amazingly rocks a red blazer look with a golden bracelet, golden earrings, and a golden neckpiece. This jewellery can be comfortably paired with open hairs and formal dresses. You can also wear a different color of blazer. This Deepika Padukone’s jewellery has all our hearts.

You can wear it to your late-night parties, dedicate it to the love of your life, any business event coming up, or important conferences.

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11. Looks Like Coins Have Been Converted To Earrings!!

 Deepika Padukone’s golden coin earrings

Looks like coins have been attached to a string to create these earrings. This Deepika Padukone’s jewellery looks very common in every household for fashion-loving peeps. This one has the face of a king engraved on the design. This is a very interesting look. Pair it with gowns, denim, casual t-shirt look, ethnics to accessorize the look more. She has used a brown lipstick shade. You can even use red or pink shades to make it go with any fashionable outfit.

You can wear it to marriage parties, religious functions, and traditional events preserving our culture.

12. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.

 Deepika Padukone’s silver studded earrings

Deepika looks smoking hot in this look. These silver studded earrings look so gorgeous and royal. To all the ethnic lovers, pair it up with your suits, lehengas, sarees to create an impact on your loved ones. These earrings look very classy and stylish. We cannot stop ourselves from falling in love with this one.

You can wear this up to any royal parties thrown at home, destination weddings, parties, and whenever you feel like flaunting your jewellery collection.

13. That Is Such A Beautiful Pattern!

 Deepika Padukone’s silver earrings

The earring design is so similar to the henna design which is quite popular. This looks kind of weird but extremely beautiful. So you can pair it with your lehengas, party wears, heavy suit, and embroidered dresses or gowns. Deepika is looking like a goddess in this picture. You can even tie your hair in a ponytail or a braid whichever you want to try out. We cannot say more about this jewelry design because it is so awesome!

You can wear it to mehndi parties and other rituals.

14. Black Has To Be Gorgeous

 Deepika Padukone’s silver earrings

Alberta Ferretti seems to be Deepika’s personal favorite. Deepika stuns in this smokey eye, black dress, and silver earring look. This silver earring can be paired with party wear, little black dresses, and gowns. This is one of the most loved looks her. God knows who can slay such looks as effortlessly as she does. Deepika has worn these to Chhapaak promotions but these sets of earrings have more to offer.

This earring is perfect to be worn in marriage functions, ring ceremony parties, sangeet functions.

15. Deepika’s Love For Silver Jewelry Doesn’t End.

 Deepika Padukone’s silver earrings

As it is evident from the above pictures, Deepika’s love for silver jewellery doesn’t end. She pairs it with every look possible on Earth and smashes that look completely. She is in love with experimenting. Here, she has paired it with a black blouse and a pink skirt. Ohh! And how we can ignore that ring on the finger. The earring is in the shape of a bow. You can pair these rings with any dress of your choice and slay everywhere. This is perfect for random date nights, romantic evenings with your partner.

16. This Pearl Necklace Is Worth Every Penny Spent On It.

Deepika Padukone’s Pearl Necklace and earrings

Deepika has gone all black with smokey eyes and a pearl necklace set which looks quite heavy and perfect for a marriage night or a reception party. This pearl jewellery will make a perfect gift for your loved ones. This pearl necklace has got different sizes of pearls embedded carefully. You can pair this jewellery with gorgeous and fancy sarees, suits, and sequined dresses.

This is perfect for marriage parties, anniversary parties, and all sorts of royal parties. Generally, pearl sets can be worn to any kind of party and look good everywhere.

17. Pink Gives Out A Feminine Vibe.

Deepika Padukone’s pink heart shaped earrings

Deepika looks hot and sizzling as usual in this one. This time she has donned a rocking pink and black combination. She is wearing a heart-shaped pink earring. This earring can be paired with crop tops, skirts, minis, frocks, or any party-type dress. With a tinge of gold added, it can also act as a look enhancer at casual parties. Keeping hairs open will act as the icing on the cake. You can opt for smokey eyes as well.

You can wear this Deepika Padukone’s jewellery to disco parties, bachelor’s parties, casual date nights, casual lunches or dinners, and with friends.

