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Ladder Haircut: Add Some Flavor Of Classic Into Your Style

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If you want to create a decent, beautiful, and clean hairstyle while maintaining the original length of the curl. Then the ladder is the best haircut to achieve this goal. The ladder cutting is an opportunity to change your image without losing the length. The multi-layer (phased) approach allows you to refresh your appearance by giving you a dynamic and additional volume.

We have a list of ideas of different lengths and styles to choose from. So, here we have prepared some hairstyles for all of you, which will look great on your appearance.

Try These Trendy Ladder Haircut To Enhance Your Look

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Which Type Of Face Is Right For You?

The ladder has an amazing ability to fit almost any type of appearance and shape of the face. In addition, it has the ability to adjust some features of the appearance.

Some of the obvious advantages are the following:

  • Cutting the staircase visually lengthens a wide, square, or round face
  • makes the face proportionate
  • softens the heavy lower jaw
  • is combined with various bangs
  • Helps hide large ears
  • Allows you to realize different styles of styling
  • Emphasizes the harmony of the oval shape of the face.

Is The Structure Of The Hair Important?

For Thinner Hairs

As the cutting of the ladder adds volume, the effect of the image is also possible for the owners of fine hair. To increase the effect of volume, it is recommended to use a hairdryer with nozzles, and the strands themselves are pre-applied mousse for styling.

For Thicker Strands

For girls with thick and naturally heavy hair, such a haircut will serve a good service, removing the excessive volume.

For Curly Hair

Will the ladder be suitable for women with natural curls? This hair design will give the girl romance and refinement. If you want to emphasize the clarity and geometry of the haircut, use an iron.

Long Hair And Short Haircut

Long strands give you plenty of room for cutting. This type of hairstyle is suitable for those who have damaged strands, but it is a pity to clean the entire length.

It is possible to create an image with or without bangs. Depending on the cutting technique and shape of the face, you can try to comb the bangs in such a way as to look the most advantageous.

Average Length

The ladder is a very harmonious variant for the shoulder length of the hair. A haircut can be straight, torn, or oblique. This look will add to your sexuality and dynamism. It’s easy to do, but for those who want to experiment, you can try a hairdryer with different nozzles.

Tip: If you want to trim your curls in addition to your haircuts, you should also look for warm shades.

Short Length

Short hair can also be trimmed with a ladder, which starts with the back of the head at a length of about 50 mm. The haircut starts at the top of the head and moves on to the temples. Here it will be desirable to have bangs in addition to the ladder.

Despite the fact that the haircut is made for short hair, the longest strands can reach 20 cm. This will allow you to use different styling options, and pull or twist the tips.

Tip! The short version of the stairs will suit not only young but also adult solid women, creating a fashionable modern look.

Features Of Laying Ladders

With all its simplicity, the staircase can be cut in a variety of ways.

With The Tips Turned Inward

You’re gonna need to make that onion:

  • A mousse for stacking
  • The lacquer
  • A hairdryer
  • Round brush for laying.

All strands are dried with a hairdryer from top to bottom, and at the same time, the ends of the hair are twisted inwards with a brush. Hot air is used to create a hairstyle.

Tip: This styling is only suitable for straight strands.

Tips Out

A youthful, dynamic look can be created using the same tools as when you turn your hair tips inward. Only twist the hair, while simultaneously directing a stream of air from the hairdryer, should be outward.

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Tip! Styling is suitable for straight and slightly curly curls and an oval face.

Smooth Straight Ends

To ensure that the ends of the hair are not turned outward or inward, the styling products must be more secure.

Tip! Styling in this form – only for straight hair.


The laying of curly strands underlining their natural bending should be carried out without the use of a hairdryer. The mousse is applied to the strands and distributed to ensure that the curls are clearly arranged. Hair is not combed, it is disassembled into curls by hand. To fix the result apply a varnish.

Can Negligence Be Stylish?

Performing careless laying is relatively straightforward, but requires some skill. Styling mousse is distributed on each such strand and twisted into a tourniquet. After that, it is ironed. After the blossoming of such a flagellum turns out to be the same negligence, which sought.

After all the strands have been processed in this way, the hair is no longer combed but disassembled and whipped just by hand.

The ladder is not only a universal haircut but also a fashionable one, capable of giving the image freshness and originality.

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