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Update Your Shoe Collection By Men’s Red Moccasins

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In the words “red moccasins” most Russians imagine not so many shoes as the image associated with them. As a rule, the fantasy draws the southerners, who look bright and impressive in such bows on the gray streets of large cities in our country. There is a strong stereotype: red moccasins in Russia are an ethnic sign of representatives of the southern, Caucasian regions, who replaced the sharp-nosed shoes. This is a harmful urban legend, and it should be debunked.

Depending on the combination of colors and the correct layout of the image red moccasins on the man can look either stylish or tasteless. Why are red moccasins not to be afraid of stylish men of all nationalities? What are the right combinations of these? Where can you go in them? Read about this and much more in the article.

Guide To Purchasing Trendy Red Moccasins

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The image of red moccasins should be restrained.

Where Did The Fashion Come From

Keach fashion often originates in the southern regions of the planet. It is from countries with a warm climate in the wardrobe come bright things. This also applies to red moccasins, which are worn by Italians mainly from the southern regions of Italy (Sicily Island and others). Small growth, tanned representatives of Italy – one of the most fanatical in the world fashion lovers, who even in hot weather do not limit themselves in wearing shirts with long sleeves, jackets, jackets, trousers, as well as bright closed shoes.

Long before the Italians, but less massively prototype moccasins – red shoes – were worn at the court of French monarchs. Only after the Napoleonic coup did this shoe fall under the ban, and antique styles became fashionable. Red shoes in use by European men returned in the XX century. In the heyday of color filmmakers it was profitable to shoot actors in bright colors, conveying all the advantages of color film. The most famous lover of scarlet moccasins was the owner of Fiat Gianni Analelli, who boldly combined them with business suits.

Gianni Analelli is one of the most famous connoisseurs of red moccasins.

In our country, red moccasins have gained popularity mainly among the citizens, as well as representatives of the Caucasian republics. This can be explained by their similarity in appearance and mentality to the Italians, who are still delighted with the bright accents of onions.

General Rules For Wearing Red Shoes And Accessories

In the warm regions of Italy, red moccasins are worn not only on festive days but also as everyday shoes. To do this, Italians simply reduce the degree of passion in clothing and leave the emphasis only on the legs. One of the classic everyday images is bright shoes with white or gray trousers and shirts of mostly blue shades (the color is necessarily whitened, not glaringly azure). Complement this onion with a jacket in the tone of trousers. The image is too bright for our perception, but in Italy in general it looks restrained and democratically.

In Russia, in spite of vulgar patterns, loafers themselves cannot be considered a sign of bad taste. As in most cases, the main thing when leaving the set is to know what to emphasize and what not to draw attention to.

The peculiarity of the set for domestic realities is that moccasins, regardless of color, are informal shoes. It is not necessary to put them on for the events that imply official duty, but for a walk or ordinary work that does not differ from the strict dress code – quite. However, when compiling a set, in any case, it is worth adhering to the principle of restraint. We leave all kitsch in the foot area.

Scarlet handkerchief in chest pocket – optimal accessory for red moccasins and jacket.

When choosing accessories, you should avoid red belts, as well as suspenders and buckles, which will make the bow too theatrical. The only adjacent accessory you can afford is a small scarf in your chest pocket. It will be moderately “Italian”: tasteful, not fancy, and “Sicilian” noble.

Red moccasins will fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a casual man. These shoes are a good match for light-colored jeans, chinos, short summer trousers, jumpers, t-shirts, and other items of clothing for active people who choose comfort, style, and simplicity.

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The red moccasins are a good match for light trousers.

The upper part of the image should be restrained. With bright red moccasins, fashion experts are recommended to wear light shirts without ornament, but the wine shades will fit into the cage of pastel shades. To go out into the light, theater, or cinema, the kit can be supplemented with a jacket of a similar shade to the trousers. It is important not to try to create a classic image in the manner of Gianni Agnelli, as red moccasins are informal shoes, which are not included in the set for the official office.

The correct variant of the lower part of the classic image is light trousers. In summer, the white color will suit, and in the off-season – light gray.

Fashion experts do not recommend wearing such shoes with black jeans, as well as black or leather jackets, as it will lead to the creation of the very image cliche, which is considered tasteless and inappropriate in a decent society.

It is not necessary (but it is possible in cool weather) to put socks under moccasins. However, white stockings are strictly forbidden. It is best to wear this type of shoe barefoot or socks, which will not be visible but will create the impression of a naked foot.

Where To Wear Red Moccasins

If you pay attention to the history of the loafers themselves, it becomes clear that this type of shoe is an ideal replacement for sneakers. Although moccasins are not considered to be originally athletic, they are convenient to walk in the park or do business walking along the office corridors.

Tod’s driving moccasins – manual work for motorists.

Especially motorists will appreciate such shoes. Initially, loafers were produced specially for racing drivers – a comfortable heel under the heel, as well as small spikes on the sole, prevent the foot from slipping off the pedals. One of the first brands to produce loafers in industrial volumes was even called Car Shoe.

It is convenient, stylish, and practical to wear red moccasins for a visit to a museum or theater. For summertime and warm “woman’s” summer, such shoes are suitable for a pleasant walk or a friendly party.

How To Choose And Care For Red Shoes

Red moccasins are an expensive wardrobe item. Some historians of style and fashion jokingly say that this accessory is best suited to the sophisticated sports car. When choosing red moccasins, it is important to pay attention to the material they are made of. Most often, natural leather or suede is used to make such shoes. You can find out more about this from the retailers or on the box. You should also avoid buying models of red shoes with cash decor, buckles, and bows. This will give the image of a comical, clownish look, suitable only for lyceums in the circus arena.

Care depends on the material. Suede shoes should be cleaned with a special soft brush. Shoes should be cleaned with a silicone-free protective spray to reduce dust collection. Shoe magazines offer a wide range of appropriate protection products.

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Look for information on the shoe material on the box or ask the retailer.

Leather moccasins are less whimsical, they are enough to wipe them with a shoe sponge. It is best to avoid the piercing area during this procedure, as the components contained in the shoe care products will make the seams look too contrasting, which will make the visual appearance of the loafers cheaper.

Red moccasins for men with proper care and selection of the set can not be considered a sign of bad taste. Do not forget that this type of shoe is preferred by one of the most stylish men of all time – Gianni Agnelli, who is difficult to reproach for their lack of taste.

Although this type of shoe is more suitable for summer promenades somewhere on the shores of Mallorca, do not forget about the gray Russian streets, which sometimes just need to be vaccinated with color.

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