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Hair are very important part of a woman’s personality. Its very important that the hair looks gorgeous like her! It should go with the outfit and also with the occasion. Every time we go to a stylist we tell them what we want and how we want. So here are some amazing hairstyles just for you to choose from. Each hair style is unique in its own way and has some information to grab!

There are some classic styles that have never gone out of fashion like the bun, or curls or straight hair but these days they have twisted a bit in a good way and have come up with some really creative hairstyles for all sizes of hair. Now you don’t have to worry that if you have short hair what will you do with them .

Some hairstyles can be tricky to make but when it’s done it looks attractive and splendid.

These hair styles have been shortlisted as they can go with almost every occasion . Messy bun, or a tight bun, open hair, braids, we got it all covered!

Creative Hairstyles from Selected Hairstylists

1.  Perfect Bun!


It’s a perfect bun, slightly messy look given from the front side with mid partition. Its a beautiful look and was created by Lena Bogucharskaya who is a professional hairstylist ! Buns are of various kind and can be worn on almost every kind clothes and for any kind of occasion. This look can be achieved on small to medium sized hair very easily.

2.  A crown Bun


This bun is made I the centre of the head also called the crown of the head. This kind of bun gives an instant volume to the hair and makes the face looks sharp and edgy. This hair style is best suited for medium length of hair as it cannot be done on small hair.

3.  A Vintage Bun!


It’s a classic vintage bun. Can be easily made on medium sized hair. Elegant upto with some curls on the sides will make you look charismatic and charming. This look is very classic and is suited for sophisticated gatherings.

4.  Voluminous open hair


Sometimes we want to give volume to our open hair an dent want to keep them straight. Well then, this is the perfect hair style for you not by doing some back combing on your hair this hairstyle is very easy to make. Ruslan Tatyanin is a very famous hairstylist.

5.  Tight Pony Tail


If you have oily hair, and still want to pull up a hairstyle then this tight pony tail is just for you. With proper tight coming, and hair spray along with bobby pins you can make this pony tail. Ruslan Tatyanin have created this tight pony tail look which will go along with denims or dresses.

6.  Messy wavy hair


With the help of straightener, the hairstylist did these waves on open hair and then combed them and entangled every strand giving a lot of volume and a messy look.This hairstyle requires a straightener or a curler rod and you can do it all with some help by the comb.

7.  Tendril Curly look!


Starting off by curling these short hair and then making a bun out of can initially look messy but once the look is complete you will see that it looks perfect and is suited for hair with some layers, or have volume in them.

You can always complete this look by using some beautiful pin or a brooch on your hair that will look very glamorous or you can put a flower as well to make it more attractive.

8.  Curvy Pony


This hair style is best suited for short to medium sized hair. Ver easy to make and can be done instantly. This ponytail is go to when you want some volume and curve in your ponytail and dont like it flat. You can easily make this and go in your office as well as can carry it on casual wear also.

9.  Floral Bun


This bun looks very delicate and sophisticated. It can be made for a reception or some grand dinner party. This hairstylist created this bun for a bride, well it looks perfect suiting the ocassion well . Minimum but beautiful! Along with some beautiful accessories in the hair this hairstyle is perfect. It can be made on long hair and medium hair.

10.  Side braids!


When you have medium sized hair and don’t want to tie them up completely but still want to look neat this hairstyle is meant for you. Creating a side partition and doing braids or simply folding them along will give a side crown look. Accessorise it with a nice pin and your hairstyle is ready.

11. Classic Updo


It’s a very famous up-do for formal hairstyle. Styled at the rear of the head and the front curls giving a classic prom look is very vintage. This hairstyle is done usually on medium to long hair. As the curls will look beautiful on them.

These hair styles are very creative and very beautiful. We often forget to style our hair according to the occasion, but as a matter of fact in most cases hairstyles can change the way you look completely. It can turn out beautifully for you or it can be a disaster for your hair. Choose it wisely, but d choose as only when you will experiment you will get to know what looks good on you!

Everyone wants to follow the latest hair trend. From colouring the hair to cutting them off. So choosing the proper style is also important. We hope this article was of some use to you and proves beneficial for you.

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