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The new-look style was created by the genius Christian Dior as a counterbalance to wartime fashion. In those years, when ladies began to work on an equal footing with men, play sports, got more rights and freedoms, they gradually began to lose their female traits. Androgynous silhouette, trimmed figure, and “garcon” hairstyle came into fashion. In the late 40s, Dior decided to remind the fair sex of femininity, sophistication, and grace. He offered to forget about the war and once again feel beautiful and desirable. This couturier has brought back the exciting feminine forms and hourglass silhouette. And despite the criticism of colleagues, the concept of Christianity was accepted by the public with overwhelming success. Nowadays, this style is experiencing a kind of renaissance. Couturiers around the world are inspired by the spirit of the 50s and borrow the silhouettes of those years. Street fashion is also not far behind. New look styles try on many fashionable women. Read about the main features of the new-look style further in our article.

Style Is A Way to Say Who You Are

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Flared Silhouette

Christian Dior said he painted women like flowers. Above the smooth shoulder lines, then a rounded chest, a thin waist, and finally, a skirt like a opened bud. In the original version, the flared dresses and skirts in the style of a new bow were as long as ankles. Underneath them were thin stockings and elegant shoes. Nowadays, this style, although modified, becomes fashionable again. In the trend, there are all sorts of dresses and skirts with flared silhouettes with underlined waist. As for the length, it can be chosen based on your preferences. It varies from the mini to midi.

Straight Silhouette

Subsequently, the master created a different silhouette. In contrast to the hourglass, straight-cut clothes appeared. The popular pencil skirt is still in fashion. It seemed that these models have nothing in common with his previous creations, but they are united by refined elegance and femininity. The clothes became more laconic in shape, and the three-dimensional top and shortened bottom became the forerunners of fashion of the 60s. By the way, another famous designer – Hubert de Givenchy introduced a narrow pencil dress into fashion. It was incredibly elegant and feminine. The length in the palm of the hand below the knee in the compartment with shoes on the heel pulled out the silhouette and made the legs slimmer and more elegant. The day dress usually had three-quarters or seven-eighths of sleeves, and the evening dress had a neckline with a boat and no sleeves.

Oval Silhouette

The third silhouette of the popular new look silhouette is the oval. This silhouette is a modification of the straight silhouette. Here the widest part of the silhouette is on the hips, and the bottom of the product is narrowed. Fashionable clothes with soft folds, the smell at the waist, tulip skirts. This model is suitable for everyone, as soft draperies can hide the flaws of the figure. By the way, fashionista Victoria Beckham often appears in public wearing an oval silhouette.

Cropped Jacket Cardigan

The new bow style is characterized by fitted short jackets and cardigans with a belt at the waist. This wardrobe item perfectly complements a dress or skirt of any of the three silhouettes of this fashionable direction. The pronounced accent on the waist brings almost any figure closer to the type of “hourglass”. Difficulties can only arise for girls with an apple body shape.

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New bow-style couture clothes implied that there were many accessories to choose from. Street fashion of the 50s was less demanding, so many women limited themselves to just dresses of fashionable silhouettes. Nevertheless, the actual accessories for this trendy direction are hats, gloves, as well as stockings with a seam. Shoes must be on a heel. It not only pulls out the silhouette but also makes the gait more feminine. Christian Dior’s favorite detail was the bow. It was placed on the belts of dresses, hats, shoes, and lapels of jackets. So this detail can be safely considered an element of the new look style. And of course, do not forget about the string of pearls. It will perfectly complement the elegant image in this style.

Hair and Makeup

Make-up and hairstyle should also emphasize femininity, so in the era of the 50s fashion was simple and elegant beams, as well as soft waves and curls. The face should look fresh and natural. Therefore, for makeup in the style of a new onion, it is necessary to use a blush of gentle shades. Eyeliner and ink are good for the accent. And for lips, it is better to use lipstick of natural shades and a contour.

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