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If you are bored with the conventional gold and diamond jewellery, and want to try something new and fresh, here is the best option for you. If you are someone who is in love with the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers, then you are in the right place. Haldi ceremony Floral jewellery is quite a trend nowadays.

No matter if you are a bride or a bridesmaid, floral jewelry is perfect for all your wedding occasions. These are super lightweight as well as refreshing and it also gives a fresh twist to the otherwise quintessential bridal jewellery.

Jewellery has taken fresh take nowadays. When a woman falls in love with jewelry is hard to tell. Bridal jewellery has taken a very holistic approach now. There is nothing better for a bride than the scent of fresh flowers. With the soft and delicate touch of a bride to be, let’s begin this article.

Floral jewellery gives you enough reason to ditch your conventional bridal jewelry and try something new. They are easy to sway with and you don’t always have to worry about your jewelry falling off or getting lost. The markets are flooded with various varieties of floral jewellery and you can explore millions of options until you find your perfect set.

Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery

In this article we are going to share with you some impeccable options for your Haldi ceremony floral jewellery by Kavita & Srishti Kapur. There are multiple colour options from pastels to some head-turning bling. They look bright and joyful and chirpy and can really contribute to making some good memories for your wedding photos.

1. Fiery Yellow floral jewellery:

 Fiery Yellow floral jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Makeup💄: @deepalharia
Hair🙆: @riddhiksanghvi
Bride👰: @shreyaashar1
Floral Jewellery 🌼:@floralartbysrishti

The colour yellow never grows old, it is ever trending. The colour yellow stands for freshness, joy, remembrance and positivity. This floral jewellery justifies everything that the colour stands for. The bride is looking stunning on her mehndi in this floral set. The set contains a long necklace, earrings, maang tika and an oversized ring. What really stands out is the huge flower in the individual jewellery pieces. This motif increases the extravaganza of the entire look. The bride paired it with matching attire to keep up the yellow charm. Soft makeup and soft curls completed her look.

2. Flower and pearl jewellery:

Flower and pearl jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Floral Jewellery @floralartbysrishti
Clothes @chameeandpalak

Pink is a colour which all woman loves. It is playful, cute, feminine and tender. Our bride here looks exactly the same. She is wearing a nice pink floral jewellery to her otherwise contrasting yellow ensemble. The set contains a necklace and earrings. But what makes our head turn is the string of pink pearls in the necklace. Since pearls are associated with elegance, our bride here looks elegant as well.

3. Multicoloured floral bracelet:

Multicoloured floral bracelet:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

💄MAKEUP, HAIR & STYLING:- @nehaadhvikmahajan
OUTFIT:- @payalkeyalofficial@asianacoutureofficial
JEWELLERY:- Bangles :- @vbhushan.adornments
Tikka & Ring :- @adan_creation_
Lenses:- @olens.india
Kaleeras:- @floralartbysrishti

Minimal and pretty is the game of our bride here. She has not gone overboard with floral jewellery, but has just included a floral bracelet in her jewelry collection. A floral bracelet is a very cool way to amp up your fashion game. Don’t worry! We are not picking flowers. These are artificial flowers beautifully woven together to create this wonderful bracelet. The colours used here compliments each other very well. They are bright, fresh and playful. The real beauty of this bracelet lies in it’s long floral strands. The bride has perfectly matched her attire to the vibe of the jewelry. A wonderfully synced look overall.

4. Vibrant Purple floral jewellery:

Vibrant Purple floral jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Purple never grows old and never goes out of style. Our bride here looks royal, luxurious and polished, everything that the colour implies. She has added a touch of vibrancy to her otherwise pastel attire. The set completely steals the show. To tell you what the set contains are a necklace, a headband, earrings and bracelet. The purple is combined with pastel pink coloured flower to maintain the pastel vibe. The add on beauty of the jewellery is the strand of pearl attached in the bracelet to finish off in a ring. The bride looks everything but boring!

5. Gorgeous Red and white floral jewellery:

Gorgeous Red and white floral jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

This is such a pretty wedding piece. It is a complete set of fresh floral jewellery. It contains a layered necklace, earrings, a bracelet which ends up as a ring and a maang tika. Made entirely of dried out flowers, this gives a very fresh vibe to the wedding jewelry. Something outside the box, this looks super awesome. The huge flowers in the ear studs, in the middle of the neckpiece and the ring is something to die for. The colour is very subtle and bridal as well.

6. Cute and casual floral jewellery:

Cute and casual floral jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Another cute way to keep your pool side wedding trendy. Go for a floral jewellery set with all dried out flowers. These flowers does justice to the location. The neckpiece is in a shape of a question mark, which is unique in itself. You do not find too many designs like this. It comes with matching earrings and a headband. Pair it with some soft hues to keep up the bright and fresh look.

7. Red and pink floral jewellery:

Red and pink floral jewellery:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Red and pink is a combination which always seems to be fresh, no matter how many times you see it or use it. The same goes for our bride. She looks youthful, subtle and elegant. The entire set is made out of fresh dried out flowers. The set consists of a necklace, earrings and maang tika. It also comes with a bracelet which is attached to the ring with a string of white pearls. The bride carried her jewellery with pastel hued outfit and soft makeup from the similar family. Simple and uber chic is what describes her best.

8. Floral art jewelry:

Floral art jewelry:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

This set gives me a old age traditional vibe. There is something about this colour combination which keeps me calling. Our bride looks fresh and delicate as her jewellery. She paired it with a golden yellow ensemble to keep some colour going on in her overall appearance. The set contains a necklace, earrings, baaju band, haathphool and maang tika. Everything looks properly placed and put together, and so does our bride.

9. Queen of minimalism:

 Queen of minimalism:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Everyone seems to be falling for the minimalistic trend. But our bride here remains unbeaten. She looks gorgeous in her simple floral jewellery set. The set consists of a long necklace, a layered choker necklace, maang tika and a baaju band. She ditched the convention earrings trend and replaced it with floral anklets. This set is a complete heart stealer. She wore a matching yellow saree to keep everything from the same colour palette.

10. Charming pink floral jewelry:

. Charming pink floral jewelry:  Haldi Ceremony Floral Jewellery for Your Wedding

Monochrome but not monotonous. This goes without saying for our last bride. This look is an absolute show stopper. Look how beautiful she looks everything pink. Even her skin is flushed pink reflecting how happy she is. It is a no brainer that we women adore pink. And so, this set catches our eye without a blink. The set contains a necklace, huge earrings, haathphool and maang tika. But what really makes this piece unique is the gorgeous layered waist band. It is a complete game changer. It alone is enough to keep your audience intrigued.

That brings me to the end of this article. Not only outfits but also keep your jewellery updated to keep your fashion competitors hunting for your fashion sense. Hope you enjoyed this article and I am sure you must have made up your mind as in which set you want to go for. For more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

With this, we come to the end of this article on Haldi ceremony floral jewellery. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite floral jewellery. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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