18. Deepika Looks Nothing Less Than A Greek Goddess.

Deepika Padukone’s light pink jewellery

This photoshoot looks too stunning. The jewellery worn by Deepika is very very beautiful and sober. The light pink jewellery seems very light and elegant to wear. You can pair this jewellery with floral dresses, floral gowns, off-shoulder gowns, and lehengas. This makes for a beautiful gift option for your loved and close ones. The fine working of the craftsmen on this makes it perfect to be complemented in parties.

This is suitable for anniversary parties, valentine’s day parties, kitties, and tea parties.

19. Deepika’s Met Gala look Inspired Many Fashion Bluffs.

Deepika Padukone’s light pink jewellery at met gala

Met Gala 2019 had been really interesting. Ranging from Kim Kardashian to Deepika Padukone, we saw some amazing looks of all the high-profile celebs. Deepika looked like a barbie doll straight from the Barbie world in the Met Gala look of 2019. She wore a pink dress with a sequined hair tie and a light pink earring. The dress can make up for a perfect ballroom dance. If you want to pair this earring, go for heavy flowy gowns, light maxis, or tunic dresses. You can wear this to parties where you can show off your dancing skills.

This Deepika Padukone’s jewellery is suitable for engagement parties, dance parties, cocktail parties.

20. Shaleena Nathani Adds A Charm To Deepika’s Style.

Deepika Padukone’s golden earrings

As Shaleena Nathani already writes in the caption that Deepika is looking pretty in this polka-dotted dress. She is wearing a black hairband which takes us back to the 90 s. The earring looks too simple and sober. You can pair it up with denim, jackets, shrugs, suits, Patiala suits, sarees, polka-dotted dresses (it can go with anything). This looks elegant and can be worn on a normal day as well. Make a high ponytail to spice up the look even more.

Wear this to family dinner nights, college events, school functions, or even a casual party.

21. Gorgeousness In Just One Picture!

Deepika Padukone’s small and simple floral earrings

‘Gorgeous’ is the word that perfectly fits here. Deepika looks more beautiful than ever in the picture. The earring is too small and simple but complements her sexy floral dress with deep cuts. She has also tied up a bun to perfection. You can pair up the jewellery with your floral dresses lying in your wardrobe, sarees, gowns, casual tees, denim, shorts, and skirts.

It is shaped like a flower and can be worn daily to schools, colleges, at home or small get together and other kinds of parties.

22. Falling In Love With This Look Of Hers!!

Deepika Padukone’s flower shaped earring

Deepika is one of the most versatile and beautiful actresses of our era. She can slay in any look ranging from formal to party. This is one of the most elegant and sweetest shoots of hers. She looks charming and fascinating. Her makeup look is on point. This is a flower shaped earring that can be paired with tees, party-type shirts, off-shoulder blouses, gowns, and ethics as well. You can opt for braids or ponytails to complement this Deepika Padukone’s jewelry.

This earring is suitable for engagement parties, wedding functions, religious rituals, house warming parties, and sangeet functions.

23. Glowing With The Flow.

Deepika Padukone’s pearl earrings

She looks as fresh as the sunrise in this picture. The earring seems to be light weighted and comfortable to wear and pair with different sorts of outfits. It can be paired with western wear like crop tops, jeans, off-shoulder bright colored tops, shorts, jumpsuits, high necks, rompers. Pearl necklace combined with this will act as a classic combo. White high heels will complement the look and accentuate your whole fashion game making you look extraordinary in the crowd.

This is suitable for prom parties, cocktail parties, outings to malls, lunches, dates, dinner parties, or even formal parties.

24. Another Met Gala Look To Make Your Day.

Deepika Padukone’s S shaped diamond earring

We present to you, another Met Gala look of Deepika. It’s just another day when Deepika got up from her bed and prepared herself to steal the heart of her fans. The red off-shoulder outfit looks stunning along with the jewelry accompanied. This is an S-shaped diamond earring. This can be accompanied by white wedding gowns, diamond tiaras, embellished gowns, diamond necklaces or lockets, one-shoulder cocktail gowns, maxis, and royal wears.

This is suitable for kitties, tea parties, inauguration parties, destination wedding parties, and reception parties.

25. Has The Color Of The Sun Looked More Cheerful?

Deepika Padukone’s simple golden large round earrings

As Deepika, herself writes that red instantly attracts attention and we cannot agree less on the fact. Deepika looks like the dream girl here. She is looking so appealing and hot. Her long neck with the light necklace makes her features perfect for a feminine. Her love for rings is sharp visible from the pictures given up and before. These rings are so light that they can be worn with college outfits, ethnic wears, formal dresses, and even casuals or party wear. The necklace can be worn with ethnics and Indo western dresses.

