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Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends

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The upcoming season has brought together collections of leading brands with an abundance of prints, which, by focusing on themselves, set the tone and mood together. Bright flowers, a Scottish cage, tropical motifs, pop art, goose foot – these are already familiar prints, but under a new look of designers. What to choose in a new season, we read further in our article.

Floral Prints

Let your own, along with “flowers” and delight in the memories of summer. In autumn and winter 2016, floral prints of bright colors will be in fashion. Air dress, pencil skirt, light bomb jacket – whatever you choose, drawings with realistic colors will make you the most stylish fashionista of the year. The rest of the wardrobe elements should be restrained and one shade. A monochrome turtleneck, skinny jeans or a suede vest over a dress will do. Add original accessories in the form of sunglasses, bracelets, leather strap and go to a meeting with friends.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends


Animalistic motifs didn’t become popular yesterday. But this time it is better to give preference to the “leopard”, and it does not matter in clothes or accessories. Let it be a leopard coat, tote bag, hobo or clutch bag, autumn shoes – tiger colors will be a stunning success, making your outfit feminine and sexy. Dilute leopard things better with neutral attributes: denim boyfriends, striped jumper, classic cage skirt.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends

Cell Prints

The cage is still the undisputed leader among the prints. In favor of a small, usually two-color cell, or, as it is also called, “cherry”. It looks great on any kind of clothes. A sweater with jeans and a quilted blue-and-white cage vest are suitable for the youthful autumn casual look. As a daily option – woolen coat or scarf with checkered print.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends

Pop Art

Glasses with toothbrushes, green lipstick, reeling tape recorder, futuristic helmets, bright inscriptions, hearts on sweaters and stars on dresses – that’s what’s fashionable this season. Pop art prints are reflected in the clothes of many admirers. And such “crazy” art is appropriate as on jeans, dresses, skirts, and jackets and even coats. With the right ensemble ironic drawings will help to find a balance between carelessness and style and to present you as an exquisite fashionista.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends

Goose’s Footprint

Be sure to find a place in your wardrobe for a suit or coat decorated with a “goose’s foot”. This season, this elegant and discreet print has become a hit in design collections. This pattern looks particularly striking on a dress, blouse, cardigan or shawl. An excellent choice will be an outfit in the style of a new bow: a clinging turtleneck and a bright monochrome bell skirt. For a classic look, you can limit yourself to a goose-foot print dress, a coat and high boots.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends


Another classic print that hasn’t gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row is the stripe. It is universal with its minimalism and brevity. Having chosen vertical stripes on blouses and tops, you will visually pull out a silhouette, on trousers – extend legs. Regardless of the shape, the optimal width of the strip is about 1-2 cm. Enrich look with bright colors, adding bright accessories and stylish bags to the black and white range.

Women Autumn-Winter Print Fashion Trends Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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