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Yasmin Wijnaldum's Lbd? More Like Long Black Dress
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Being a fashion enthusiast, trying on new fits, and following trends is a daily routine. We got you the other side of the story with the model’s unique style and how to dress like them. With the times changing, the models have been experimenting with their street style and off-duty looks, and we will keep you updated with all the fashion trends of your favorite models, from the Hadid sisters to the 90’s models. Check out for a makeover of your closet.

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It’s Time To Find Your Personal Style

Bella Hadid – Layer It Up

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Bella Hadid - Layer It Up
Image Source: Bella Hadid

Bella has been a Vintage enthusiast and loves layering her clothes, but every bit of it in proportion. After walking for the Givenchy fall show, Hadid flaunted her primary style with a full-sleeved white shirt, a black tie, and a black waistcoat-styled leather jacket.

Don’t mistake this outfit for a formal one. The supermodel has been layering coats, blazers, jackets, and shirts over tees and vests for a long now, and you should hop on the trend too! Bella quotes, “I always love to dress up, but I usually end up in a leather jacket and boots.”

Closet requirements: Waistcoat/ Jacket/ Oversized Shirts/ Blazers/ Jumper

Naomi Campbell – Overcoats For The Sophisticated

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Naomi Campbell - Overcoats For The Sophisticated

Naomi closes for the Michael Kors fall 21′ show wearing a black full-length sequin gown and a long tailored overcoat with lapel detailing. Wearing coats long enough to touch the ground is a thing among the models now. It delivers a fashionably sophisticated look. Naomi has been in the industry for decades now, and her wearing an overcoat is apt and resembles her superiority. Long or Trench coats are a go-to for the streets to a show.

Closet requirements: Duster/ Wrap Coat/ Oversized Shirt Jacket/ Faux Fur coat

Elsa Hosk – Oversized Shirts Are A Must Have

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Elsa Hosk - Oversized Shirts Are A Must Have
Image Source: Elsa

Elsa is victoria’s secret supermodel with one of the most aesthetic Instagrams. She likes playing with colors and opts for bold or neon fits. Elsa is obsessed with oversized shirts and styles them in various ways. Here, she wore a camel-colored cami top underneath a multicolored pinstriped shirt and straight-legged blue jeans for an off-duty model look. She fastened a single middle button and roughly folded the sleeves for a casual look. The versatility of oversized is unmatched. You can style it as a dress, can wear a corset over it or a tee underneath just like Elsa.

Closet requirement: Oversized Shirts! Duh?

Emily Ratajkowski – Square Neck Ribbed Dresses

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Emily Ratajkowski - Square Neck Ribbed Dresses
Image Source: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily’s dressing style is sensual and contains a lot of body-hugging dresses. We love to see a confident woman flaunting her unique style as Emily does with ribbed dresses and trainers. She’s wearing a pale blue dress from her brand Inamorata paired with Adidas trainers. Every time she walks her dog, Emrata turns her head with her unique yet charming style. Look how Emily looks a blend of cool and hot with a sleeveless dress. We’ll give you a secret tip- Next time you go for any dress, head towards the square necklines and ensure that the dress is figure-fitting.

Closet requirements: Ribbed dresses with straps, sleeveless dresses, sneakers, or dunks.

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The Suit Life Of Cara Delevingne

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models The Suit Life Of Cara Delevingne
Image Source: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne suits up and shows how well she can pull off androgynous looks in her recent LA house tour video. Cara wears a brown striped white shirt, a brown blazer with greige checkered pants. Her love for suits and blazers is unmatched. Cara gives boss-woman vibes every time she adorns suits. Pair your blazers with matching pants and a formal shirt. You can even tie a scarf or bandana around your neck like Cara, which will add spice to your fit. After all, fashion is all about experimenting.
Closet requirements: Blazers/ Plain Shirts/ Pants/ Bell-bottoms/ suit/ Striped Shirts.

