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Pre And Post-Workout Skin Care Tips And Guide

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Exercise is one of the reasons behind facial glow of many of us. However, if we fail to give adequate attention to certain precautions and pertinent habits in our daily routine, the same can serve to be immensely harmful for our skin. Sweat is obvious post a workout session but these drops symbolizing intense efforts can become an obstacle to our skin’s health. Sweat tends to attract dirt which may result in clogged pores of our face, the adverse consequences of which include blackheads and breakouts. However, we are certainly not short of remedies to these obnoxious issues. Inculcating a number of habits and maintaining a skincare regime will help get over these troubles thus helping attain desirable skin.

Pre Workout Skincare Tips

Skincare tips are not just meant to be followed post workout but pre workout tips are also equally significant. No matter what our exercise place is, gym or our house itself, it is always advisable to consider these skincare tips so as to make the most out of our hard work Some of these are as follows.

1. No Makeup During Workout

Before commencing workout, one important thing to consider is the removal of makeup. During sweating, our skin pores open which is why these pores get clogged with sweat, oil and unnecessary dirt. One must not forget to wipe out the makeup before heading for workout.

2. Make Use Of Sunscreen

For those attending gym for their workout must consider sunscreen before stepping out. It is advisable to make use of a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or more. It will help keep our skin protecting by being a barrier to heat and adverse climate.

3. Equipment Hygiene

The equipment to be used in gym might have already witnessed enough sweats. This is why it might have become a breeding ground for thousands of bacteria. While using the machine, it may be quite obvious to touch it however one can be aware of this by making sure to wipe the machine beforehand. Besides, during the session, one must avoid touching face to stay protected from these bacteria.

4. Tie Your Hair Before Exercise

Even if you have small length hair, try to tie it back. Make use of hairpins and clips to keep all bangs away from your face. You can make lose ponytail to avoid hair to appear on face. During the course of a workout, if the face is constantly disrupted by hair, the combination of chemical infused hair products and sweat can serve to be extremely harmful to face. These can result in clogged pores.

5. Avoid Hair Products

Avoid oily hair products before heading to the gym. These products, when combined with sweat, can surely contribute to multiple skin disorders including breakouts on the forehead. So, one must avoid using a lot of oily and chemical infused hair products before the gym.

6. Stay Hydrated

Workout results in losing necessary fluids. These can be restored in the body by replenishing the fluids. This is pertinent so as to maintain body temperature and blood volume. Besides, it helps keep skin hydrated and healthy which tends to suffer negative consequences of dehydration during the session. However, water requirements may worry from person to person. So, do not undermine the fluid requirements of your body during workout.

Post- Workout Skincare Tips

Post-workout tips are extremely crucial to be followed as it is important to handle the sweat in a proper way so as to avoid the sweat bacteria to cause skin breakouts and other problems. So, a proper skincare regime post-workout needs to be followed to attain positive outcomes.

1. Wash Your Face Post Workout

One of the most significant things to be done post-workout is washing our face. It’s extremely important to get rid of the bacteria of the sweat as soon as possible. These bacteria are accumulated during the workout. Besides washing our face for the removal of these unwanted bacteria, washing face also helps reinstate the normal temperature of the skin.

As per experts, one can make use of a cleanser which will help wash away all bacteria, oil and sweat.

2. Use Toner Pads

Do not forget to carry toner pads along, while heading for a gym. Toner pads must be used in order to get rid of excessive oil from the face. Toning pads usually come with ingredients including glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Besides the face, toning pads can also be used to wipe other parts of body.

3. Wiping Sweat

After workout, sweat must be wiped away with a clean gym towel. Wiping sweat with hands can be one of the biggest mistakes for your skin. Use a gentle and clean towel to wipe out your face and neck in a gentle way.

4. Change Your Workout Clothes As Soon As Possible

The clothes worn during workout session has certainly enough sweat and bacteria. Not just to our face, it can be harmful for our body also causing body acnes and dirty pores. It is advisable to change into fresh clothes as soon as possible. If not changed on time, the toxins soaked by clothes can be very harmful which is why it is even better to take a shower post-workout.

5. Use Moisturizer Post Washing

Wash your face to clean it as soon as possible. After cleaning the face, toner must be applied to it. Since, the skin is likely to lose hydration during workout, one must use a moisturiser to retain necessary hydration.

6. Use Right Fabric For Towel

The gym towel to be considered must be extremely clean and pure. The towels provided by gym may not be ideal for all so it is advisable to carry your own towel. It is believed that the thicker the fabric of towel will be, the more prospects of bacteria is there. Preferably, the towel must be consisting of less fiber and the size must neither be too thick nor too thin.

7. Use Ice Post Workout

Some people tend to get a lot of redness post workout. For such people, it is recommended to make use of ice to get rid of the redness. Sucking a piece of ice can help do away the redness by balancing the temperature.

Exercise can tend to produce more cons and lesser pros if proper attention is not provided to pre and post workout tips. These simple tips are not even a hard nut to crack and can be easily followed. A little attention to the skin and implementation of healthy habits in our lives can help attain beautiful and healthy skin. On the contrary, one may always be disappointed with one’s skin if adequate care and attention is not provided.


1. Should I cleanse my skin before or after my workout?

It is important to cleanse your skin both before and after your workout. Before your workout, you want to make sure your skin is free from sweat, dirt, and bacteria, and after your workout, you want to make sure your skin is free from sweat and bacteria.

2. How can I protect my skin from sweat during my workout?

You can protect your skin from sweat during your workout by wearing light, breathable clothing and using a sweat-resistant face or body spray. You can also apply a light moisturizer before your workout to protect your skin from sweat and bacteria.

3. What should I do if I get a sunburn after a workout?

If you get a sunburn after a workout, it’s important to treat it right away. You can use an aloe-based moisturizer to soothe the burn and then apply a light sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to prevent further damage.

4. What kind of moisturizer should I use before and after my workout?

It’s best to use a light moisturizer before your workout to protect your skin from sweat and bacteria. After your workout, you can use a heavier moisturizer to replenish your skin and lock in moisture.

5. Should I use a face mask before or after my workout?

It’s best to use a face mask after your workout to help your skin recover and replenish itself. Before your workout, it’s best to stick with a light moisturizer.

6. Should I use a toner after my workout?

Yes, using a toner after your workout can help to remove any sweat, dirt, or bacteria that may have been left behind. It’s important to choose a toner that is gentle and suitable for your skin type.

7. What is the best way to remove my makeup after a workout?

It’s important to remove your makeup after a workout to prevent breakouts and skin irritation. The best way to do this is to use a gentle makeup remover and then use a cleanser to remove any residual makeup.

8. How often should I wash my face after a workout?

It’s best to wash your face after every workout to make sure your skin is free from sweat and bacteria. You can also use a light exfoliator once or twice a week to help remove any dirt or debris that may be clogging your pores.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Bildesher Dwivedi )

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