Best Sportswear Brands in India

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Nowadays sportswear is a fashion for youth by following their favourite sports players. Sportswear mostly uses for fitness exercise, running and other sports. Check out the best sportswear brands in India to choose suitable outfits for you.

As we know sports has become a really important deal in India. People are keen not only to watch players play sports but are intrigued to have great info about those sports themselves too. This has made really great progress in the fitness level of people, but they face a problem sometimes with the apparel. So, we will find some brands that not only produce comfortable to wear clothes but also motivates the customers to be fit. As we know a healthy mind lives in a healthy body so, maintaining our body is quite important. Let us get to know about few famous sportswear brands in India. They are:

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Best Sportswear Brands in India

Reebok : Sportswear Brand In India

One of the brands that is into innovation. It is believed that this brand is reliable when it comes to buy apparel. It is known for its good quality of products. They have a great line of sports apparel. That matches to the style of games you are interested in. They have great value for money which supports the whole equation of them being supported in India.

If you are interested in buying sportswear’s online, it is available on if you want to compare and buy, and can also help you buy the apparels. Or you can go to the factory outlet stores or the normal stores to buy them.

Adidas : Sportswear Brand in India

They are known to promote individuality amongst all. They say, playing is what matters nothing else. The slogan that says “Just Do It” means the same way. It has sports wear suitable for every game just name it. They have tank tops for basketball, polo shirts and pushover bras too.

If you are interested in buying sportswear online, it is available on if you want to compare, check and then buy you can try, and these sites can also help you buy the sportwear’s. You can buy sports wear from Adidas offline too.

PUMA : Sportswear Brand in India

When you want sports wear that look cool too, and are made properly, then the only brand to trust is PUMA. It has been ranked as a reliable and trendy option for only sports attire. They are famous for footwear but then too. PUMA have a great line of sports wear too. They came into highlights when they produced great line of sports wear for football.

FILA : Sportswear Brand in India

It is known for making comfortable and relaxation giving products. If you are using products designed by them, you will truly experience the beauty of getting comfy and enjoying the game. You can buy FILA sports products offline from the stores, but if you want to save time and see a variety of product you can check it online on or you can see it in shopping sites like Amazon, flipkart, koovs and myntra.

HRX : Sportswear Brand in India

HRX is a brand that has been introduced by a famous youth icon Hritik Roshan. He introduced this brand with an objective to motivate people to push themselves to work harder. He said that in his interviews about the brands. The products from this brand are appreciated a lot and are said to be well designed.

HRX have a great range of sportswear like sports vest to sports track pants to socks for Pilates and basketball t-shirts too. This all available for both male and female.

You can buy HRX products online from its official website that is You can contact myntra, amazon and flipkart for buying too.

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A sports wear brand that is from France, earlier the company holding it was known as Oxylene. It is quite popular company here in India, it had a major goal of making sports available to all people. They have products that are really good in quality. They have really cool apparel, with good clothing. You might use them up.

They have a great range of product available men and women both. From Exercise tank top to gym apparel to trouser or yoga pants.

You can buy products from this brand online through their official website that is, you can go to the offline store to buy all the products if you are comfortable trying the apparel. You can contact with too.

Lotto : Sportswear Brand in India

A brand from Italy that concentrates to comfort people while they play. This company became famous through football in India. They have a great collection of sports wear but only for few specific sports, but they are really durable.

They will be available to every store near you but if you want to buy them online you have different websites let just say or you can buy them officially from It is available on amazon and flipkart too.


Works under the inspiration to provide durable products to people they have a real concentration in making people having while they do participate in sports activity. It is a brand that belongs to Japan. It has a slogan in its name that means “A Healthy Mind Lives In Healthy Soul”.

ASICS is a selling its products in India through its official online stores: This brand is also available on, and

Under Armor : Sportswear Brand in India

It is a brand that concentrates on selling sports wear that are comfortable to wear. It is a brand from America that is technology driven, they use technology to comfort people. They were famous for making shirts that use to wick out moisture. You can buy pushup bras, t-shirts and track pants from them

Under Armor is selling its products in India through its official online stores and has even collaborated with, and

Ajile by Pantaloons

Pantaloons introduced their brand so that people who trust them can buy products with ease of no confusion. The sportswear from them are not expensive, are fashionable and are made up of good quality clothes.

Ajile is a pantaloons product so obviously it will be available at offline stores of Pantaloons. You can buy it online from amazon, myntra, flipkart and pantaloons official website.

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