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Bridal Bun Hairstyles for Reception!

Ladies, are confused about which hairstyle to pick. You have your outfit and jewelry ready but don’t know which hairstyle will go good with your outfit. We here to help find the perfect hairstyle that will go with any outfit. We understand how important a hairstyle is to complete your whole look. Nothing is of lesser importance when we talk about wedding. Every little things matter.

For women out there with long hair or not, straight hair or not we have one style for all types hair to match your outfit. For any occasion opt for bun hairstyle to create a classic timeless look and play around it and jazz it up with accessories. To help all the women we have curated a list of latest trending bridal bun hairstyles for reception at wedding. Do try all out and if it suits your look well, definitely consider it.

Bridal Bun Hairstyles For Reception

1. Floral Bridal Bun

Messy bun with pink hair accessories gorgeous hairstyle ideas for brides and bridesmaids

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Flowers always spread fragrance and give you a fresh look. Addition of flowers gives an elegant appearance. For brides with long hair ,this low bun hairstyle and accessorized with pink flowers will definitely elevate your look. Recreate this bun hairstyle from aanalsavaliya.

2. Ringlets Bridal Bun

Beautiful voluminous flower styled bun with curls and white hair accessories for wedding reception

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Looking for attention grabbing bridal hairstyle? This ringlets Bridal Bun will definitely put an end to you endless search. This bride is looking fabulous with hairdo done by ritika hair stylist. Add glamorous with this simple bun and curl you hair in ringlets. You can add flowers to your hairdo or some jewels to complete your entire bridal look.

3. Royal bridal bun

Very beautiful multiple rose twisted bun with white hair accessories for brides and bridesmaids

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

This bridal bun hairstyle bowled us over. This hairstyle is created by Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave. This bun is voluminous and styled with curls in the shape of flowers which makes it completely stand out. Add jewels to complete your look altogether. Make your special day more special with this hairdo.

4. Rose twisted bun

Rose twisted bun with flower hair accessories for bride and bridesmaids

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

May be a rose twisted bun takes time but once completed this beautiful bridal bun looks insanely incredible. This hairstyle is easy and you can get this look by using number of hairpins. You can also add flowers and accessories to make it more glamorous. This style is suitable for wedding and reception. Recreate this bridal hairstyle from Ritika hairstylist.

5. Braid and bun hairstyle

Very beautiful side waterfall braid with low bun and white flower accessories for wedding reception

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Bring a twist by mixing french braid with a pretty bun. This hairdo is super easy and lokks classy and this hairstyle go with everything outfits. You can get creative with the bun and make it alluring by adding some artificial flowers which is easy to manage.  Opt for this bun hairstyle for sangeet or Mehndi function or even wedding. This hairstyle is done by Aanalsavaliya.

6. Rose twist hairdo

Rope twisted bun with pink floral accessories around for brides and bridesmaids

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

We majorly have our heart set on this beautiful rose twist bridal bun hairstyle. This stylish hairdo is done by Ritika hairstylist. The most eye-catching thing about this hairstyle is that it’s not accessorized with simple flowers but with beautiful stunning red velvet celosia. It looks quite exquisite.

7. Retro bun hairstyle

Multiple rolls messy bun with floral accessory for brides and bridesmaids

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Want a modern and chic hairstyle for your wedding? Look no further check this voluminous bun with lots of twisted curls. You can complete the bun by adding some pink rose cause flower never spoils a hairstyle. Put rose on one side of the bun to make it elegant. This hairstyle is created by Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave.

8. Princess bun hairstyle

Braid twisted bun hairstyle with hair accessory

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Now that’s one unusual pick! How stunning it looks.  Want to feel like a princess on your wedding then pair your wedding outfit with this gorgeous princess bun. You can add pearls around the bun to make it attractive.  This hairstyle is created by Aanalsavaliya.

9. Wave bun hairstyle

Multiple wavy curly messy bun with white head accessories for any occasion

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Wondering which hairstyle to pick with your wedding dress? We have the right kind of inspiration for you.  This bun hairstyle has number of waves. It is accessorized with floral pins around the bun and the result turned out to be impressive. Recreate this hairstyle from Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave.

