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How to Wear a Sweater with Jeans – Dressing Tips for Men

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It still winters outdoors and the weather forecasters promise to keep the weather frosty. If you’re used to dressing in everyday casual style, then in cold weather we are saved by an old sweater. And there is no better pairing for him than warm jeans. How do you combine a sweater and jeans to take your style to the next level? Consider 5 tips to follow to look stylish even in winter.

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 Men’s Trending Fashion: Sweater with Jeans

Choose A Sweater That’s Easier In Color And Design

Fashion is not eternal, but there are time-honored principles that always work. One such principle is universality. The simpler the drawing and color of the sweater, the more versatile the sweater becomes. The more concise the sweater, the easier it is to choose the color of jeans. We have a series of articles about the universal wardrobe, I recommend reading it.

Traditional male colors: gray, dark gray, light gray, brown, dark blue, and green are convenient to combine with all traditional colors of jeans. Let’s remember what jeans usually lie on the shelves of stores: light blue, dark blue, black, and white.

V neck sweater with jeans for men

Men's winter blue and green V-neck sweater for casual look

Of course, a simple monotonous sweater and regular blue jeans will not make you a style, but you can go for a trick. For example, you can buy a sweater with a large knitted or interesting pattern.

There are interesting models of sweaters where the sleeves and breasts are connected from a contrasting yarn. For example, gray sleeves and white breasts or dark blue sleeves and white breasts. These sweaters are ideal for classic jeans.

Knitted sweater with jeans for men

Men's grey half chain and blue knit crew neck sweater for winter season

Sweaters in white, red, or other bright colors can also be worn with jeans, but they should complement the style of jeans and not lose in style. For example, jeans come with a contrasting orange stitch on the seams that will fit perfectly into an orange sweater.

By the way, we have a great article on how to pick up a sweater man. It will be useful to read.

Don’t Mix Up The Styles Of Jeans And Sweaters

In short, narrow jeans are tight sweaters, short jeans are short sweaters. One of the main recommendations you can give is to pick up things of the same style.

If you decide to wear a large-print, three-dimensional knitted sweater, it would be inappropriate to wear narrow jeans. Excessive “weight” in the upper body and “lightness” in the lower body. There is an imbalance on the face. Wide classic jeans should always be worn under the volume sweaters, which will level the top and bottom of the body.

And the opposite is true. When you decide to put on a tight-tight pullover with a V-neck, put on wide, baggy jeans at the bottom.

Round neck sweater with jeans

Men's black and blue round neck sweater with blue jeans for winter season

By the way, don’t forget to keep your style when you put your shoes on. The tighter you are wearing, the less bulky your shoes should be. For example, if you’re wearing a thin, tight sweater, skinny jeans, you’ll be wearing “light” shoes or sneakers. Once you wear bulky work boots, you’ll look like the boy who wore Dad’s boots.

Add A Touch Of “Zest”

One of the main challenges in combining sweaters and jeans is to make the combination interesting. A simple sweater and jeans can look boring and simple. To dilute the pattern, you should add a “zest” to the image.

The easiest way to diversify your style is to add accessories. For example, tie a men’s scarf that resembles a texture or jeans color. If you’re wearing a cardigan and a classic cardigan shirt underneath, add a knitted tie to match the color of your jeans or cardigan. By the way, in our online store, you can buy a knitted tie in different colors. Remember that the shirt should be in contrast to the cardigan.

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Men’s grey blazer

Men's grey knit blazer with blue and dark grey vest and jeans for any occasion

If you’re free from the corporate dress code, let your shirt be straightened out and look a little out of your sweater. It will look even more interesting if you tuck in your shirt only halfway. In addition, you’ll need tough shoes to strengthen your style.

Men’s slim-fit blazer

Men's grey two button jacket coat with khaki sweater and blue jeans for winter season

By the way, a sports jacket or blazer worn over a pullover or cardigan will look great. It’s both warm and stylish at the same time. If you’re thinner, you’ll look bigger and more harmonious when you wear several layers of clothing (shirt, shirt, cardigan, blazer). Read more about how to dress skinny men in our past publications.

Learn To Dress Properly In Layers

In winter we dress in several layers to keep warm. However, not everybody knows what to wear and in what order from childhood. We fix the situation.

1. The outer layers should cover the edges of the lower layer of clothing. You should not have a T-shirt sticking out from under your sweater. The lower edge of the jacket should not protrude from under the jacket or sheepskin coat. Maybe you’ve heard the expression: “sticking out like it’s from under a Friday Saturday”? It applies to this rule. On the other hand, it is now fashionable to have a jeans shirt sticking out or a T-shirt collar looking out from under the sweater collar. Everybody is looking for their own style and many people go to experiment with casual style. But this is appropriate if you are confident in your taste and can soberly evaluate your appearance.

Men’s pullover combination

Men's green pullover shirt with blue jeans and cap combination for winter season
If you are sure of your style, you can safely pull the edges of your shirt out and roll up your sleeves.

2. If you are wearing a V-neck sweater or cardigan over your shirt, try to keep the collar corners of your shirt under the sweater, not over it. Sometimes the corners of the shirt collar will become very deformed, and to get rid of this problem, use iron bones for the collar.

3. The combination of a jacket, sweater, and shirt is very insidious. Sweater sleeves should be over the sleeves of the shirt, while the sleeves of the jacket should be slightly shorter than the sleeves of the sweater. This is the perfect layering. On the other hand, it is acceptable when the sleeves of the shirt go beyond the sweater and the jacket, while the sleeves of the sweater are not visible under the sleeve of the jacket.

4. If you wear a sweater and shirt, the shirt sleeves should be hidden and not visible. Alternatively, make them flush to prevent the sweater sleeve from hanging over the hard cuff of the shirt.

All these rules with layering don’t seem so important, but every detail has a certain tradition. The question is, do you want to follow tradition or show a rebellious style and plunge into experimentation. It’s up to you to decide.

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Bright Jeans To The Masses

Change the idea that jeans can only be blue. Recently, there has been a trend to buy bright red, orange, purple jeans. Especially informal youth and students wear these colors. If you drive through European cities, you will see how many people wear bright jeans and shoes. This has become fashionable.

If you have a dress code at work, but on Friday you can still wear jeans, I suggest you buy dark blue indigo jeans with a contrasting orange stitch. Feel free to wear orange CAT or Timberland boots and an orange, sandy, or brown sweater on top. The image will be just what you need!

Yellow boot

 Best boots for men, yellow boots, cool boots for any occasion
Work boots from Timberland.

Another tip for office workers: – Purchase Burgundy-colored jeans. On the one hand, it is a classic color, on the other hand, it is not yet beaten and is not a very common color. Under these jeans, you can wear brown or black shoes, Chukka shoes or moccasins to the office.

Elbow patch sweater with jeans

Men's tips for combining jeans and elbow patch sweater for casual look
Elbow pads on sweaters are a very interesting element.

Look for sweaters with elbow patches in the stores. This element is made up of sports jackets and is designed to prevent the elbows from being pulled out. Almost always these patches make them contrast with the main color of the sweater. Fit jeans by color to these patches and it will be a great stylish look. Typically, the patches are brown, beige, or black, so finding jeans with a contrast stitch of the same color will not be a problem.

Jeans and sweaters are details of casual style but are often used in stricter smart casual or business casual dress codes. You have plenty of opportunities for experimentation, as everyday style is almost devoid of rules. These 5 tips on how to combine jeans and sweaters are just the starting point for finding your own stylish look. Don’t get hung up on standard combinations and give the colors to others, because they are so lacking in winter.

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