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French Bun Hairstyle Trick Tutorial Step By Step
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Latest french roll hairstyles for Indian girls, suitable to all type of hair (short, medium, long). Even beginners can make these french twists with step by step tutorials.

Hairstyle is such a important task and choosing one style can be difficult. Going through hundreds of hairstyles for long hair or for short hair or for medium hair that ends in confusion. Your hairstyle is as much important and deserve attention as your stunning outfits and make up choices. A pretty outfit with a spectacular hairstyle can totally Change the way you look. It takes time to choose a hairstyle that will go with your outfit. So thoughtful make the choice and ensure that the hairstyle perfectly compliments your style.

Instead of browsing and searching through the internet, here we will give you easy hairstyles that you can easily do at home without any hassle. The most easy hairstyles women prefer now is a French bun which is easy and quick and it is perfect for a last minute hairdo. If you are running late for some event we suggest you to pick this hairstyle to look elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Add charm and glamour to you stunning outfits with this amazing tricks to get a professional hairstyle. So if you are bored form your previous looks and want a change that will make heads turn then check the videos down below for some latest trending inspiration.

French Roll Hairstyles for Beginners

French Roll & Flower Decoration with Simple Trick

Looking for an elegant impressive hairstyle? For long and medium hairstyles a French bun is perfect because it look good with an evening gown, little black dress, in ethnic wear and so on. French bun makes your face and jawline more visible and sharp and enhance the whole look. All need to do is twist. Make a ponytail and once you find it good the pull it through the middle of the ponytail. Gather your hair in one hand and start rolling the hair.

When all the hair is at place secure it with hairpins. Make it more interesting by adding flower decoration on the side of the French bun. Leave small amount of hair or loose strands framing you face and make curls to make it elegant. With a slight bump on the top and a sleek glossy finish.

Big French Bun Hairstyle for Medium Hairs

We absolutely love how this big French bun look classy and stunning in the most effortless way possible. French bun are the sheer charm that screams elegance. We are floored with this stunning hairstyle. The video down below is a tutorial on how to do a big French bun easily with some tricks that can simply be done in no time. The tricks are easy and with a little effort anyone can do it.

The hair is pulled back and gather into a twist giving it a chic touch. Tuck the freely hanging ends carefully. When you are satisfied with the way it look then carefully secure it with hairpins and later add accessories like hair pins with floral designs to make it glamorous. This hairstyle is best suited for any office function or any wedding ceremony. You can choose this hairstyle with a evening gown or short dress or lehenga.

Accessorized French bun for Wedding Party

It doesn’t get anymore stylish than this. This is another video of beautiful French bun hairstyle and enough space for you to accessorize it. Add your personal touch to the twist by adding traditional jewellery or accessories into the the twist on one side. And when you are happy with the style secure it with hair pins so that everything stays in place.

This hairstyle is easy and simple and it is bestb suit for a official or evening event with a beautiful stunning floor length gown, anarkali suit or a beautiful bridal lehenga for  wedding ceremony. Give your hairstyle a modern twist and leave everyone speechless with your confident look.

Super Easy Braided French Bun Hairstyle for Beginners

Nothing can beat a chic French roll hairstyle. It seems a bit intimidating at first to pull off. However the video below is a tutorial to make French roll simpler. Sweep your hair off to the side just slightly off centre and when you think it looks good then slip in bobby pins vertically up from the bottom. Then start the twisting and follow the instructions in the video.

Leave strands of hair on the side of your face and give it a wavy look. This also leaves few wisps of hair giving it a messy finish. You hair will look voluminous and flawless with this hairstyle. You can also add embellishments or some little decoration to it. This hairstyle will look good with a traditional lehenga, a pretty gown or with a saree. Add a unique touch to you overall appearance with this French roll.

Ditch those boring and dull hairstyles, it time to choose a hairstyle you are crazy about. These are the most exciting hairstyles you could think of. Make an effort and start experimenting from the above cool French bun. Use you creativity around you hairstyle with some unique twist and turn and just have fun with it cause there is no limit to your imagination.

Opt for these fabulous French bun that will give your hair a bit more volume for a perfect hairstyle and accentuate the slender neck. This hairstyles are classy as well as traditional with love for elegance and will look stunning for any special occasion. Check out all the version of French bun videos and get inspired and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments section.

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Quick and Easy French Braid Hairstyles for Girls

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