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We all know that fabulous hair designs are one of the best ways to show off your style, personality, and confidence. A great haircut makes a lot of necks turn towards you, nowadays people have a huge variety of options for choosing a new cut. But like many other things in this crazy world, hair designs or tattoos didn’t pop into your mind until you came to know that they exist. So let’s find out what is this hair design?

Nowadays, hair designs are any artistic patterns that use cutting tools such as clippers and scalpel blades on short or shaved hair. There are no limits to the design you and your barber can make your haircut level with, playing with density and thickness. There is a huge variety of options for people when it comes to choosing their cut.
To help you decide which pattern to get in your next haircut, check out these photos of the most popular hair designs right now.

World Of Creative Artists, Try These Trendy Hair Designs 

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The desire to decorate and modify your body today is interesting not only to representatives of subcultures and bohemians but also to ordinary people who want to effectively stand out and attract attention. One of the most popular ways to be in the trend today is through tattoos. However, not everyone is ready to take such an important step in the pursuit of fashion. And here will come to the aid of hairdressers.

An artistic haircut looks like a real work of art. Such an art haircut is pleasant not only for children but also for adults – more and more often both women and men of different ages find themselves in the master’s chair.

One of the pioneers of hair tattoo was a hairstylist from France named Thierry Gra. In 2008, he offered several interesting types of figure hairstyles, which attracted the attention of even the most conservative masters of hairdressing art. In addition to cutting patterns, Thierry also offers colored tattoos on his hair. The master actively promotes this kind of haircut around the world, training all masters who want to expand their knowledge and skills.

Rob Ferrell from the United States went further and creates realistic portraits of famous people on his clients’ heads. His portfolio already includes hairstyles from Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, Kim Kardashian, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Salvador Dali, and others. To create masterpieces, Rob uses a hair clipper and… eyeliner of different colors. The master has become incredibly popular due to his photographs of his works on social networks – now Rob is often invited to TV to see how he creates his masterpieces online.

Patterns, Drawings, And Paintings Are All Hair Tattoos

Such an original vision really attracts attention and unwittingly makes you look at an unusual passerby with a picture on his head. However, hair is short-lived – in 14-20 days hair grows back and the drawing loses its clarity. To maintain the pattern, it is necessary to visit the barbershop more often or wait for some time until the hair grows to the length sufficient to create a new hair tattoo.

Artistic hair clipping is a great way to hide such unpleasant problems as baldness or scars. Despite the fact that the life of such a picture on the hair can not last long, it does not prevent millions of creative and creative young people to show themselves with a bright focus on hair.

Art haircut hair tattoo likes not only the clients of masters but also the artists themselves. This is a great opportunity to create a real work of art, albeit short-lived. At the same time, the design of the drawing is limited only by the imagination of the master. The most popular are classical patterns, such as tribal and tribal designs, symbols, logos, and letters. Laces, Egyptian symbols, spirals, and intricate patterns are also very popular. But the most unusual tattoos on the hair can be called real paintings.

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There is no need for any special effort to maintain the quality of the haircut. If dyes have also been used for artistic cutting, special shampoos for colored hair should be used to help maintain the color saturation and brightness. However, after only a few weeks, the haircut will have to be updated or reinvigorated in order to cut something new.

To create a hairstyle hair tattoo, the master will only need a standard set of hairdressing tools – a hairdryer, a machine, scissors, a comb. The only important addition is a special blade, which will allow you to perform the smallest work. And, of course, for a successful result, you will need skill and talent. Without this, nowhere!

Artistic hair clipping is a beautiful and stylish hairstyle, which will allow everyone to show their individuality and creativity.

So, that’s all for this article, we all know that the art of hairdressing is not static and is constantly evolving. New fashion trends are emerging – in clothing, accessories, styles, and now even in hairstyles. One of the latest trends in hairstyling has become a hair tattoo or artistic haircut. So, try out these trendy hair designs and let us know if you liked them or not.

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