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Ravishing Looks Of Russian Stars Who Could Compete At Met Gala

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We all know that the Met Gala event is always a place where celebrities can experiment with fashion and carry it out with complete confidence. The Met Gala is the fashion industry’s equivalent of the Oscars and sees designers, models, and stars gather together to compete for media coverage.

In this article let’s see which Russian stars can compete with Western celebrities in the ranks of outrage. Check out some of the looks from fashion’s biggest night.

Russian Stars Who Would Have Beaten Everyone On Met Gala

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On May 6, the Met Gala Fashion Ball was held in New York City to mark the opening of a new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose theme this year was the Camp style. Camp aesthetics is characterized by hyperbolization, vulgarity, excessive detail, artificiality, and the predominance of the outer shell over the content.

After the appearance of the first photos of the arrival of Western stars to the ball, it became clear that at least half of them did not adhere to the theme of the ball (whether from a lack of understanding of what a camp is, or from the desire to show everyone another boring tulle dress). Of course, there were also those who dressed up for the event within the framework of the dress code, but still, the topic was poorly disclosed.

The administrator of the famous telegram channel about fashion Golden Chihuahua rightly noticed that no one does better than Russian Stars camping. That’s why we gathered our favorite Russian pop heroes who would outshine our Western colleagues at Met Gala this year.

Bright I

If you can call Lady Gaga the Queen of the Campa, then the undisputed king is Philipp Kirkorov (and the king is not naked). Feathers, sequins, rhinestones, and mania to buy all collections of Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

Natural Blonde

The golden voice of the Russian pop singer, a natural blonde, is the only one of its kind all over the country – Nikolai Baskov – not lagging behind his colleague on the stage and does not hesitate to shine on the stage underwear in the form of a shell, embroidered with gold threads in camisole and jackets, with Swarovski rhinestone trim.

And I’m Going All Dolcegabana

The Russian Stars representative (-nitsa) of the Ukrainian variety – Verka Serduchka with a star on ahead quite can compete with Lady Gaga.

The Lonely Tramp Of Casanova’s Love

The incomparable Valery Leontiev ruined many women’s hearts, appearing on stage in one brilliant gulp. By the time he retired, the singer had already earned himself a living on normal clothes, but even dressed continued to disgrace the public.

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The Hijacking

A hijacker, a stray empress, and just a spectacular woman whose songs are literally known by every woman in Russia.

More, More Glamour

A star that is always in shock and on glamour. A huge platform inlaid with stones, crown, fur, and shiny-glossy-glossy. Sergey, when will we have our Met Gala with you at the head?

Elena Lenina

Lena Lenina is always in touch with the space, otherwise how to explain all these crazy hair and strange outfits.

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