Adriana Lima And Turtle Necks

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Adriana Lima And Turtle Necks
Image Source: Adriana Lima

As much as we fan over Adriana’s walk, we love how she presents her clothes. Adriana wears a white turtleneck underneath a blue denim jacket and boyfriend jeans. A turtleneck is a must-have for your wardrobe. You can wear a leather Jacket, Denim Jacket, Blazer, flannel, or even a shirt over it. The turtlenecks single-handedly add class to your outfit. Adriana completed the look with a sleek ponytail and a pair of sunglasses.

Closet requirements: Basic solid Turtlenecks

Imaan Hammam – Checkered Jackets Check

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Imaan Hammam - Checkered Jackets Check
Image Source: Imaan Hammam

Checks will never go out of style, and here’s the proof. Imaan gave a relaxed vibe with an off-white and blue checkered jacket in her recent Instagram post. Check shirts have come a long way, and check pants and skirts are making their debut in the fashion industry, and we hope to watch the same for your closet. The model looked chic with a sweatshirt under and paired with green cargo pants and sneakers. We love the look, and you got to mix it like Imaan.

Closet requirements: Checkered Bottoms/ shirts/ vests/ skirts/ jackets.

Adut Akech – Have Lace In Your Closet

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Adut Akech - Have Lace In Your Closet
Image Source: Adut Akech Bior

Adut mesmerized everyone in a long black lace dress with a pair of stilettoes and looked like a real-life barbie. Lace on any apparel makes it look sexy, and you can do it too by attaching lace to your top or a dress. Get more lace vests, lace socks, lace cardigans. A lace dress is perfect for a romantic setting, dinner, or brunch date.
Tip: Get a Lace fabric of similar color to the apparel you like, stitch it on the neckline, and Voila! You’re ready with the beautiful makeover of your fit.

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Yasmin Wijnaldum’s Lbd? More Like Long Black Dress

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Yasmin Wijnaldum's Lbd? More Like Long Black Dress
Image Source: Yasmin Wijnaldum

Supermodel Yasmin just changed the meaning of LBD to Long Black Dress, and we are all eyes. Yasmin wore a dolman-sleeved full-length black dress with a deep plunging neck, and a front slid and looked stunning. Models wear it differently, so can you. Move a step ahead of your little black dress and bell sleeves and get a solid colored full-length bodycon gown or a dress, and remember that a full sleeve always compliments a low neckline.

A thigh-high or a knee-high slit and a dolman or batwing sleeve will make your dress stand out.
Closet requirements: A long dress with a side or front slid/ Sloid full-length dress with dolman sleeves.

Vittoria Ceretti – Hoodies And Sweatshirts

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Vittoria Ceretti - Hoodies And Sweatshirts
Image Source: Vittoria Ceretti

Vittoria showed us that comfort and fashion are equally important. Hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, and pullovers are a trend now. Everyone from supermodels to teenagers own these and wear them almost everywhere. Honestly, these are the most comfortable and fashionable apparel at the same time. Vittoria is wearing a black crewneck and joggers and looks like a ray of sunshine in her Instagram post.
Tip: Start your hood shopping with oversized hoodies, crewnecks, and solid sweatshirts. Go with primary colors.

Rosie Hw – Nudes, Beiges, And Browns

Fashion Inspiration To Take From Models Rosie Hw - Nudes, Beiges, And Browns
Image Source: Rosie HW

Rosie Huntington is all about class and mixing feminine and masculine outfits. One of her observable traits is the color she chooses for her fits. She is a lover of neutral colors, and almost all of her fits contain beiges, blacks, greys, camel, tan, khaki, browns, and shades of pastels. Above are some of her fits from her neutral pallet.
Closet requirements: Apparels in all shades of nude and calm colors.