10. Messy loopy bun hairstyle

Messy loose bun with white head accessories for bride or bridesmaid

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

How can one say no to this measy loopy bun?This hairstyle is not difficult to create, it does not need alot of taking care of , leave people wondering how it is made. This hairstyle is studded with beautiful pearls but it will also look good even if it’s left alone too. Wear this beautiful loopy hairstyle on your wedding . This hairstyle is done by Ritika hairstyle.

11. Queen bun hairstyle for recpetion

Queen bun hairstyle with silver headpiece for your wedding

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Royal bridal look on your mind for your wedding? We are here to help you out of your misery. Recreate this queen bun hairstyle from Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave. This bun is extremely stylish and classy. You cas Accessorize the bun with white pearls around the bun and also wear a tiara to complete the look. Pick this incredible hairdo for your wedding.

12. Multiple braided loops bun

Multiple braided messy loops bun with samll crystal pins

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

Love complicated things? This bun hairstyle is the perfect pick if your like multiple loops. This hairstyle is time taking but the end result is delightful. You can’t take your eyes off this multiple braided loop bun. For this type of bun first all hair are braided in section and are put together in loops. You can add accessories to this hairstyle with mini crystal pins. This hairdo is done by Ritika hairstyle.

13. Crown bun hairstyle

Multiple twisted messy bun with heavily jewelled crown hairstyle

Image Source: Orange The Salon

One look at this beautiful bridal bun and we were bookmarking it instantly! Gosh this is so beautiful in love with the details. This bridal bun is don by Aanalsavaliya. The moat stunning thing about this bun is the pearl bun crown  matching the bride’s jewelry. Recreate this hairstyle on your wedding.

14. Pearl bun hairstyle for recpetion

Pearl bun hairstyle in the shape of multiple flowers for bride or bridesmaid

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

We are majorly obsessing over this pearl bun. This detailed hairstyle is created by Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave. This hairstyle is perfect pick for millennial brides. You can add flowers around the bun or white pearls like this bride. Get the classic look for you wedding functions.

15. Tucked in bun

Ringlet bun hairstyle with pretty pink flowers for brides and bridesmaid

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Giving major bun inspiration with its cuteness factor to tranfotra your wedding look. Keed your hair off your neck with this bun style done by Aanalsavaliya. This hairstyle features curls held together at the centre. You can acessoacces this haidoh with artificial pink flowers or you can also add mini accessories.

16. Braided up bun hairstyle

Side braid with multiple braided messy bun hairstyle for party or wedding

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

When you look at a stunning bridal bun and can’t think about anything else. What’s not to love about this braided up bun hairstyle? Recreate this hairstyle for your wedding from Ritika hairstyle. This bridal bun gives your hair some volume and add glamour to your complete look. You can add some flowers to the bun or accessories for a touch of glamour.

17. Multi floral bridal bun for wedding reception

Twisted low multi floral bridal bun for party or wedding

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Major bridal bun goals. How refreshing and unique does this bridal bun look? Those colourful flowers are making us swoon. This stunning bridal bun is created by Aanalsavaliya. You can also accessorize the bun with same flowers on the top of the bun or you can add multiple flowers. We totally love how it looks.

18. Braided bridal bun for reception party

Braided bridal low bun hairstyle with white floral touch for any occasion

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

Some things never go out of fashion just like a classic braided bun. For brides who are fan of classic bridal bun, here is the perfect hairstyle. We love how Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave created this striking bun for wedding. This bun hairstyle is features white flowers around the bun to give that classic feel.

19. Spiral bun hairstyle

Spiral bun hairstyle with small pearl hair accessories

Image Source: Orange The Salon

Now that’s one stunning bridal bun. Would you say no to this beautiful bun? This may seem complicated bun but the end look is totally worth it. This contemporary bun is created by Aanalsavaliya. You can add golden pearls to this exquisite bridal bun. It gives a traditional and modern touch to your complete look.

20. Voluminous bridal bun

Multiple braid juda hairstyle with flowers around for party or wedding

Image Source: Jasmine Beauty Care

We have fallen in love with this bridal bun. Opt for this bun hairstyle and slay everyone. This hairdo looks complicated and difficult but it’s very much doable. Those who have long hair opt for this bun to give volume to your bun or if you have short hair then add few extentions to give an illusion of voluminous hair. This voluminous bridal bun is created by Prarthi Dave and Urvashi Dave. Every bride should consider it!

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below about these bridal bun hairstyles for reception. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

15+ Bridal Floral Bun Hairstyles


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