Cute Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

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If you’re used to walking around with your hair loose or just picking it up and thinking you’re going to have to do some interesting hairstyling that’s too complicated and time-consuming, this article is for you. Summer is coming, so it’s time to try something new.

Braid is a great option because it keeps your hair behind and shows your face. In summer, this is a great option for working women. We picked some cute and fashionable hairstyles, some of them are side braid, some are bun braids, and some are flower braids.  Read more about how to make them in our publication.

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It’s Too Hot, Braided Hairstyle Is a Fashionable Option

Rose Flower of braids

This hairstyle is suitable for romantic hair with long or medium-length hair. It will be appropriate to look at young girls. With such a hairstyle you can go to school, for a walk or to a cafe. To make one flower out of hair, you need 2 small elastic bands, a pair of invisible and three minutes of free time.

A bunch of braids

The braid bundle is a very simple hairstyle, but it looks very elegant. It can be worn in the office or for any occasion. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to make this hairstyle. You’ll also need some rubber bands, hairpins, and hairspray.

Fishtail Spit
The slanting fishtail looks textured and stylish. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with hair below their shoulders. You can make a tight weave and get a neat braid, or stretch the strands, loosening the hair tension, and making your image more relaxed and natural. Especially interesting is the “fishtail” looks on the melted or armored hair, as this weave favorably emphasizes the game of different shades in the hair. To make a braid “fishtail” you need 5 minutes, as well as a comb and an elastic band for the hair.

Loose hair with a braids
It’s the kind of hair that’s perfect for women who like to wear their hair loose. This is a fast and stylish everyday option. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you can demonstrate the beauty of your hair to others, and, thus, the curls will not interfere with the face. To create a similar look, you will need an elastic band and a hairbrush. This hairstyle is based on the fishtail weave. A freely falling part of the hair can be woven with the help of afloat.

French braid to the side
The scythe on the side looks very girlish. Such a hairstyle will suit girls with long hair. It will fit perfectly into a romantic image or casual style. To do this hairstyle, you should comb your hair on one side and start weaving from the temple over your head, in the direction where the hair is combed. To weave a hairline like this, you’ll need a comb and an elastic band. The estimated time to create this hairbrush is 10 minutes.

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Knot weaving
Hair styled is a great option for summer. The nodules made up of two flagellates and arranged one after the other, give the impression of a solid, voluminous braid. Hair styled in this way is appropriate in a variety of situations: in the office, on a walk, and in the theater or at the exhibition. This hairstyle is suitable for ladies of all ages, whatever style they prefer. And to do it, you will need 10 minutes, as well as a comb, elastic band, hairpins, and hairspray.

This hairstyle looks great, both as a daily with jeans and a T-shirt and in a festive bow with a dress. A pair of small pigtails will enliven the image, making it lighter and more playful. And it only takes 5 minutes to create such a hairstyle. The festive version of the hairstyle can be supplemented with curls, making them help you to curl your hair tongs.

Spit bezel with loose hair
Loose hair always looks feminine and attractive. But even this hair can be modernized and made more interesting with the help of a braid. You need to weave it in the direction of one temple to another so that it resembles a bezel. And the end of the braid to fix the nevi

This hairstyle is versatile. It can help you in any situation. If you are going to go with her to the office, then give preference to tight weaving. It will retain its original appearance if you use gel or mousse for hair. For any other situation, a freer weave will do, then your image will turn out more natural. It will take you 10 minutes to create such a hairstyle. It will require a few hairpins or invisible hairpins, a comb, and hairspray.

Side Braid with Bun
Slanting bezel or a few spits with a low beam – a hairstyle that will be appropriate both in the working environment and at the festive event. It looks interesting and stylish and blends in almost any way. In less than 10 minutes you will get an elegant and stylish hairstyle. You’ll need three hair gummies and a few hairpins or invisible hairpins to do it.


Fashionable Hairstyles For This Year

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