Winnie Harlow – Denim On Denim

Winnie Harlow - Denim On Denim
Image Source: Winnie Harlow

The beaut Winnie Harlow shows us how important are the pieces of denim in the fashion industry with a denim on denim look. She wore a blue denim jacket and blue skinny denim jeans. Winnie spiced up this central yet collected attire with embellishments on the back of the jacket. You can achieve a fresh look too, with prints, embellishments, paints, frills, and cuts on your regular denim. Harlow pairs the fit with boots which makes it look whole. Remember, Basic but make it fashionable.

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Hailey Baldwin – Make Space For Neons

Hailey Baldwin - Make Space For Neons
Image Source: Hailey Bieber Closet

Hailey wore neon yellow cargo trousers, and the internet seemed to love it. The world of fashion has always played with colors and tried to bring up a new one every time, but neon is the latest trend. As much as it is risky to wear, it can make you stand out a mile. Be the trendsetter with colors like hot pink, lime green, electric blue, bright red, fluorescent orange, etc. Hailey has been wearing neon effortlessly. No wonder she always looks the highlight of the room.
Tip: Start your exploration with brighter shades.

Gigi Hadid With Monochrome Fits

Gigi Hadid With Monochrome Fits
Image Source: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid makes a fashion statement wherever she goes. She wore a bold scarlet Muglar pantsuit at the Much Music Video Awards paired with a thick diamond choker and a braided ponytail. A monochromatic fit consists of pieces of a single color and is the hottest trend now. You can also style two pieces of the same color with lighter or darker shades. Gigi has served looks in monochrome outfits not only at events but also on the streets.

Barbara Palvin – Gather All That Leather

Barbara Palvin - Gather All That Leather
Image Source: Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin’s style is an inspiration to many teens now. She’s seen in a black leather jacket looking sharp. Not only leather jackets but leather overalls are a trend now. From leather tube tops to dresses, from leather pants to skirts, faux, bonded, suede, full-grain, and genuine leather can be styled in various ways. Elevate your style like Barbara and gather all that leather.

Kendall Jenner – Color Blocked Basics For The Streets

Kendall Jenner - Color Blocked Basics For The Streets
Image Source: Kendall Jenner

When talking about street style, it’s impossible to exclude Kendall’s name in it. The model is famous for her “put on anything” looks and somehow stuns in every fit. She is known for color-blocking different pieces and is mostly seen in crop vests, jeans, pants, and shirts. Here, she wears a white vest and a sky blue shirt over it, with black bell-bottoms and boots, which we call a true model-off-duty look. No prints, Basics, pairing two to three bold colors, and dang! You’ve already given a style statement.

Irina Shayk – Snug Top And Loose Bottoms

Irina Shayk is a big name in the modeling industry, and wearing all kinds of fits with ease is her superpower. She wore an orange metallic bodysuit with grey cargo pants for the Bulgari Party. The sexiest chic trend of all time is out now by the supermodel. Pair a tight-fit top and the loosest or flared pants from your closet, and you’re all set. These kinds of fit give you a snatched look and look super hot.
Tip: Try to keep the bottoms darker than the tops.

Kaia Gerber – Satin And Crop Are The New Normal

Kaia Gerber - Satin And Crop Are The New Normal
Image Source: Kaia Gerber’s Closet

No wonder why Kaia’s style is approved by the teens. Kaia Gerber is one of the youngest models, and her style consists of CROP CROP AND CROP. Crop tops, vests, t-shirts, and shirts paired with straight jeans are her kind of clothes. She added a twist to her street style with a satin shirt, and we urge you to add satin shirts to your wardrobe immediately.
Tip: Add a satin short/long skirt with your crop top and satin combo and feel like a real-life princess.

These are some of the most popular and relevant trends, which you can wear with ease and essentials that will up your style game. After all, carrying every outfit with confidence and a smile is what will make you ‘100% made for it’.

Which model’s style resonates most with you, and which one do you like the best? Do let us know your fav and how would you style these essentials.

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