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Hair braids are the most common and most versatile way to make any hairstyle. Hairstylist often use it and create different kinds of bun or mix them up with open hair to create a fusion hair style. Today we are focussing especially on how to create these braids in the first place.  In the video below there is a proper tutorial available which will guide you through the process of braiding your hair in five very different and unique styles.

Since summers are coming, you can feel the heat and it will be all sweaty. Hair becomes unmanageable and the hair gets damaged as well. To protect your hair form damage and to keep them managed as well you can try braiding. I know it sounds boring, but it is not. You always do the normal braiding, well this article will tell you about five different styles of braiding your hair.

These Easy Braid hairstyles can be worn by girls for their schools and even by women at their work place. It works both ways, and that is its most unique feature, that a cute little girl can carry it with her uniform and a women can wear it with her pantsuit as well.

How to Braid Hair: Easy Braid Hairstyles

1. Twisted Rope Braids

How to Braid - Easy Braid Tutorials for Beginners

As the name suggests for itself, this braid is very easy to make and will not take more than 5 minutes of your time to create, depending on the length of your hair.

This hairstyle is created by twisting the hair and adding strands on both sides simultaneously. This is a very unique braiding style which can add so much volume to your hair even with the braiding. It is Avery classic style of braiding which might look difficult to make but actually it is one of the most easiest ways of braiding. This braiding style is best suited for girls going to school. This way their hair are tightly braided and also it is not a regular braid so they will not even be bored with their hairstyles. Yes, girls going to school also have tantrums when it comes to their hair and they also get bored, so this option is viable and helpful for them. The step by step tutorial given in the video will be extremely helpful when you try this twisted rope braids.

2. Fishtail Braids

How to Braid - Easy Braid Tutorials for Beginners

This fishtail braiding style might seem a little odd while making, but the results will be fabulous. The braids are made with diving the hair into only two sections, normal braiding style needs the hair to be divided in three sections. This hairstyle will make your hair look neat and tidy. You can carry it both formally and for your girl child also these fishtail braids are a hit option. Many people also call this braid as “Khajur choti”.

They will make your hair look thin and if you want to use these braids for a party purpose also then you can do that as well, just a little messy version will give it the volume it needs and the hair accessories will help you give it a party look. This braiding style is also easy it just needs your focus an understanding and this hairstyle will get a lot of attention. You can use this braiding style even for the weddings. This hairstyle is best suited on medium to long sized hair, only then the detailings of the hairstyle can be seen properly.

3. French Braids

How to Braid - Easy Braid Tutorials for Beginners

This hairstyle is extremely easy to make. It is done by diving your hair into three sections as the video suggests. It is the normal braiding style but for the twist and to give an illusion of you have long hair, this braiding style stats from the crown area of your head. Detailings and steps are mentioned in the video. Best suited professionally. For your little one, you can also make this two of these braids on both the sides of the ears.

Even for gym or while working out, many girls use this hairstyle as this will help them to have no hair problem and even if you have oily hair and don’t wish to wash your hair, you can make these braids for yourself and step out of the house very easily.

4. Dutch Braid or Inside out French braids

How to Braid - Easy Braid Tutorials for Beginners

This hairstyle is similar to the normal French braiding style we learned in the previous section of this article, but what is the only difference. Well, this French braid was stated from inside braining and then Come outside. In more simple terms, normal braiding style involves starting seating from outside towards inside but in this French braiding it starts from inside and then goes outside.

This will give your hair a little more drama and bounce that normal French braids don’t give. This hairstyle is best suited for children for their everyday school. It will be different also and will keep her hair manageable and she don’t have to worry about her hair. Girls also try this hairstyle with dresses also.

5. Four strand braid

As the name suggests, this easy braid hairstyle requires you to divide your hair in 4 sections. This is a little difficult braiding style if compared to other braiding styles that we have tried on. But let’s not worry, it is not that difficult. This braiding hairstyle is very cool and chic. You can also accessorise it with ribbons as well. Just for one section attach ribbon to the section and stat braiding, this ribbon will instantly make this braids even more lively than it already is.

This braiding is unique, gorgeous with very small detailings which makes it special. It is best suited for women for formal purposes and also for girls but only for some special occasions. Like for some fancy dress competition or for the annual day function these braids will be better than the rest as it is four sectioned and also very unique.

The five braiding hairstyles which we have discussed are for dual purpose. It can be used both by mother and daughter. One for school, and one for office. This is how it works. These braids will help you in managing your hair, it will also protect your hair from so much heat, since the summers are coming, so your hair needs more care and you need to keep them tied up to avoid the  sweating. You can make these braids even in your oily hair.

K4 Fashion believes that girls most beautiful feature is her hair. But that does not mean that you always need to keep them open in order to flaunt, you can braid it in style and still flaunt it.

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69 Beautiful Braided Hairstyle Ideas

69 Beautiful Braided Hairstyle Ideas

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