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Back Hand Mehendi Designs for Festive Season!

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Henna Mehendi had been popular since time. It gives your hands an attractive look and makes your whole look more beautiful.

There are various designs available on the web which are meant for your front and backhands. The types vary from light Arabic bail mehndi to bridal heavy Mehandi. Therefore we can choose the best suitable for our occasion.

The most attractive is the backhand Mehendi design which is actually visible to others even from a distance. A lot of varieties come in this category too to decorate your backhands. So, let’s just have a quick look at the various beautiful backhand mehndi designs from Maryam that you can choose from.

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Back Hand Mehendi Designs For Every Occasion

Backhand two-way Mehendi design

Back hand two way Mehandi design

A very beautiful two-way backhand mehndi design for the beautiful ladies out there. The two bails have been made on both sides and some space is left in between. Both the designs are very heavy and give it a very heavy Mehendi look. The ring patterns are drawn on the middle finger using Henna Mehendi to add grace to the overall Mehendi design.

Leaflet one-way Mehendi design

 Leaflet one way Mehandi design

This mehndi design is drawn starting from the ring and little finger. It is a very thin design and needs neatness and preciseness. A small patch is made from an index finger too which looks more beautiful. This design goes for any outfit from your closet and for every party.

A beautiful mandala backhand Mehendi design

A beautiful mandala back hand Mehandi design

This is a beautiful back mandala mehndi design. These mandalas always add grace to your hands and have always been in trend. This design looks very graceful with fingers done gracefully to match the mandala design. This looms very beautifully and goes with every outfit.

Horizontal Arabic Mehendi design

Horizontal Arabic Mehandi design

This design consists of Arabic bails made horizontally on the wrist and arm. In comparison to vertical bails, these horizontal bails look more pretty and give a look as if you are wearing hand jewelry. Further designs on the fingers complete the design and give it a finished though beautifully perfect look.

Heavy two-way design with a middle patch on wrist

Heavy two way design with a middle patch on wrist

This is again a backhand Mehendi design on both sides of the hand. The beautiful intricate finger design looks very adorable. The filling pattern is too very good and looks quite heavy. There is a patch design on the wrist arm which makes this design amiable. The little Floral touch to this design makes it look pretty.

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Corners mehendi designs

Corners mehandi designs

This design is made on several corners of the backhand either in a zig-zag manner or on one side in form of patches. It takes a lot of effort to make such an amazing design. It would look the best with a sharara suit outfit. The shading done in the various area looks extremely gorgeous.

Floral backhand Mehendi design

This beautiful backhand design has a pretty floral design. It goes with every outfit and would go the best on festive days. The beautiful dotted rings in between make the look of this backhand Mehandi design more pretty. This design will surely add glamour to your special day.

Jewelry backhand Mehendi design

Jewelry back hand Mehandi design

A perfect jewelry backhand design. It is called a jewelry design because it is drawn as a piece of jewelry. This backhand Mehendi design resembles backhand jewelry and accessories. This looks very simple and elegant simultaneously. The wrist floral design too looks like hand jewelry and makes it look more pretty.

Two bailed backhand Mehendi design

Two bailed back hand Mehandi design

A detailed backhand Mehandi design looks amazing on every woman out there. The two bails on both sides look very beautiful. It always makes your hands beautiful. The main element of this design is how you work out with your fingers. And fingers look absolutely stunning in this design.

Pretty EID design

Pretty EID henna mehndi design

A perfect backhand mehendi design for your upcoming festive days. The design gives your hands an eye-captivating look! They will look so beautiful that everybody would be looking at your hands only. It goes with Pakistani outfits more.

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Cris cross fingers

Cris cross fingers

A beautiful Mehndi design with Cris cross design on fingers. Cris’s cross always looks graceful on fingers and backhand. The dotted rings made in the design make it look very attractive on the backhand.

Tattoo jewelry Mehendi

Tattoo jewelry Mehandi

This is again a beautiful design for backhands. It looks like a tattoo. It gives a look of bank hand jewelry. The beautifully incurved design goes for simple occasions with light outfits. Isn’t it lovely? Loving this backhand Mehandi design a lot.

Bails backhand design

Bails back hand design

Let’s color our hands this time by drawing bails on both the back of the hands. These bails are very traditional and of course, give your hands a very pretty look. Either the same design of bails is drawn on both the hands or different designs are made.

Heavy backhand Mehendi design

Heavy back hand Mehandi design

An amazing beautiful design made with different layers of different designs. It has a very heavy look and would go for special days. The dark filling around the nails would add more grace to the beautiful backhand Mehendi design.

Backhand intricate beautiful design

Such an amazing intricate back hand mehndi design which needs very much neatness while drawing. The design has very intricate small designs which are needed to be drawn carefully. The overall look is quite heavy and pretty and would go for special occasions.

Various Mehndi artists are available today. It has become a business in itself. You can either create your own designs if you are a good Mehndi designer, go for tutorial Mehendi YouTube videos or go for Mehandi artists. Every cosmetics shop has a Mehndi artist sitting outside. They have tremendous speed, knowledge of designs, and of course neatness. Just make sure of one thing that you are not allergic to some kind of Mehndi ingredient and go then go for the best Mehndi designs out there.

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