Deepika Padukone’s jewellery is suitable to be worn in meetings, parties, college, shootings, photoshoots. This makes for a good option of gifting on an anniversary to your loved partners.

26. Peach Being The Color Of Beauty.

Deepika Padukone’s ruby studded ring with small diamonds

We completely adore this Indian beauty who has raised the bar for the upcoming actresses in Bollywood. She has passed for a self-made woman and her hard work has paid off. Talking about her fashion game, it has also become a hit and massive success among her fans. Like for example, have a look at this outfit of Deepika and her rings. She is seen boasting her love for rings and hoops in every other Instagram post. This one is a ruby studded ring with small diamonds and precious stones stuck to it, making it perfect to be paired with red-colored dresses, bright outfits, gowns, maxi dresses, and one-piece dresses or off-shoulder dresses as worn by Deepika herself.

This earring is suitable for cocktail parties, Destination weddings, kitties, tea parties, night dates, dinners, family get together, and other kinds of parties.

27. Deepika – A Constant Slayer!!!!

Deepika Padukone’s sapphire and diamond studded jhumka

This is a striking picture of Deepika in short hair and a royal blue gown with a kind of formal sleeves. She has followed it up with sapphire and diamond-studded jhumka which looks more of a fidget spinner. She has also worn it to award function where she had received the crystal award and we can see her proudly flaunting her achievements. You can pair this Deepika Padukone’s jewelry with bright blue dresses, shimmery rompers, stone studded gowns, fancy sarees, and accessories like a sapphire pendant, diamond pendant, royal blue nail extensions or blue heels or sandals.

You can wear this jewelry to 50th-anniversary parties, new year celebrations, Diwali celebrations, holiday celebrations, marriage celebrations, inaugurations.

28. Keep Your Head Towards The Sun Always.

Deepika Padukone’s large golden jhumka

We think this is one of those rarest times when we are seeing Deepika in a heavy jhumka. Generally, she likes to wear rings, tops, studs, and pearls but in this, we can see her in a golden jhumka. This high-neck yellow dress suits her with the combination of jhumka and the bun. Not needing us to mention, you can already understand what you can pair with this jhumka but some of our top mentions being, heavy suits, heavy sarees, fancy gowns, embroidered dresses, bridal dresses and embellished or sequined dresses.

You must also have understood where to wear these jhumkas too but we would like to give our opinions. Some of our recommendations for this jhumka look are wedding functions, religious functions, dandiya and Garba nights, baby shower parties, house warming functions, Raksha Bandhan parties, Diwali events, holiday events and other traditional parties being hosted.

29. And Her Love For Jewellery Does Not End…

Deepika Padukone’s large round golden earrings

Her eyes are speaking volumes in the picture.  She wears a very simple and basic pink Kurti and jazzes it up with the earring which is made of gold. The earring is too large and looks like it will be a bit heavy to wear even. You can even wear it with basic Kurtis and suits to spice up the look. This followed by a necklace will also look good.

This is suitable to be worn for photoshoots, pictures, any traditional or religious festival happening around in the town.

30. Blue And Yellow Make A Good Combination.

Deepika Padukone’s blue stone and diamond studded jhumka

Deepika is looking no less than a queen of a province ready to rule the world. She has paired a blue stone and diamond-studded jhumka with a basic yellow Kurti and a bun. Her love for buns is also clear from her past pictures. You may pair the jhumka with royal blue ghagra, lehengas, gowns, Chanya cholis, and sarees. And before we forget, even with bright and lemon-colored outfits, you can pair this. Go for white palazzos if you are opting for Kurtis or suits.

This is suitable for normal Haldi functions, mehndi functions, house warming celebrations, cultural visits, or performances.

31. Those Stunning Eyes Looking At Us.

Deepika Padukone’s pink and golden jhumkas

Deepika wears a red embroidered suit with perfectly winged liner and a jhumka. She looks gorgeous in this look. This one is a golden jhumka with designs and patterns of red added to it. The jhumka can quintessentially be paired with heavy suits, sarees, blouses, gowns. The straight middle-parted hair is just so perfect. Celebs being so affectionate towards their jewellery show that they are just like us struggling to pair it with the most appropriate outfit.

