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We all try to dress up in the best possible way considering our own understanding of fashion. While some of us choose to follow a particular fashion icon, some make attempts to create their own style and many of us lack even the basic fashion requirements. However, not all of us sport all dresses the way we want to. It’s a common issue to come across an extremely beautiful dress that barely suits us, our body type and our skin tone. This is one of the reasons to make very conscious discretions in terms of clothes to wear.

Nobody would deny to be termed as a fashionista and be followed by number of people as a fashion inspiration. In the present era, not being adequately conscious about the contemporary fashion can give birth to a number of mocking remarks which is obviously entertained by none. However, giving attention to a number of fashion tips can certainly bring about multiple eyes on us.

In the present time, being fashionable is no big deal. We have multiple sources to be aware of the current fashion and keep ourselves updated with the alterations.
Here are some of the most integral points to be considered before choosing your clothes.

Tips To Choose Faishonable Clothes

1. Consider Your Body Shape Before Purchasing Dresses.

It is extremely significant to consider our body shape before making choice for our clothes. All of us have distinct body shapes and we must choose our clothes accordingly.

Apple shaped body

Such body shape tends to store fat in the abdominal area of the body. Generally, people who suffer from metabolic syndrome have such a body shape.

People with this body shape should wear dresses which does not grab attention towards their abdominal fat areas. For women, v neck empire-waist tops and dresses, A line dress and dresses that do not flaunt the belly area are recommended. Instead of going for skinny bottoms, choose flared or boot cut style pants.

Pear shaped body

For people with this body shaped, you must try to highlight your shoulders so as to create a balance in you top and bottom. Do not go for tight bottoms or short and pencil skirts rather give preference to A line, flared and tailored bottoms.

Rectangular body shape

Rectangular body shape is one without much curves. If one wants them, this can be done by choosing right clothing and accessories to create unnatural curves. People with this body must try Empire- waist and wrap dresses. Besides, if you want an hourglass shape, you can opt for tops, skirts, and peplum jackets too. All you need to do is create an illusion of curves by enhancing the curvy body parts including your shoulders and waist.

An hourglass shape

Because you are already having enough curves, you must know to define and highlight them. With this shape, you definitely need no baggy appearance. Always choose your undergarments taking into consideration your body shape. Try tops and dresses with V necks and pencil skirts to define your breasts.

2. Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

Keeping things in an organised way is the most basic favor you can do to your clothes. An organised closet will help you pick up the right combinations at the right time. Regular organising will help discard unwanted clothes and keep proper ones.
People are switching towards a capsule wardrobe which is comparitively easy to maintain.

3. Avoid Choosing Clothes That You Can Not Care For

It is always advisable to go for clothes which are easy to care or the fabric of which does not tend to be worn out post few washes or clothes that you can take for dry cleaning.

4. Choose Right Lingerie

Choosing right lingerie will not only bring out the right body texture but is also a requisite to our health. For this, you must be well aware of your body size and shape.

5. Try Sport Classics

Classics are our all time comrade. These include denim jackets, leather, trench or so more. All you need to do is sport them in the best ways and these will bring out a bold and a classy appearance throughout the year.

6. All Time Scarves

Like classics, scarves can also be an all time companion if carried in an apt way. While in winters, wollen and blanket scarves can be made use of, silk, satin and linen fabric infused scarves are summer friends.

7. Denim

Denim is one of the most classy and trending fabrics of all times and when it comes to denim bottoms, the varieties are numerous. All you need to know is the right way to carry it. Depending upon the body size and structure, choose appropriate denim bottoms for yourself which may include low waist, boot cut, boyfriend fit, regular, skinny fit, high rise and so more.

8. Color Combinations

One of the most pertinent decisions to be taken with regard to dress choice includes color combination. Before you dress, you must not fail to comprehend the application of distinct colored clothes. Color is for sure a matter of concern and a crucial aspect of dressing. From being admired for your choice of colors to attracting critical remarks for a slight alteration in it is no big deal. It is always recommended to not use more than three colors in your dress simulataneously.

9. Go For Layers At Times

You can opt for layered clothes at times. Do not forget to add definition to your layers.

10. Pay Adequate Attention While Washing Clothes

It’s very important to wash your clothes in a proper way so as to avoid damage of the fabric. Pay more attention to delicate clothes. Always wash them in optimum temperature. Consider color combinations while washing clothes. For instance do not mix whites with dark.

11. Think Before You Shop

Do not rush while shopping. It’s a general tendency to rush at the name of sale. However, sale shopping can be indeed disappointing. Always think before you spend on your dresses. Ask yourself whether you would go for it if it were not a part of sale.

12. Learn The Art Of Accessorizing Your Outfits

Accessories are undoubtedly one of the most significant parts of our clothing. So, invest well in them. Depending upon the occasion, choose right accessories as per parties, formal occasions, concerts and so more.

13. Learn The Right Way Of Tucking

Tucking is a common trend followed by many, be it full tuck, half tuck or navel tuck. So, learn the right way to tuck your clothes in multiple ways. This can serve to be a quick fix for a casual day out and will be cool and eathful.

14. Go For A Chained Bag At Times

It’s cool to keep your hands free certain times. For this, you can use chained sling bags carrying it in a diagonal way across your body.

15. Boast Your Shoes

We often forget to give attention to the right length of our pants. Apt size brings out better look of your shoes. Usually, hems must be about half to three fourth inches off the floor.

16. Art Of Skin Showing

Not everyone has the art of perfect skin revelation. You must be well aware about which part to boast and which parts to keep mystery. In this regard, it is always said to reveal one body part at a time. In case you choose cleavage, wrap your legs and vice versa.

17. Patterns And Prints

Using the patterns and prints in a right way is itself an art. Make attempts to learn to combine distinct patterns and incorporate them in your outfits.

18. Be Conscious While Using Prints And Florals

While using florals, it is always better to combine it with plain tops or bottoms. While using printed outfits, go for plain accessories and you can pair them with shoes. If you go for all printed and heavy, it will be no less than an absolute mess.

19. Flaunt Your Long Legs With Matching Shoes And Trousers

For all those possessing long legs, do not forget to go for this idea. Choose the shoes considering your trousers so as to keep them matching.

20. Choose Bright Colors Wisely

If you are planning to sport bright colors, go for one at a time. Multiple bright colors simultaneously will mess up the look.

21. Follow Skin Fit Bottoms With Long Tops

Leggings must always be paired with long tops. This brings out the appearance in the best way.

22. Do Not Forget To Keep A Balance

Keeping a balance as in a balance between loose and tights. A part of the outfit can be kept loose, keeping the other parts contrary but it must be balanced in a proper way. Consider your body shape and select the part you are deciding to keep loose beforehand.

Besides the above tips, you must have certain quick fix remedies to sudden outfit crisis which you may come across at certain times. For instance, when you mistakenly ruin your favorite dress by dropping something on it. You must have an instant solution to get it done. Besides this, do not ever go with dresses which are not ironed. Take special care of delicate fabrics. Invest in accessories, footwear and handbags that may sometimes drag ones attention off the clothes and towards them. And lastly, do not forget to be confident in whatever you wear as it is a requisite to being approachable.

Following the above mentioned fashion tips may surely help you to an extent however, you must never fail to possess adequate confidence and optimism towards your outfit. This will help you boast your style better. Besides, you can also consult or discuss with fashion icons to get more professional ideas. You can even follow a particular celebrity, the fashion ideas of whom you admire. This will also help you attain some knowledge of fashion.

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