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Look at the calendar! So, it’s time to warm up? Everything as you like – according to the latest fashion trends.  Let’s go! The best outerwear of the autumn-winter season is waiting for you in our new review.

Black Leather Coat

Remember the mega-sexual heroine of Trinity’s Matrix? It was she who became the icon of the style of the current autumn-winter period. Black color and a lot of leather. From head to toe. It is possible to copy such an image with accuracy when going to the club. But for every day it is enough to arm yourself with a shiny leather.

Black patent leather

runway fashion for fall/winter black patent leather was teamed with a muted colour palette of beige and black tones footwear

Western Style

Another trend that makes you a brave and determined person. Willful lady from the wild west. Here and poncho, and thick woolen capes, and jackets. You can trace the desired thing by the following markers: ethnic prints, suede, fringe, natural shades. Have you decided? Complement the image with relevant Cossacks.


A multi-color cape is just so perfect for winter season, here jacket draped over the shoulders for casual look

Metallic Raincoat

Guests from the future are keeping us busy every now and then. Who are they? Extravagant futuristic cloaks made of silver metallic. Bright and bold. In the crowd you are exactly number one. Armed with such a thing, there is no need to change your tastes. Even the classics will make friends with science fiction.

Sheen & holographic

This Autumn-Winter, the Sheen & Holographic is trending for women

Dublenka Coat

This year’s sheepskin coats repeated the success of last frosty season. But with some amendments. In winter, it is not just a sheepskin coat that is relevant, but as if taken off the shoulder of a harsh northerner. Rough, a little clumsy, in brown shades.


Women coats trimmed with sheepskin for winter season


Following this trend, you should look like you’re going to the woods for mushrooms or hunting. These are windbreakers, raincoats, trench coats or parks of earthy, sandy and camouflage shades. To blend in as much as possible with your environment. If these quiet characteristics are not attractive, look for bold silhouettes. Overseas, large collars and hoods, pockets.

Oversize long coat

Women winter fashion oversize long coat casual look

Faux Fur

More and more designers are abandoning natural fur in favor of artificial fur. We rejoice and warm ourselves in the arms of lush and voluminous eco-mechanical coats. And only the most actual colors – red, carrot, pink, rusty shades. Another field of activity – length and texture of fur.

Oversize faux fur fuzzy jacket

Women fall-winter faux fur oversized clothing, fuzzy jacket

Cage Coat

And again, she is! It feels like a group of world-class designers hides Cossacks – fanatics of the cage, who imprison models into this print every fashion show. There are no restrictions in the autumn-winter season. It is possible not to change “Prince of Wales”, which is actual for the last season’s cage. Or taste another classic – a coat in a Scottish cage, tartan, glencheck.

Long checked outerwear jackets & coat

Women wool warm long check plaid trench outerwear jackets & coat for fall/winter

Leopard Trench

Predators go hunting in the city jungle again. The next coloring is a leopard print of natural and not only shades. Silhouette – trench coats and jackets. But the most different cut – classical in shape, oversize, wide shoulders.

Leopard print trench

Women's faux fur leopard print long jacket coat for fall/winter

Tweed Jackets

Fans of the fashion house Chanel, rejoice. On the catwalk swept elegant jackets and jackets from tweed. Classic for all times! Looks luxurious. This textured material can mix in a variety of shades.

Women’s tweed jacket

Women colored tweed blazer jacket and coat for fall/winter

Vinyl Raincoats

The sixties in modern times. They are back. Glossy vinyl trench coats in all colors of the rainbow. The brighter the better. The more material, the more relevant. And no inventions. On the podium in the companions of vinyl trench were seen the most ordinary classic and casual stuff.

Glossy vinyl trench raincoat

Glossy vinyl trench raincoat for women, rain fashion

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