The jewellery can be suitable for Haldi functions, marriage functions, sangeet functions, baby shower parties, Diwali parties, house warming parties.

32. Shining Bright In The Universe!

Deepika Padukone’s golden jhumka with fine detailing anand pattern

Those eyes are gonna kill us and we are not even kidding. Deepika slays this all golden look. This look of her reminds us of Kanika Kapoor’s song lyrics – ‘Baby doll mei sone di’ which perfectly fits here. Talking about her jewellery, she has opted for golden jhumka with fine detailing anand patterns. Till a few images before we were seeing more of Deepika’s rings collection but when it comes to jhumkas, her collection is really large and fabulous. This jhumka can be paired with shararas, ghagras, lehengas, and suits with palazzos in our opinion. Rest is all your choice.

This Deepika Padukone jewellery can be worn to id parties, fancy dress competitions, marriage functions, rituals, and religious events.

33. Metallic Can Never Fail Your Expectations.

Deepika Padukone’s golden blue jhumka

Golden palazzo, with a pair of golden juttis along with royal blue and gold Kurti, is what is needed to amp up the fashion game. Deepika looks surreal in this golden and blue outfit paired perfectly with the golden blue jhumka. These cute little jhumkas are really pretty and much similar to the ones brought from the local shops of the Chandni Chowk market or any other shop. Pair it with sarees and suits to look stunning at parties or any outing.

These earrings can be suitable to be worn in normal outings to restaurants, random meets with friends and families, any visit to tourist spots.

34. Pretty In Green Lehenga!

Deepika Padukone’s golden and green jumkas

Deepika looks like real Indian beauty in this haute couture. We cannot stop gushing over her tattoo. Her short Kurti along with the lehenga has got some amazing patterns through which the creativity of fashion labels is truly visible. The jewellery looks good on her as usual. We generally see these ensembles on Rajasthani women, who are known for their craftsmanship. The jewellery is perfect to be paired with sarees, suits, and gowns.

The jewellery can be worn to Diwali celebrations, reception parties, marriage functions, and sangeet ceremonies.

35. We Have Never Been Carried Away In The Way This Picture Of Deepika Has Carried Us!

Deepika Padukone’s choker studded with black gems and earrings

Deepika is looking too hot and sizzling in this deep-cut black blouse and lehenga. She will never stop being the real Indian beauty of our times. She wears a choker studded with black gems and a black earring and rocks a net dupatta. She has also donned a studded ring on her finger which looks absolute. We are going speechless over her look. Words are falling short to describe this bold look. The choker and earring are perfect to go with your sexy lehengas, sarees, suits, and all your heavy ethnics.

This choker is perfect for lavish weddings, sangeets, Mehendi functions, ring ceremonies, lavish Diwali parties, and get-togethers.

36. Deepika Looking Us That Way Is Giving Butterflies In Our Stomach.

Deepika Padukone’s large silver jumkas

We are back again with an all-black look of Deepika. She had worn this during the trailer launch of her magnum opus ‘Padmavati.  She wears a backless blouse and a saree paired with a jhumka. The jhumka has a wonderful pattern and designs making it the perfect combo for sarees, indo-western dresses, fancy blouses, suits, fancy sarees with belts (we are talking about sarees worn by Shilpa Shetty).

This can be worn to veneration functions, marriage functions, inauguration functions, dandiya nights, Garba nights, and on your 25th anniversary.

37. Royalty Redefined By Deepika.

Deepika Padukone’s golden bangles and earrings with navy blue saree

Deepika in this all embellished royal blue saree looks ravishing and royal. The look accentuated with golden bangles and earrings is giving out lady queen vibes. We are liking her short hair look. This jewellery can be paired with lehengas, sarees, shararas, ghagras, suits, gowns. She has also sported a golden ring which can also be worn with these outfits.

This Deepika Padukone’s jewellery can be worn to marriage functions and anniversary parties of relatives or even on your own anniversary outings.

38. A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud.

Deepika Padukone’s multicolored bangles on the hand or the emerald studded earrings

Deepika is looking magnificent in this one. Be it the multicolored bangles on the hand or the emerald studded earrings or the peacock saree, everything from top to bottom looks really amazing. These kinds of multicolored bangles are going out of fashion but Deepika is bringing back those in style by pairing them with the most quintessential saree. Girls, bring out your most precious sarees and suits which are embellished, and pair them with those intricate bangles and emerald earrings.

