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When it comes to shopping, people generally prefer going to the mall or branded shops to buy anything for themselves because the perception they have is that perhaps the quality, the quantity of any other characteristic of the products is good in big brand names. And even though those products can be costly, people especially in urban areas rush to purchase them. But today’s world has taught us that even small business products turn out to be very acceptable with affordability as a bonus.

So when we say to shop from small businesses, we mean to basically encourage the customers to try looking closer to where they live and to support the small businesses to help grow their society as well. We dedicate our time means they get encouraged and accepted by us too.

Now that the importance of small businesses is commented on, let us say that we can also support them online using various platforms available or simply connecting with them through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., where they constantly market their products and they even communicate with the consumers so that the whole process goes with ease. Keeping that in mind, now let us venture into some of the small shops where you can get a variety of products displayed via their social media platforms, mainly Instagram. Here you go!

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Small Businesses To Shop Online Deminaot
Image Source: Demina OT

This is a small clothing brand business based in Mumbai, India. The clothing designs are done by @demiettk who is also the founder and designer of Deminaot.  A set of new designs are added every month. When you visit the Instagram social media handle of the business, you can also check out various clothing products, prices and also reviews. Just give it a try.

Slow Penny Shop

Small Businesses To Shop Online Slow Penny Shop
Image Source: Slow Penny

This is a beautifully handcrafted shop based in Jharkhand, India. The handicrafts are made by Manideepa Barla, who is a sewist and an industrial designer. Amazing artistic designs are made as you can a sample in the below image. Instead of looking at a branded shop, why don’t you try this awesome artist for your product?

Hiya The Label

Small Businesses To Shop Online Hiya The Label
Image Source: Hiya The Label

This is another small clothing brand business where you can all kinds of beautiful dresses, especially floral-inspired and simple Indian ethnicity designs. They actually are based on homegrown or homemade clothing brand where you can all get all types of sizes and designs according to whatever your needs are.


Small Businesses To Shop Online Ustat
Image Source: Shop Ustat

Ustat is a clothing brand shop based in Delhi, India. All the products there are curated and handmade for ladies and size-inclusive for all fancy and fashionable designs. The designs are done by @ushieeeeee. They even do customization for customers if they request it.


Small Businesses To Shop Online Lavatera
Image Source: Lavatera Love

Lavatera is a clothing brand that basically sells tops and dresses for the women. Each and every designs are unique and very colourful to look at. From floral patterns to checked patterns to glittery designs, you can get varieties of blouse and dresses made of different designs.

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Neko Boyz

Small Businesses To Shop Online Neko Boyz
Image Source: Neko Boyz

From t-shirts to pants to shirts to shorts to dresses and also charm necklaces, you can anything you want from Neko Boyz. They are a sustainable and genderless label shop. Purchasing their products and trying them will give you a funky and tomboyish look which you want to try out sometimes to look different.


Small Businesses To Shop Online Bluorng
Image Source: Bluorng

Bluorng is a clothing business. They design bottoms, accessories, shirts, and t-shirts. The t-shirts are mainly famous for their unique designs with various quotes, writings, and different characters. Their products are available for both men as well as women. Check them out at


Runway Talks

Small Businesses To Shop Online Runway Talks
Image Source: Runway Talks

Runway Talks is a clothing and retail online shop where you can anything from clothes to foot-wears to bags and even accessories. Size chart is also available for cloths to shop for yourself. Prices are displayed along with the pictures of the product to make it easy for customers to view what they want. Check out now!


Bomaachi Official

Small Businesses To Shop Online Bomaachi Official
Image Source: Bomaachi

Bomaachi is a clothing business selling items for all. They have pants, suits, t-shirts, hoodies, whatever you want you will get. They are all about breaking stereotypes and diversifying themselves for all the people. They provide the finest and premium quality products at a pocket-friendly price. Check out


Keenly Sewed

Small Businesses To Shop Online Keenly Sewed
Image Source: Keenly Sewed

Keenly Sewed is a clothing shop where you can get Indian traditional clothing items to modern dresses. The designs are so beautiful and gorgeous and the items are specifically tailored you can even customize your product or you can stitch outfits if you prefer. They ship their products all over India.

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Small Businesses To Shop Online Oziss
Image Source: Oziss

Oziss is a clothing business by Ekhom Studious. They sell everyday clothing items at reasonable prices for all. The shop is founded by Siddhanth Yadav who graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology and won various awards. They make custom-based items too. They are really amazing at what they do. Do check them out at


Hey Missy

Small Businesses To Shop Online Hey Missy
Image Source: Shop Hey Missy

Hey, Missy has clothing products from everyday use to fashionable wear, anything you want. They also have accessories like bags, belts, caps, scarves, home decors that you can purchase. All their items are at reasonable prices. Hey, Missy encourages you to be sassy, bold, and adventurous. It is founded by Malika Arora in 2020. Check out



Small Businesses To Shop Online Caaraa
Image Source: Caaraa Official

This is a place people where we can find clothing items for all. From men to women, we can also search for unisex products at affordable prices with unique styles. It is founded by Sam and it has its beginning in Surat, India. They actually serve all over the world. So you find anywhere in the world and you need clothes from Caaraa, just order from

Image Source: is a small clothing business and you can view their items on their Instagram handle. They sell various types of clothes with unique and amazing designs for modern wear. And they ship all over India. If you are in need of anything cool and stylish of today’s fashion, try them out.

Nomad Official

Nomad Official
Image Source: My Nomad

My Nomad is a clothing shop, especially for women. You can explore various women’s clothing and they provide quality products at the least possible prices. They are manufactured, designed, and delivered within India. They sell tops, bottoms, and dresses of the best quality. So don’t forget to try them out at


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The Basata

The Basata
Image Source: The Basata

Basata is another clothing shop that does shipping all over India. It is a fashion brand to suit all our accessories. They make handmade clothes of all kinds from dresses to blouses to pants and anything you want. So check them out on Instagram and order from them to your liking.


Image Source: Lazo Store

Lazo is a fashion brand for our aesthetics and every mood. They sell handmade products from dresses to tops and bottoms of every design of your liking. They are blends of modern and classic styles available on one platform. They started 20 years back and now they evolved into bringing items for women and men for best quality and comfort. Check them out at



Image Source: Blue Brew

Bluebrew is a clothing shop that provides denim cloths for men and women shipping all over India. They have products in sustainable fashion at the right price. They have a modern take on them and explores customers to be bold and classy.


Diamond Lady

Diamond Lady
Image Source: Diamond Lady

Diamond is the clothing where you, ladies, can get fashionable and stylish tops, blouses, shirts, and dresses. They also sell accessories such as gloves, socks, and jewelry. These products are of top quality and reasonable prices. Anything you want, you can get. So try them out at


Encouraging and supporting small businesses help to thrive and bloom our society overall. They create jobs, livelihood for the people of the society and help to popularize, preserve and protect traditions. In turn, they create an economic impact by helping in the growth of the country’s GDP. For the social factors, when small shops are popularized by various social media, news media, and different digital channels, they increase and attract tourism for the places and help to grow the society.

Thus try the shops that are mentioned above and in turn, you will be supporting the amazing entrepreneurs. So shop from small businesses and support our society.

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