Stylish Men’s Haircut For This Summer

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Young people pay special attention to their hair. And this is not surprising at all. Stylish, impeccable hairstyle gives confidence in yourself and increases the popularity among the female friends.

It so happens that most men prefer short hairstyles. It doesn’t matter what it’s related to – prejudices and stereotypes, unwillingness to spend a lot of time on styling or age-related hair loss, but fashion trends in 2019 completely share this choice, bringing short, masculine hairstyles to the peak of popularity.

Men’s haircut: Boxing, Halfbox, Hedgehog

Classic men’s hairstyles that will never lose their popularity. Such hairstyles do not shine with diversity, but they do not require any care. “Boxing”, “half box” and “hedgehog” are perfectly combined with light unshaven or a solid beard. In 2019, stylists recommend a minimum length of at least 1 cm for such hairstyles.

Ryan Reynold’s new hairstyle from deadpool

Ryan Reynold's new hairstyle from deadpool with high fade on the sides

Military haircut for guys

White tshirt with short or military haircut for guys

Brushed back men’s hairstyle

Men's sunglasses, white t-shirt with brushed back men’s hairstyle

Classic Taper Haircuts

Long crew cut & tapered sides, zero cut hairstyle for men

Blonde men’s long buzz haircut

Blonde men's long buzz haircut

The haircut was named after the Canadian hockey players who came to Russia in the 70s of the last century to compete with the USSR team. The haircut is a short cut whiskey and the back of the head combined with longer hair in the parietal and forehead areas. Moreover, the transition from one zone to another should be smooth. “Canadian” is perfect for men of any age and with any type of face, except rectangular. Perfectly complements the hairstyle with shallow melting.

Slick back with flow

Blonde slick back with flow haircut for men

Robert Pattinson canadian haircut

Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson canadian haircut

Retro Haircut

Fifties style’s back on track. The combination of shaved whiskey with a long, combed back fringe will emphasize the masculinity of any man. As an option, you can put the bang sideways or, with the help of fixing means, build a messy Mohawk out of it, approaching the rebellious style of “grunge”. The year 2016 gives men the freedom of action! And of course, this season’s trendy beard will complement the image in the best way possible.

Elegant taper fade haircuts

fancy haircuts like medium length hairstyle with taper fade for men

Medium side swept men’s hairstyle

Medium side swept men’s hairstyle for office or casual look


At the peak of this season’s popularity, the carelessness is carefully thought out, and the shave is fully in line with fashion trends. The haircut is a shaved neck and sides with an evenly trimmed top, which is constantly in creative turmoil. This option is ideal for owners of curly and curly hair.

Stylish Fringe Haircut for Men

Side swept bangs or low fade long fringe hairstyle for man

Long fringe

Long fringe men's hairstyle for triangle face

Haircut “a la Elvis”

The other name of this work of art is “pompadour”. The haircut is a short (but not shaved) whiskey and the back of the head with a much longer forelock and parietal part. The quince is stacked in lush waves. This hairstyle requires careful styling, so not every man will fit. But those, the cat will dare to become the follower of immortal Elvis, will always be in the center of attention.

Slicked back hairstyles

Classy push back hairstyle slicked back men's hairstyle

Long haired ginger & curly fringe hairstyle

Long thin haired ginger & curly fringe hairstyle for men

Asymmetrical Haircuts With A Length Of Forelock

Long, slanting bangs hanging on one eye, this year had an unprecedented popularity. And at a combination of this stylish element with a short haircut, any man can feel like a superstar bathing in the attention of crazy fans. The long, oblique bang can also be combined with medium length hair, complementing the image with stylish coloring.

Messy long faux hawk men

Messy long faux hawk spikes hairstyle for men

Low fade haircut

Long side fringe, low fade haircut & hairstyle for men

Graduated Men’s Haircuts

One of the most fashionable haircuts of this season for medium length haircuts. Graduated haircuts perfectly hide the disadvantages of fine hair, creating the necessary volume. These hairstyles are combined with a comb up to the middle of the forehead, hanging on the face or chaotically combed on the side. It is also possible to have the shortest possible ring with a hedgehog sticking out. A little patience and a “beauty tool” in the form of cosmetic fixatives are required to staple such a hairstyle.

Medium length wavy hairstyle

Medium length men's wavy hairstyle for curly hair

Wavy men’s hairstyle

Messy textured wavy men's hairstyle for casual look

Faux hawk – men’s hairstyle

Classic fohawk taper fade hairstyle for men

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