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Marwari Full Hand Mehendi Designs for Rajasthani Bride

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We all adore gorgeous details and Marwari Mehendi is the exact definition of that.

Henna has been used to adorn young women’s hands and feet as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean. Mehendi art has been winning the heart of brides for many years. Espousing a specific mehendi design is as important for a bride as designating their perfect garments. Indian designs serve to be more organic, flowy and curvy. Among many Indian designs, one of the best styles is the Traditional Rajasthani Bridal Mehendi Design or Marwari Style Henna.

Marwari mehendi is an authentic form of classical mehendi which comes from the culturally rich state of Rajasthan. Marwari mehendi is a distinct style of mehendi which vows by extreme detailing. The intricate, thin strokes that demarcate Marwari mehendi form traditional motifs and patterns like horses, palanquins, Dulha-Dulhan, flora and fauna and other delicate and royal patterns. The Marwari henna pattern gives a lot of importance to the wedding symbols. Unlike Arabic patterns, the Marwari mehendi doesn’t use thick mehendi strokes. Thin detailed strokes following each other without leaving any space in between make it a very artistic and aesthetically appealing style.

This Marwari Style is well-known all across India whether it is for weddings or any other festive occasions. If you are looking for unique, traditional and fancy mehendi designs for your weddings, then this Traditional Rajasthani Style or Marwari Style for Indian Weddings by Professional Henna Artist Amrita Kale from Orlando, USA offers some of the new and breathtaking Marwari mehendi designs for you to a lookout.

Traditional Rajasthani Bridal Mehendi Designs

1. Exquisitely pleasing Marwari style henna for adorable brides

The detailed floral designs in this henna look simple and elegant. The dot patterns with intricate petals and few paisley designs make up an eye-catching wholesome design. This Marwari style henna is quite adorable and suits for any brides on their wedding day.

2. Imposing Marwari style Mehendi for noble brides

Marwari style mehendi design for noble brides

This Marwari style will look great on any brides on their special day. The semi mandalas pattern on the wrist with thin lines and petals pattern fills the space with a great look. The intricate paisley patterns around the semi mandalas furnish the entire design with nobility. Especially the lotus patterns on both hands personate purity and harmony which is for the prosperous weddings. This full hand design will look outstanding on such occasions.

3. Amusing mirror Marwari style henna for amorous brides

Amusing mirror Marwari style henna for amorous brides

Procreating the mirror pattern in a Marwari style is the arduous henna design form. To make it more identical and to have an extra-ordinary result, the intricate designs have to be composed with excellence. The lotus pattern and other floral designs bring glory and benediction to the bride on her wedding. This special full hand mirror Marwari style tempts the girls in no time.

4. Gorgeous Lord Ganesh Marwari style Mehendi for goodly brides

Gorgeous Lord Ganesh Marwari style mehendi for goodly brides

In this Marwari style Mehendi, the Hindu idol Lord Ganesh is federated in detailed design as a single portrait which also expresses the belief of God’s direct blessing to the couples on their wedding. And the intricate semi mandalas pattern with floral compels this prepossessing pattern. Each curve and thin lines shape the entire design for a matchless outcome. This Marwari style looks good on brides on their wedding.

5. Captivating Marwari style henna for harmonious brides

Captivating Marwari style henna for harmonious brides

This is one of the unique and elegant Marwari style henna design, while this is not the most difficult or time-consuming. The floral shapes look lovely on anyone’s hands and manage to give exquisite despite. Thick outlines, with thin lines and leaf patters, make the designs more eye-catching to create an astounding piece of art which suits harmonious brides.

6. Auspicious Marwari style Mehendi for propitious brides

Auspicious Marwari style mehendi for propitious brides

Applying different geometrical shapes and figures is a unique style of Marwari style henna which is a renowned trend among brides. The combined contemporary and classic designs using geometrical shapes on the hand look simple yet stunning with the tiny floral designs and dot patterns inside. The netting design on the other hand with semi mandalas design looks well composed on brides on their wedding. The lotus patterns on both hands look very graceful and represent a spiritual type of beauty. This full hand Marwari style henna will look harmonious on brides on their day.

7. Enchanting Marwari Style henna for aesthetic brides

Enchanting Marwari Style henna for aesthetic brides

The impressive paisley design is well detailed and intricate and looks captivating with floral and dot designs. The slender lines are well affiliated with exquisite dot patterns and floral designs. This half hand Marwari style design appears more pleasing to the brides on their special occasions.

8. Magnanimous Marwari style Mehendi for shining brides

Magnanimous Marwari style mehendi for shining brides

The intricate peacock design is well detailed and represents beauty, guidance and protection. The beautiful peacock designs at the corner provide the whole design with ornamental and intricate henna designs. The netting designs on this Marwari henna fill the gap to give a pleasant appearance. The pretty floral designs on the fingers furnish the entire designs. This half hand Marwari design will look superb on brides with magnificent appearance.

9. Prepossessing Marwari style henna for perfect brides

Prepossessing Marwari style henna for perfect brides

This Marwari style henna tends to be more flowy and curvy. The dark and little dots on every intricate design portrays an extraordinary appearance to the viewers. The netting patterns are well drawn with more lines. Though the designs on fingers are simple, it looks well-formed and cute. The lotus pattern here represents the symbol of regeneration which is to bring harmony to the brides on their wedding day.

10. Alluring Marwari style Mehendi for adductive brides.

Alluring Marwari style mehendi for adductive brides

The intricate paisley designs in this Marwari style henna looks well-structured with delicate patterns on it. The dot patterns are furnished so well with the floral designs. The netting pattern is well proportioned and gives extraordinary outlook with lotus pattern around. This awesome half hand Marwari look grand on brides on their special occasions

11. Fascinating Marwari style henna for charming brides

Fascinating Marwari style henna for charming brides

This Marwari style mehendi patterns combos with floral patterns and leaf motifs. The lotus flower represents a more spiritual type of beauty and symbolizes love and desire for the new beginnings. The netting patterns work with extreme details aiming at covering the entire design with the bewitching appearance. If you are a bride with majestic preferences, then this fascinating full hand Marwari style mehendi is the perfect choice for you.

So many new designs come and go, but the Rajasthani style or Marwari style of Bridal Henna is breathtaking and timeless. It is a classic style and is still popular among many brides on their wedding occasions. The amount of detailing involved ensures that this Marwari style henna of Amrita kale is quite popular across the Indian Sub-continent and other foreign countries.

Paint your love with Marwari style mehendi to signifies the colour of love for your wedding.

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