Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Beginning your workout? Out of ideas for gym fashion? We’ve got you covered. You do your exercise, and we’ll take care of your gorgeous long hair. Attention on your Pilates class, please! You won’t be needing to check if your hair is in place. Cardio will not be as hectic, do you know why? Cause you’d look so pretty doing it. We got you a list of easy hairstyles for curly or straight and long hair. From Sporty hairstyles to Ponytails, from Braids to Buns. Read below to find out.

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Easy Peasy Workout Hairstyles For Long Hair

A High Ponytail for Long Hair

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair A High Ponytail For Long Hair
Image Source: Kelsey Wells

The all-time favorite high ponytail for your workout session cause you don’t want your hair on your forehead anyways. From the hardcore gym trainers to the newbies, everybody’s first choice is a quick high pony. Wanna make it voluminous? Here’s how.

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High Messy Bun, Hassle-free Sesh

Running late to the gym? Throw your hair up in a messy bun, delivering an effortless yet stylish look. You will remain sweat-free and won’t pull off your hair too! Should we call it a Pros-only bun?

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Dutch Braids to look Classic

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair Dutch Braids To Look Classic
Image Source: Nidhi Mohan Kamal

The perfect and most preferred hairstyle for long hair is undoubtedly the Dutch braids. They enhance your face shape, look on point and never hinder you and your Sesh. These help prevent hair breakage and also lock in moisture!

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Space Buns for Cute Ones

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair Space Buns For Cute Ones
Image Source: Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Does your crush go to the same gym as you? We know what would make you look cute. Space Buns! Remember when you had to go to school with these? Trust us, do the same, and work out looking the cutest and trendiest among all.

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Bubble Braid- Go Chic

We have found you a new best friend for your exercise sessions. Bubble braids are one of the most winning hairstyles when it comes to gym fashion. Try them and there’s no going back.

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Cornrows- Start Afresh

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair Cornrows- Start Afresh
Image Source: Brittnejackson

Long Curly Hair? Don’t bother. Prep up your style game with this fresh idea. Hands down the most low-maintenance and protective hairstyle, and guess what, if you know the basics of braiding, you already are halfway through. Cornrows have several ways to be plaited. Choose whichever you like.

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Headbands And Bandanas

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair Headbands And Bandanas
Image Source: Fitness Headbands

Styling your long hair can be tricky and tiring at times. Bandanas and Headbands are here to solve your problem. When you focus on your drill, you like no interruptions, even if it’s your hair. Guard your hair and keep them from lingering on you through these simple headband techniques. Watch how.

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Fishtail Braid for the Win

Fishtail Braid For The Win
Image Source: Callie Howell

Fishtail Braids have the power to make you look angelic even when you’re busy with your intense workout. Side part your hair and braid them a simple fishtail style. F stands for Focus on the muscles but with a Fishtail!

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These easy hairstyles help you up to your fashion game at the gym. From the minimal to fashionable, you can choose any or try all! Make a fashion statement even when you sweat. Let us know which one would fall in the category of pretty, quirky, light, and classic. Till then, workout or do yoga, but everything in style.

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