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Anyone who is fashion conscious knows that apparel speaks louder than attitude.
But we are not all fashionable people, are we?
Now the question arises, “anti-inclination”. What is it after all?
So, anti-trends, are neither trendy nor certainly trendy. They are not necessarily classic or basic, but you will find that they integrate very easily into your day-to-day dressing routine.

K4Fashion reveals the most important anti-trends this summer. Read our material and do not make a mistake!

Stop Following These Trends Right Away

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Source: @thestreetvibe

Bandage Dress

Back in the 2000s, the French fashion house Herve Leger presented girls with sexy bandage dresses, which were worn by stars and the whole glamorous layer. The era is over, and the bandage dresses are still there. If you are not a typical “model, singer, blogger” from Instagram, then let the bandage dresses on the floor cloths and look at more modern models.

For example, if you’re still looking for a tight-fitting mini dress, then choose a densely textured model that doesn’t look like a “second skin”.

Knitted Skirt

The worst enemy for all girls who have at least one microscopic defect in the figure – a knit skirt, which will show it to the whole world (and besides the shortcomings will also light up your underwear). And why such a setup?

There is no charm in a knitted skirt to sacrifice its appearance for it, so replace it, for example, with a model made of silk, satin, or denim.

Gladiator Sandals

Another remnant of the past. They will help you to get a rough tan on your feet and will signal a lack of taste. Let them remain in the distant history of Ancient Greece, and we advise you to choose actual minimalistic models of sandals and sandals.

Polyester Belt Bag

I’m not betting that belt bags are very comfortable, but this season’s current models in this category are elegant leather belt bags. Therefore, the belt bag made of polyester is put aside for the worst times and is now replaced with a more fashionable version.

Colorful Leggings

The favorite summer combination of many girls is “funny” legions and an alcoholic t-shirt. If you’re not going to the gym like that, but just walking or going on business, then wait for a fine from the fashion police. And if seriously, such legions have been out of date for a long time and look to dacha in the urban environment.

Don’t call on you to give up your colorful prints: just replace the legions with wide trousers that are fashionable this season.

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