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New Mehndi Design 2023 with Simple Trick

New Mehndi Design for front hand with Simple Trick
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Mehndi is essential for complete look of women and girls. We have mehndi designs for all special occasions. But, mehndi is not so simple as it look. Everybody can not master this skill.

Don’t worry! We are here with simple trick to get latest mehndi design for this new year. You can get Instant mehndi on your hand in easiest manner with this easy trick. So, why you’re waiting? Apply mehndi on your beautiful hands after watching this amazing video tutorial.


Characteristics of a Mehndi Design:

1. Curved Lines

All types of curved lines have been used in the Mehndi Design.The arrangements of lines are from thin to bold as well as parallel curved lines are used to represent fowers in the Mehndi Design.

2. Patterns

Repetitive patterns have been used in the Mehndi Design to give it a fuller look and cover the other motifs as well as in the designing of the Mehndi. Thin petals motifs cover the Paisley motifs to emphasize the Mehndi Design.

3. Paisleys

One of the most important element of a Mehndi Design that makes it impactful as well as to make it beautiful and appealing is paisleys. Paisleys motifs are mainly inspired from flowers and leaves. It is a noticeable element of Mehndi Design that act as a base for any other motifs or design.

4. Pearl

Just like the pearl emphasizes our beauty, it also emphasizes the beauty of Mehndi Design. Bold and Thin pearls have been applied on the hand to add focus on the other motifs as well as it has been used as design element to beautify the Mehndi Design and add additional details to it.

Suitable occasions:

1. Holi

Holi being one of the most important festival of India is celebrated on a vast level. A lot of people apply Mehndi on this festival since it comes during Spring Season that is the sseason of Henna. On the other hand some people prefer to apply Mehndi during this festival.

2. Karva Chauth

On this auspicious day every lady dresses up like a bride with a complete bridal look as it is one of the most important day of their Life. Bridal look is imcomplete without Mehndi as well as Mehndi is the vital part of Karva Chauth. Ladies decorate their hand with different style and design of Mehndi to beautify their hand.

3. Id ul fitr

Id ul fitr being the most important festival of Muslims are celebrated without any flaws. Everyone gets ready impeccably for the evening outing and looks adorable. Women and girls apply Mehndi on this occasion to celebrate eid and to look adorable on the particular day.

4. Weddings

Weddings are the time we can smell the aroma of the henna in the air because everyone loves to decorate their hand with Mehndi during weddings. On the day of Mehndi each and every woman and girl decorate their hands beautiful motifs of Mehndi to add charm and happiness in the ambience.

Mehndi Related Queries

1. How to darken the Mehndi?

Dark Mehndi is something everyone wishes for. It can be achieved by just following simple method. Apply some mixture of lemon juice and sugar or you can also apply mustard oil on your palm to get the desired results.

2. How to avoid infections from Mehndi?

Take proper care your hygiene before applying Mehndi.  Wash and clean your hands properly but the most important thing is use good quality of Mehndi to avoid any infections or problems.

3. Is there any way to keep Mehndi dark for long time?

The only way to keep Mehndi dark for longer period is to avoid contact of water as well as you can apply oils to maintain its darkness for longer period.

4.  What are some easy Mehndi Designs?

There are many design and trick to get easy Mehndi and few of them are:

  • Pearl design- A design where only pearl motifs are used to get beautiful Mehndi Design.
  • Arabic Mehndi Design- The best way to get stylish as well as easy Mehndi design is Arabic Mehndi Design that where the arrangement of motifs are in certain manner that makes it unique and special.
  • Pattern Mehndi Design- Repetitive motifs are used in the Mehndi Design to give your hand fuller and amazing look.
  • Line Mehndi Design-All kinds of Lines are used to give amazing designs on hand in an easy and simple way that looks alluring.

Glitter Mehndi Designs for Hands by Hiffyraja

Glitter Mehndi Designs for Hands by Hiffyraja

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