Lady Gaga Hairstyle Trends Over The Years

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How do you attract attention? Lady Gaga, for example, has learned to do it with her hair and clothes! A decent way to express herself, don’t you think? We decided to follow all the transformations of a shocking celebrity and remember all the brightest images. Let’s admire together!

Lady Gaga outfit series by illustrator Adrian Valencia

Lady Gaga outfit series by illustrator Adrian Valencia

Lady Gaga’s 2007 Hairstyles

Who would have thought that this girl with her normal, slightly shaggy hair would turn into the most unpredictable star in terms of hair? Surprised? Believe me, so are we!

 Singer/musician Lady Gaga long, brown waves, and bangs she performs at Lollapalooza 2007 in grand park

Lady Gaga’s 2008 Hairstyles

That’s how the whole world recognized her! Amazing blonde with a straight bangs on her forehead – this image tried to repeat many girls. And her hair bow, perhaps, we will never forget, because this hair in different variations are still copied to this day! Well, Lady Gaga was modest at the beginning of her starry journey and was preparing the public for further experiments with hair.

Lady gaga’s healthy blonde

 Lady Gaga blonde hair bow and hairstyles

The singer’s first shocking hairstyle became fateful, and that’s when Lady Gaga had her first contact with the cosmos.

Lady Gaga oversized button updo

Lady Gaga oversized button updo, arriving at the manchester academy in manchester, England.

Lady Gaga’s 2009 Hairstyles

The bows are getting bigger, crazy constructions are being erected on the head, and all this under the cover of mystery – Lady Gaga is increasingly covering her face. In the same period, there is a passion for jewelry and accessories, and they are either many, or they are huge!

Lady Gaga baby blond curls & purple hair bow

Lady gaga's crimpy, blown-out bob, baby blond curls, purple hair bow, her platinum Marilyn Monroe curls with a black lace mask.

Lady Gaga’s 2010 Hairstyles

Pieces of meat on the head, gold feathers, tin cans – which only does not decorate the hair of Lady Gaga! Sometimes she turns into a regal person, suddenly “graying”, sometimes playing the role of the sun. Passion for bows does not cease.

Lady Gaga hair hits

Lady Gaga's neon yellow ombre, pastel-tipped platinum wig with a thin slice of steak, her poodle puff pompadour with lavender bow

Lady Gaga’s Hairstyles 2011

“Tailed time: Lady Gaga experiments with length, cut and color of hair, sometimes showing that she has everything “in a beam”! Her passion for bows has grown to a giant size.

Gaga’s nod to the orange, white and green stripes of the national flag of India

Gaga has worn a green blue hues & pink bow, her nod to the orange, white and green stripes of the national flag of India

Lady Gaga’s hairstyles can tell her emotional state! Then she divides her life into black and white, then, suddenly, sees everything in pink light.

Lady Gaga black blond & pink ponytail

Lady gaga's black & blond side ponytail, uber long pink blond pigtalis

Lady Gaga’s Hairstyles 2012

I don’t think we’re surprised anymore, but she’s doing it! She’ll put a mulligan on her head, cover her with a hair fan, and make a hell of a comb! But some images are very nice.

Lady Gaga keeps mutating shades in the black blonde range

Lady Gaga with hair styled in a straw hat she keeps mutating shades in the blonde range

Hair Lady Gaga 2013

A tumultuous period in which Lady Gaga is looking for herself. Large hairstyles are intertwined with modest and sometimes even imperceptible styling. Sometimes the singer looks quite usual, and sometimes hair appears in unexpected places…

Lady Gaga’s platinum dreadlocks & big brown volumized hairdo

Lady Gaga's platinum dreadlocks and Bandana big brown volumized hairdo

Hair Lady Gaga 2014

Lady Gaga’s tiles are still unique, but where did the usual aplomb go? Apparently, the period of growing up has come, although it is still difficult for her to give up the bows. But some hairstyles remind us that, after all, we are a real lady, and worthy of applause!

Lady Gaga’s blonde and black color shades

Lady Gaga's blonde and black color shades for hair

Hair Lady Gaga 2015

“A modest period” without any shocking styling. Oh, Lady Gaga, we don’t know what’s more shocking, your crazy hair or lack of it!

Lady Gaga silver, blonde & donned long, gray waves

Lady Gaga silver, blonde & donned long, gray waves hairstyles

Lady Gaga’s 2016 Hairstyles

This year, Lady Gaga never ceases to amaze us! Her hairstyles are above all praise, and her former eccentricity is reminiscent only of the bright hair color that the singer sometimes allows herself.

Lady Gaga in a wavy bob, long blond & orange hair

Lady Gaga in a wavy bob, long blond & orange hair

Lady Gaga’s Best Hairstyles

Throughout her career, the singer has surprised us so many times that it is almost impossible to discuss all her styles. But they deserve it! That’s why we tried to choose the most memorable hairstyles of Lady Gaga for you, let’s admire them together!

Crazy hat lady

unusual silver lobster hat & architectural hat

Lady Gaga blue ball

lady gaga blue ball, bob blond haircut, silver and brown curls

Lady Gaga’s “hair” costume & accessories

Lady Gaga's "hair" costume, full curls with an art deco accent & different hair accessories

Lady Gaga’s 10 craziest hairstyles

Lady Gaga's craziest & different hairdos and hair accessories

Lady gaga bright pink, black hairdo

Lady gaga bright pink, black hairdo

Lady Gaga black and blonde hairstyle

Lady Gaga black and blond hairstyle

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