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This year, designers were pleased with the variety of different prints on the catwalks. Adding a bold pattern or print to your look is the easiest way to show that you put real thought into your outfit. Hope you will not get confused in choosing the prints you want. Bright, bold, classic, or romantic – there are so many options.
Let us first learn the difference between pattern and print. The pattern is a repeated decorative design, whereas print is a design that is printed on fabric rather than woven or embroidered.

This article walks you through how to successfully mix prints and patterns. Plus you’ll get an overview of seven of this year’s trendiest prints.

Fashion Print Trends: This Year Try Something New

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Animal Print

The leopard print is once again on the list of the most fashionable patterns. Animalistic drawing requires moderation. It fits well with monochrome things. Grey, black, white, and purple are the perfect companions for this pattern. Leopard print does not tolerate an abundance of accessories, as well as neighborhoods with other patterns. Learn about the important rules that will help you look stunning in clothes with leopard print, you can read this article.

Goose Foot Print

Print goose legs from Scotland. It is a symbol of elegance and classic style. And this year, the pattern is again at its peak of popularity. Now it can be found not only on the fabrics of suits in the classic style but also on a knitted jumper, dresses, scarves, in short, any item of clothing. It is worth noting that this print is expressive and self-sufficient and does not tolerate neighborhoods with other patterns. In drawing up outfits with the use of things with a print goose’s foot, other subjects of the ensemble should be monotonous.

Scottish Cell

Tartan or, in other words, the Scottish cage is good for its versatility. The material with this pattern is suitable for a dress or skirt of a strict cut, which can be worn in the office. And a plaid shirt, worn with jeans, will fit perfectly into the everyday image.

Cherry Cell

The cage of cherry came to us from France. This print usually consists of two colors, one of which is white. The shirt in a small cage can complement both office and everyday ensembles. A comfortable shirt dress should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Why not choose a dress with a cherry print. This pattern looks great on any clothes from skirts and shorts to trousers and overalls.

Floral Print

Romantic nature will love the floral print. It is ideal for the spring and summer seasons. This pattern looks great on dresses made of delicate flying fabrics, making the image airy and sophisticated. Which kinds of floral prints will be relevant this year you can see in this review.

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Strip Print

The stripe almost never goes out of fashion. But this season’s trend is not only narrow bands, which are most often associated with the sea style but also wide bands, both horizontal and vertical. This variety allows you to pick up clothes with this pattern girl of any size. Ladies with a large bust or with an oval shape should not choose clothes in a wide horizontal stripe. This can increase the volume even further.

Polka Dots Print

Peas are a simple pattern that hasn’t lost their relevance for many years. The secret to its popularity is that it makes the image light and carefree. Clothing with a print in medium-sized peas is suitable for women of all ages and sizes. Note that the clothes with a pattern of large peas are full, so it should be avoided for ladies of large size. This print is perfect for a casual look and more. An elegant blouse in small peas will make an excellent combination with a business suit. A long flowing dress with this print will be suitable for the evening look. You can safely combine peas with other patterns, you can learn about the rules of combining prints in this article.

So, that’s all for this article, I hope you liked this collection.
These classic prints will definitely be a good choice, they will surely add up to your wardrobe. Just remember to choose classic styles that will last for years!

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