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French Carre Haircut: It’s Time To Go Chin-Length

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The haircut is a universal look for all times. A hairstyle, which is not out of fashion, has not lost its relevance but occupies first place at the top of fashionable hairstyles. The word “carre” itself is of French origin and is translated as “square”. A distinctive feature of the haircut is its clear shape. One of the first owners of this hairstyle was Queen Cleopatra. Later the carre received a new development even before the First World War and has been loved by many fashionable women since then.

Although some hair trends come and go, there is one look that will never be out of style: the French Carré haircut. The cropped cut can be intimidating, but it’s a classic for a reason. Going chin-length is instant attention-grabbing and puts all your attention on your face; Plus, there’s less hair to deal with.

French Carre Haircut And Hairstyle Ideas to Try

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The Preparation

French carre hairstyle should be done on pre-prepared hair. First, the strands are washed with a suitable shampoo or simply moistened with slightly warm water. Wet with a towel without vigorous movements. If the curls are too wet, you can walk a little bit with a hairdryer. And only after that, apply the stacking agent (mousse, wax, etc.).

For your information! If the hair is weakened, it is recommended to make a repair mask beforehand.

Parting- Classic

A straight-ahead carre is perfect for girls who have the right facial features. If facial features are small and inexpressive, this variant of packing is better not to apply.

Difficulties also await with the creation of volume, as a direct parting imposes certain requirements:

  • The lack of sufficient volume will create the effect of a dirty head.
  • If you overdo it with the volume, there will be an unnatural effect on the doll’s head.

But in itself, the direct partition takeover is a true classic hairstyle that requires care and attention to detail when styling.


1. Divide the entire mass of hair into strands, each of which should be secured with a clip.

2. Using brushing and hairdryer, begin styling with the lower strands in the direction of the whisky.

3. Slightly raise the strands on the top to create volume.

How To Put A Square On A Side Partition

This variant of laying has a great popularity, as it fits almost everyone. The laying process is similar to the previous one, but it is possible to use an iron in addition.

Installation options:

1. Tuck some hair behind the ear or attach a hairpin below the temple level.

2. One part of the hair is twisted outward and the other part is tucked inward.

3. All strands are twisted inwards.

4. The hair is twisted on the strip to create a free wave.

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Hairstyles From Corrugated

The original visual effect can be achieved by using a social corrugation tip, which will give the hair the necessary texture. The volume of this style will be exactly guaranteed.

Romance: Curls

The corrugation may seem too radical to you as to how to put a racket in. But if you want a voluminous curl, try a simple and quick variant of laying: with the help of a curler, mousse, and a hairdryer, create luxurious curls. To keep your hair in shape, apply a varnish.

Tip! After you have dried your hair well, remove the curlers and take the curls apart with your hands without a comb.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

It’s a very fast way to update the image. Apply foam to damp hair. Dry your hair with a round brush and hairdryer, pointing it backward. The lacquer is a must.

Turning a carre into a bun

If the length of the hair is long enough, you can try to stack a bundle. It can be difficult to stack your hair in this way, but a touching, feminine look is guaranteed.

Start by putting your hair in your tail tight enough. Finish the ends of the strands with lacquer and scratch with a comb. Wrap the hair around the tail with buckles, fixing each one separately with small pins.

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A Bun For Romance

The principle of styling is the same, but with some features – before you collect the hair in a bundle, twist it so that the ends of the hair were also twisted. Do not disassemble these curls, put them beautifully around the beam.

Tip: This styling will give you romance, it’s good for a date.

A Messy Hairstyle

A slight mess on the head is created with the help of styling foam. Apply it to wet hair. When you’re drying your head, tilt it forward. Without combing your hair, whip the strands and lock them in place.


1. What is a French Carre Haircut?

A French Carre Haircut is a classic style that has been popular for decades. It is characterized by its straight, angular shape and blunt edges. The hair is cut to the same length all around the head, usually just below the chin, and the sides and back are cut with a straight line. The style is often accompanied by a side-swept fringe, which can be left long or cut into the same length as the rest of the hair. This look is perfect for those looking for a timeless look that is easy to maintain and style.

2. What does a French Carre Haircut look like?

A French Carre haircut is a short, layered bob that is long in the front and slightly shorter in the back. The sides and back of the hair are cut in a straight line, giving the hair a square shape. The front of the hair is cut in an angle to give the face an elongated and flattering look. The top of the hair is then cut in layers to create a bit of volume and texture. The French Carre is a classic and timeless style that looks good on any face shape.

3. How can I maintain a French Carre Haircut?

A French Carre haircut is a great way to give yourself a timeless and classic look. With the right maintenance, you can keep your French Carre in perfect condition. Regular trims, regular washing and conditioning, and avoiding heat styling are all key to keeping your French Carre looking great.

4. Is a French Carre Haircut appropriate for my face shape?

It really depends on the shape of your face and the type of look you are going for. A French Carre haircut is traditionally a short, squared-off bob with blunt bangs, and it is a great way to add texture and volume to your look. If you have an oval or round face shape, this style can look very flattering and can help to give your face a more angular shape. However, if you have a long or square face shape, this style may not be the most flattering choice. Consider consulting with a professional stylist to determine the best cut for your face shape.

5. What type of hair is best for a French Carre Haircut?

The best type of hair for a French Carre Haircut is medium to thick hair that is straight or slightly wavy. The French Carre Haircut works best on hair that has some natural texture and movement. Fine hair may not be able to hold the shape of the cut, so it is important to choose a hairstyle that works with the natural texture of your hair.

6. How long does a French Carre Haircut take to cut?

A French Carre haircut is a classic and timeless look. It is a look that has been popular for decades and shows no signs of going out of style. The good news is that this haircut is relatively easy to create and doesn’t require a huge time commitment. On average, a French Carre haircut can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to cut.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Sarika)

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