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Want Perfect Curls? Effective Ways To Use Hair Rollers

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One of the most economical ways to transform your hair is with curlers. If we need a low cost, low effort, and economical solution with no heat to create beautiful curls, then they are Rollers. With their help, not only can hair be curled, but also straightened. Great for thin or thick hair and medium to long lengths, bendy rollers can give you tight ringlets or a loose beachy wave. With this, we can also change the volume and length of the hair. Plus, since they don’t require heat to set, foam bendy rollers do less damage than hot rollers and are great for weaved hair or extensions.

Practical Tips For Twisting The Hair On Rollers

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You should start with the fact that rollers in one form or another have been used in hairdressing for at least several centuries. Back in ancient Greece, these tools were used. However, at that time different sticks and tubes made of wood (they had different diameters) were used to make curls. Later, special metal rods appeared, which were heated, and then strands were twisted on them.

Much later also in France, they gave due consideration to the question of twisting hair on rollers – it was in this country that once papillotes (first cloth and paper, and then and then now familiar to us) appeared.

Rollers, which are now owned by many women and hairdressers, were invented by a local hairstylist in Switzerland.

Before you start using your hair rollers in practice, you should know some theoretical points:

  • The larger the diameter, the less pronounced the curls.
  • If you twist wet hair on a curler, the effect will last longer.
  • Don’t separate hair into very thick and wide strands – this will slow down the drying process, and can make hair look frizzy on its own.

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