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In a world where you can be anything, be a fabulous redhead! If we’re talking about trends here, then the most ongoing trend out to be the redheads or red hair color. The story of hair coloring and the existence of hair dyes can be traced back to the late 1800s when English chemist William Henry Perkin ‘accidentally’ discovered and created the first synthesized hair dye in the year 1863. However, the trend of coloring one’s hair did not go very well even till the late 90s when women who dared to bleach their hair often faced terrible side effects of the same.

It was only in the year 2000’s that people started coloring their hair in an attempt to look ‘cool’ and experiment with their looks. Hair colors are no new thing in today’s era where even young kids go for it without any second thoughts. The most popular hair colors include black, blonde, and even bold colors such as blue, pink, and red.

Here in this article, we are going to list down inspirations for those who wish to become redheads or dye their hair red. Red is indeed a very bold yet sophisticated color. It symbolizes strength and power. Many popular faces such as Actress Madelaine Petsch, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and many more are redheads themselves. So it is pretty clear that red hair tops are on the trending hair color list.

So here’s some ‘short red hair cuts and hairstyle‘ inspiration for you!

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Bold Short Red Haircuts & Hairstyles

Mullet Hair Cut with Red hair and red lipstick

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Mullet Hair Cut

Image Source: McIntyres Scotland

A mullet haircut is the one where the hair is cut short from the front but is slightly longer at the back. The hair here is again fully colored in red which gives an overall edgy look. Red hair and red lipstick –  a deadly combo, ain’t it?

Red Pixie Hair Cut

A pixie haircut is generally the one where the hair is short at the back and sides and slightly longer from the top with very short bangs from the front. It’s similar to a boy cut except that you see variations in the cut here. The shade of red used here is slightly on the lower end which looks like a blend of blonde and red but comes out really very pretty.

Asymmetrical Pixie Hair Cut

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Asymmetrical Pixie Hair Cut

Image Source: Karolina Kabacińska

Now this one’s again similar to what you saw above except that this one’s slightly asymmetrical. The hair’s short from the back and sides but however, it is longer from the front or says the left end which looks like long bangs. And of course, the red hair steals the show yet again!

Puffy Pixie Hair Cut

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Puffy Pixie Hair Cut

Image Source: Sonia Rohrbach

A yet another pixie hair cut, but as the name suggests as well as shown in the picture, we can see volume at the center of the hair which gives it a puffy look. The hair is slightly longer at the front and shorter towards the side and back. The red hair color stands out as it should.

Pressed Pixie Cut

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Pressed Pixie Cut

Image Source: The Hairazor

Another pixie cut, but the difference here is the volume of hair. If you are someone who has thin hair and less volume then you should go for this cut. The little wavy front locks look super cute. It also suits those who have a round facial cut.

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Asymmetrical Bob Hair Cut

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Asymmetrical Bob Hair Cut

Image Source: Stephanie Silv Lui

This haircut would suit most of those who have straight hair. As you can see, the hair here is slightly longer from the front and is kept short at the back. We have two shades of red hair color used here. The base has been given a lighter shade with a darker shade of highlights. An overall sleek and edgy look.

Pixie With A Bang

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles Pixie With A Bang

Image Source: Bonnie Angus

A yet another pixie cut, but with different variations. The hair from the side has been kept extremely short and cut with a razor, while it is longer from the fronts with curtain bangs. The hair has been given red highlights and it looks very edgy. This hairstyle would go well with those who have a V-shaped face cut.

Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Image Source: Nichameleon

Now if you do not want to cut your hair too short then you could go for this asymmetrical bob cut which has been cut down till shoulder length. It is slightly more voluminous from the top and a little less at the end. The hair color is a mixture of red and blonde. The best part about the cut is that it would suit well with any face cut.

Red Bob Cut

Red Bob Cut

Image Source: Eleanor

This is the simple and basic bob cut with red hair color. It is cut down till slightly above your shoulders and would look good for those who have a round face cut. You could never go wrong with this cut.

Highly Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Highly Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Image Source: Bonnie Angus

Is anyone else who’s getting all rock star vibes in here? Because same. This is yet another type of pixie cut where the hair has been cut with a razor towards the left side and from the right, the hair’s long and the red highlights look nothing less than stunning!

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Bob Cut With Bangs

Bob Cut With Bangs

Image Source: The Salon People

The hair here has been cut from short to medium from the back. This cut fully covers your ears but ends well above your shoulders. We also have short bangs cut from the front. We have red highlights over black hair. Your go-to edgy look!

The Redhead Boy Cut

Short red hair cuts and hairstyles The Redhead Boy Cut

Image Source: Gigi DeLuxe

Now if you wish to cut your hair extremely short to avoid the summer heat or look fierce as the absolute queen that you are – then you could go for a boy cut. You could either dye your entire hair red or even get a few strands of red highlights, the choice is yours. But one thing’s for sure – you’re going to look rebellious in the look!

The Magic Of Pixie Dust

The Magic Of Pixie Dust

Image Source: Lizlizzyliz

Another type of pixie cut has been kept of the same length from the sides. You could say that the hair color used here is copper-red which is slightly on the lighter shade but looks good anyways. We can also see volume at the front and top.

Head Full Of Colors

Head Full Of Colors

Image Source: Rachel Joy Stratton

Now, this is a rather messy boy cut where the hair has been cut slightly longer from the front. Here, we see three hair colors – starting from green, then yellow, and then red from the front. This is quite a bold haircut and if you wish to play with colors other than red, then just go for it!

Blunt Hair Cut

Blunt refers to your hair being cut at the same length all around as shown in the picture below. The hair has been cut at the same length from all sides which looks quite neat and simple. We can see red highlights on top of black hair. A very trendy and chic hairstyle indeed.

So that’s all we had for our soon-to-be redheads! Don’t forget that you all are a bunch of queens and you hold absolute power in everything you do. So go make that bold move of coloring your hair red! We hope we could inspire you to do so with this article.

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