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Overweight man find it hard to follow fashion. That’s what most people who are overweight think. However, I can assure you that this is not the case. There are a lot of tricks that you can use to raise your stylish image to a higher level.

Cool Dressing Tips For Overweight Man

Get only quality things. Remember that overweight is an additional strength test for your clothes. Try to buy things that are not made in the underground sewing shops, and produced by well-known brands. Fortunately, many of them have in their arsenal of large-sized clothing.

Fat men blue suit set clothing for office use

Suits for over-weight men

Which Style is Best For You?

If you think a loose fit, jacket or trousers will make you slimmer, you’re wrong. Of course, to avoid too tight silhouette in your case – is reasonable, but hiding behind folds of clothing is not the size – stupid and will only make your image comical. Everything should fit. If you pick up your size in a store of ready-made clothes and failed, you can go to the tailor and sew a suit to order. In this case, you do not have to run around the boutiques and look for your size. This is expensive, but the costume should sit well; compromises are not appropriate. By the way, you can sew a classic suit, vest or coat with our partners Arthur Philips.

How to find clothes for the over-weight men in the winter season? There is advice! As warm winter clothes we do not recommend using jackets with a filler in the form of a synthesizer or a holofiber, also volumetric down jackets are contraindicated. In the off-season over-weight men will be perfect for a classic coat of wool, and in winter will be a thin sheepskin coat.

Men's black woolen zip & button up jacket and coat for winter season

Men’s black woolen zip & button up jacket


Dressing Styles

There are little tricks that can help fat people feel more comfortable and make them look thinner than they really are. So, for example, to avoid excessively tightening the protruding stomach, we recommend you to buy suspenders or help. If you want to look slimmer, wear classic trousers, and do not shorten them too much. Thus, you will visually lengthen the silhouette and gain a slimmer shape. Do not overuse the bright colors, choose a calmer color monochrome gamut. Give up the print on your clothes, it will only attract attention to your non-standard sizes.

Suspenders for big men!

Large size men's suspenders (or Braces) for any occasion

For men who prefer classic clothes, vests and jumper are suitable, they are almost universal and will help to steal the protruding tummy. Those who like to flaunt in sportswear, we advise you to pick up free t-shirts, knitwear pants or soft not fitting jeans. Make sure that the models you choose are not narrowed down to the bottom.

Style tips for big men

Obese or large size men's blue sweater and jeans for winter season

If you’re a jeans fan, you need to pick up models with a little lower waist. Do not emphasize the waist line when tucking a T-shirt or shirt in your trousers, but wear it to the outlet.

Over-weight men will be perfect for shirts and sweaters with a V-neckline. This fact allows you to create the illusion of a thin neck and seem a little higher than it is actually. High collars or sweaters and golf “under the throat” should be avoided categorically. Thus, you only emphasize the roundness of the face and the second chin that takes place.

V-neck sweaters

Overweight men with fine V-neck sweater with checked shirt and beige trousers for winter season

When choosing clothes, you should remember that they should be made of natural fabrics. Complete people due to metabolic disorders, it is peculiar feature of sweating abundantly. Synthetic materials will only make this effect worse.

Stylish hairstyles

If the choice of clothes you limit the impressive size, then the purchase of accessories you are free to do as you please. We offer to compensate for the lack of fashionable items in clothing with a stylish watch, purse, tie, bow tie or portfolio of famous brands. Your task is to look respectable, then your completeness will be perceived as a symbol of solidity.

Stylish clothes like black coat, suspenders and bow for overweight men

Do not neglect such an interesting accessory as a hat. These can be classic hats or berets or baseball caps in military style. This fashionable detail will give a highlight to your image. By the way, we have an article detailing the classic hats for men.


Now a little bit about shoes. We have already mentioned that it is not necessary to be trifling in the selection of accessories. This also applies to shoes. In addition to the fact that it must be durable and wear-resistant, there are a few more requirements, following which you can seem slimmer.

  • Choose models with a sufficiently high and stable heel – it will slim you down
  • Try to match the color of your shoes and trousers. This circumstance will visually extend your legs and the whole figure, respectively.


As you can see, at least some of the tips are easy to do, but even that part will change your style for the better. Try to find those items of clothing that make you look taller (e.g. vertical striped clothing), while at the same time avoiding clothing that makes you wider (horizontal stripes on clothing, too large creases on trousers, etc.). We hope our tips will help you to sharpen your own style even more despite being over-weight!

How To Look More Stylish At The Office

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