You can wear this to wedding functions, anniversary functions, dates, proposals, late-night dinner parties, and rooftop parties.

39. Giving Out ‘Om Shanti Om’ Vibes.

Deepika Padukone’s gold or silver earrings

Deepika beautifully dons a floral saree which is very basic and casual perfect for normal outings or random meetings. She is looking very fresh and refreshing and relaxed. She has used real flowers to adorn her hair. The jewellery has a piece of stone attached to it. You can wear this with shimmery outfits, silver, and golden outfits, and sequined outfits. Pair your gold or silver bracelet too.

This can be worn to invitations, birthday parties, marriage functions, picnics, destination weddings, anniversary parties.

40. Glitter Suits Deepika Like No One Else.

Deepika Padukone’s gold or silver earrings

Deepika looks like a dream in this sequined white blouse and saree. The jewellery in this one looks almost similar to that in the previous one. The jewellery can be paired with shimmery outfits as well, white outfits, silver outfits and embellishments. You can also take your favorite clutch with this. Adorn your hair with embellishments.

This can be worn to house parties, inauguration functions, birthday parties, award functions, stage performances, etc.

41. Deepika’s Blouse Is Too Sexy To Handle.

Deepika Padukone’s large jhumkas

The blouse cutting of Deepika in this picture has rendered us mad. She looks breathtaking and ethereal. The saree and the blouse have some seriously nice patterns and shapes. The jhumka she is wearing is very different from the other jewelry and jhumkas she has worn. The jhumka is too large as it is visible from the picture. This can be paired with shimmery outfits, achromatic outfits as well as multi-colored outfits.

This can be worn to friend’s wedding parties, sangeet functions, ring ceremonies.

42. Can She Ever Stop Ruling Our Heart?

Deepika Padukone’s pure gold choker and a gold earring

We have seen Deepika’s never-ending love for sarees. Any Indian woman obviously looks more elegant and beautiful in an Indian outfit than western wear. She wears a pure gold choker and a gold earring. The choker and the earring is perfect for you if you are the bride and going to have your rituals in a few days. The choker seems too heavy for ordinary occasions so it is perfect for to be brides. They can wear this with their lehengas or ghagras.

As we already said that this is for brides so they can wear in on their wedding day or sangeet function or sangeet function.

43. So Peaceful And Elegant..

Deepika Padukone’s pearls studs

Buns not only give respite from the heat but are also trendy. Deepika’s love for buns is undeniable. She wears a basic cream blouse and a white saree with some patterns. We love her both in ethnics and westerns. Her earring is studded with pearls which makes it a good combo with sarees, suits, tank tops, denim, casual dresses, and golden-colored Indian outfits.

You can wear this to normal and casual dinner parties, outing with friends, friends marriage occasion, kitty parties, and engagement parties.

44. The Perfect Indian Lady Draped In A Saree.


Deepika is looking like a perfect Indian daughter-in-law holding the saree in a traditional and sophisticated way. Her jewelry is a perfect round earring. The jewelry is dynamic and can be worn with any kind of outfit ranging from indo-westerns to ethnicities. Ace your saree look, ghagra look, salwar kameez look with this earring.

This Deepika Padukone’s jewelry is perfect for guest performances, traveling to religious destinations, dance performances, and sangeet functions.

45. The True Natural Beauty Who Wears The Crown And Keeps Head High Up.

Deepika Padukone’s flower shaped white earring

Deepika in white is looking as calm and composed as the cloud. She looks no less than a princess of a province. Wearing a flower-shaped white earring and a white Kundan and pearl necklace makes her look out of the world. The jewelry is dazzling and feels like pure marble. She rocks the messy bun like a pro. Pair the neckpiece and earring with your favorite sarees, gowns to look amazing in religious and traditional events.

This Deepika Padukone’s jewellery should be your preferred option for traditional Indian weddings, house warming parties, sangeet functions, ring ceremony functions.

These were some lovely jhumka and earring collections of Deepika Padukone. We hope that you liked this collection and do come back for more.

We will see you soon with our other articles. Till then stay sassy and classy and keep following K4 fashion for valuable fashion tips and styles.

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