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Fashionable Jackets You Need To Look For This Winter

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This is winter. It’s time to stock up on the coziest and warmest down jackets. And so that monotonous winter routine does not seem boring, we have prepared this review. Right now we will give a fight to ordinary black down jackets and tell them how to stay stylish and bright even in layers of clothes.


We offer autumn moping and winter monotony to attack with color. Can you imagine how great you will stand out from the crowd and lift the mood around you? Choose only rainbow colors – sunny yellow, summer green or juicy red. You can do this without stopping and pick up a bright duo of no less noticeable companions.Or you can limit yourself to neutral white or black shades.

 Styling long puffer jackets

Women's purple, orange and two tone long puffer jacket for winter season


We love these down jackets, first of all, for their original silhouette. They really don’t look like everyone else. And secondly, for their practical dimensions. After all, in the bitter cold under such a down jacket can be hidden more than one woolen jacket. And no one will notice. We warn that overseas silhouettes are not recommended for girls of two opposites. On the little ladies overseas “hangs”, emphasizing their miniaturization. But the magnificent girls in such a down jacket will look even bigger. But do not despair, we still have a number of models on any form.

Oversized puffer jackets

Women's light colored oversized down/puffer jackets for fall/winter

With Fur Trim

Such a decoration will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of luxury. Fur is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and always looks luxurious. Decorating down jackets with fur, designers literally rush from extremes to extremes. So, it can be a laconic stitching on cuffs or hem. Or fur on a hood – a classic of winter outerwear. Recently designers like to experiment with color here, dyeing fur in different colors, including neon. The idea on a wide arm is to decorate sleeves, pockets or the whole top of the product with fur.

Faux fur coats

Women's blue, black and cream oversized faux fur coats for fall/winter season

Maxi Length

Our next down coat will keep warm from head to toe. After all, it is the length of maxi! We recommend girls who do not think of themselves without dresses and skirts. We assure you that your feet will be warm. The feather down down creates a single coherent silhouette, so you can hide any clothes downstairs. Even the one that will conflict with a normal down jacket. You shouldn’t be afraid of shoes, either – shoes, sneakers, and even heeled boots will be very useful here.

Long maxi length coat

Autumn winter woman elegant long maxi length coat

With a Print

The down-padded models, decorated with all sorts of patterns and prints, will be a worthy competitor to the rainbow palette models. Just as bright and spectacular. Designers transfer the most various and beloved prints – peas, cages, stripes, “cucumbers” – to quilted fabric. The young generation will like bright graphic paintings and patches. You can make the winter image more complicated by choosing a hat or scarf with a print. In this case, we remember the main rules of combining patterns.

Women’s quilted lightweight jacket

Women grey, brown & leopard print quilted down puffer jacket


Shine in the winter? Easy! A great metallic man will cope with this task. And here is every day as a holiday. And each exit is fraught with a hundred enthusiastic views. Silver, gold and metallic in color – the choice is not easy. This down coat is a decoration and the main component of the image. Therefore, choosing companions to such outerwear, stick to a neutral palette and principles of minimalism.

Kendall Jenner’s golden puffer jacket

Kendall Jenner's golden puffer & metallic colour long jacket for winter season


In a fierce fight with a minuscule temperature, such a fluffy down will be defeated. And we do not need sick kidneys. And entering the autumn in such a jacket is a pleasure. Especially since you will have time to wrap yourself up from head to toe. Very popular are thin models with natural down, which are more like a jacket. Ultra-light and surprisingly warm. Simple lines and classic silhouette make such a thing universal. We do not deny ourselves anything – we wear skirts, trousers, dresses.

Short puffer jacket

Women's short puffer jacket, short down parka with beanie for winter season

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