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The moment we are ready to embrace the beautiful monsoon.we, unknowingly welcome uncountable hair defects and problems too. With the changing seasons, our hair and skin undergo multiple changes as well. This is the period when they are in need of a lot of pampering and attention. Whether you have natural hair or chemically treated hair, your hair’s perception to the changing seasons can be surprising enough. While monsoon tends out to be our favorite season, it is also time for you to rush to some hair treatments considering your hair’s behavior towards the season.

Monsoon can turn out to be really harsh for your hair. The strong winds and the rainwater is what your hair may have to endure. As a consequence, you suffer hair fall issues, dryness, dirty scalp and so more. This is what keeps us away from experiencing the beauty of monsoon. But not anymore, it’s time for you to give significance to certain hair care tips which are crucial to your hair health.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Here are some essential tips to help you deal with hair problems and keep your tresses manageable and healthy.

1. Keep your scalp moisturised

It is very important for you to maintain a habit of conditioning your hair with oil. This will help you get over hair fall problems. Give an oil massage to your hair a day preceding shampooing. Leaving it overnight, wash it off with a mild shampoo. It is advisable to go for virgin coconut or olive oil for better results. Try to avoid mixed oils (usually combined with other oils) which may consist of chemicals.

2. Always use a wide toothed comb

Well, this is recommended for all seasons but especially monsoon. Frizzy and dry hair require wide toothed comb. Even after being damp or wet, a wide toothed comb will barely cause damage while combing. Do not unnecessarily brush your hair until it is extremely significant. Brushing will only add up to frizziness.

3. Consider your hair style

Monsoon can not bring about a change in your office or outing schedule. So, it’s better for you to adjust yourself according to it. You may love flaunting your glossy and sheen locks everytime you step out but it is advisable to keep your hair length to an extent which is easily manageable for you.
If you have been planning to sport short haircuts, this is the right time. Being super easy to manage and control, short hair is less likely to break when wet. Those with long hair can go for hair styles that are easily manageable by them.

4. Change Your Diet

It may sound a bit unrelatable but is the most pertinent one to follow. Protein is what our hair craves for. Switch to a protein rich diet which will promote healthy hair and help get over hair fall and scalp disorders.
For protein rich diet, you can go for eggs, fatty fish, spinach, pulses, meat, soya, mushrooms and so more. Include them in your diet on a regular basis.

5. Change your styling products

Hair products will certainly help your hair appear beautiful, healthy and voluminous but it is a process of damaging your scalp. Monsoon is the season where you especially need to hold back on some of your styling products that you do not find a requisite.

Many of us are habitual of using gels, sprays, pomades, mousse and dying and coloring. This monsoon, make it a point to avoid usage of such chemical infused products.

6. Always carry a waterproof headgear

You may take the help of umbrellas, raincoats and such things to save your body and dress from the rain water and windy atmosphere but what regarding the protection of your hair? It rather requires more attention which is why you must opt for a really efficient headgear that will be your hair comrade, functioning as a shield against the harmful rain water and stormy winds.

Do not allow your hair to get wet in rain at any cost. Though at times, you may be helpless about it yet this can turn out to be a blunder with regard to your hair health. It is the weakest point of your hair when it is wet. With wet hair, you may have to undergo hair fall issues and many more. So, do not forget to wear your headgear before heading out in the rain.

7. Go For another shampoo

It’s not necessary for those already into a great shampoo but those in contact with a shampoo infused with a lot of chemicals, must reach out to a shampoo that will help you control frizziness and will promote healthy hair by repairing the damages. If you find your shampoo to be already suitable to your hair in every season, do not change it for the sake of changing.

8. Stay hydrated

This is one point that you might be fed up of coming across in every remedies and treatments. Be it your skin care routine or hair care rene discard even your body health, staying adequately hydrated will serve to be a common remedy to most of such issues. However, considering your hectic schedule, drinking a lot of water might be hard for you so you can even opt for certain alternatives to it. Go for fruit juices, green tea, coconut water, lemonade or any such healthy drink you find suitable.

9. Take proper care of hair while it’s wet

Wet hair is prone to breakage. This is why it needs attention and care. It is always said not to comb or tie your hair while it’s wet. Also, do not be used to blow drying your hair all the time. Avoid using hair dryers unnecessarily. When wet, hair cuticles are exposed which makes it brittle. If blow drying is a necessity for you, a diffuser is preferably better.

10. Supplement intake

Amongst the rush of your swamped life, if you are unable to pay adequate attention to your diet, you can approach a nutritionist to get supplements that may function as an alternative to rich diet. Some of the commonly used supplements by people in their day to day lives include vitamins A and D, biotin and iron. However, this can only be an alternative and may not be able to benefit you the way a balanced diet will do.

11. Regular cleaning of hair

As already advised, opt for a cleansing shampoo to wash off even the slightest residue of your hair left as a consequence of rain water. The most common problem to be suffered during this season is frizziness and dryness. So, wash your hair twice a week to prevent fungal infections caused due to rain water.

12. Explore home remedies

For almost all the hair problems we come across, there are so many natural remedies to consider. So, as an alternative to your multiple chemical infused hair products, try to go for home made hair masks, packs, conditioners and so more. All you need is some kitchen things and your hair and scalp will experience necessary nourishment and strengthening that may be lost as a result of the harsh weather.

13. Hair Massage

Consider head massage a requisite of monsoon. Just pick some nice and effective hair oil and treat yourself with a nice head massage. Besides being your comfort, it will revitalise your dry and damaged strands providing them necessary conditioning. This will enliven your hair boosting moisture and promoting hair health. However, do not over oil your hair for which you may have to reach out to frequent shampooing which will turn out to be more damaging than being effective.

Precaution is better than cure

These are merely some tips that you are supposed to follow to keep your hair healthy even in harsh climatic conditions as precautions are always better than cure. If you continue to experience the same negative traits in your hair even after considering every necessary hair care routine, it is advisable to consult a hair care professional or a dermatologist to attain expert advice. Here are some precautions to follow.

1. Avoid using heat in you hair. This includes use of hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers and so more. Since monsoon already brings enough dryness in your hair, do not promote it by implementing heat in your hair.

2. Consider your important fabrics
Important fabrics as in the fabric of your towel and your pillowcase. Use microfiber towel to dry your hair as it is good at absorbing water rapidly minimising friction. Preferably, use satin or silk pillowcase to avoid promoting frizziness.

3. Condition your hair regularly. Conditioning is directly proportional to locking required moisture in your tresses which is an indispensable thing to consider every monsoon.

4. Accesorise your hair with some scarves to avoid direct contact with humidity and wind. As per your style, you can use the right scarf as it will protect your hair and keep away excessive moisture.

5. Go for holistic diet. When it’s about healthy diet, there must hardly be any second thoughts. Not just for your hair, it is something to be considered for lifetime.

Nobody would deny to experience and live our favorite seasons the way we want to, without experiencing undesirable hair problems and issues. To our disappointment, it is barely possible to keep unwanted climatic conditions and the beauty of our hair aligned. Most of us have to undergo struggles in keeping our hair at place however it will not longer be a big deal if you commence paying attention to your hair at the right time. Before you plan to enjoy the seasonal changes, learn to handle your hair in the best possible way.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Sarika)

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