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Curls With Curler, This Time Roll Like A Pro 

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Curls, curls, oh that “little demon”, Hollywood waves, spirals. If you weren’t blessed with natural curls, there are some super simple ways to get those waves effortlessly. Making them is not a problem in today’s world, but mostly it spoils the hair. There are many factors associated with good curling of your hair, including using the right styling products, finding the best temperature for your hair type, and more.

If you love curling your hair but care about its health, we’ve rounded up some time-saving tutorials. By the end of this article, you will know how to make different types of curls. So let’s learn how to make curls using the good old rollers.

The Right Size: How To Make Curls With A Curler

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How To Make Curls: General Rules

And there’s a recommendation to keep your curls on for as long as possible.

  • Don’t even think about curling dry hair (of course, if you don’t use a thermo-mobile gun)! If you don’t have time to wash your hair, at least moisturize your curls with a spray gun.
  • The thinner your hair is, the thinner your curls need to be.
  • Take off your rollers at night, otherwise your hair salvage action will fail with a crackle. “Night styling is just as bad for your curls as constant use of flatulence.
  • Do not stretch the strands on the rollers too tight.

Hairstyle Of Beyoncé

Afro-curls are small curls coming from the roots of the hair. That’s why hair is very voluminous in this case.

It’s easy to make African curls with patience: the process of curling the curls will take time.

  • Wash your head and don’t forget about the air conditioner.
  • Dry your hair without using a hair dryer until it’s a little wet.
  • Use a small diameter rollers or papilot.
  • The thinner the strand to be twisted, the tighter the curl will be. And the result is a more lush hairstyle. So don’t be lazy!
  • Leave the rollers on your hair for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Gently remove them and finish styling with gel. You can spray your hair with lacquer for greater confidence, but do not overdo it!

Hollywood Chic

Loons, as in Hollywood, are the most beautiful ones, which have a number of features:

  • Quite a large diameter
  • The same size strands
  • Maximum naturalness
  • The smoothness of lines.

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To create a Hollywood style, use large rollers with a diameter of 4 centimeters. The procedure itself is quite simple:

  • Slightly damp curls are divided into medium buckles.
  • Apply a small amount of mousse to the buckle you want to work with and comb it.
  • Start winding the strand on the rollers from the tip.
  • Secure the rollers a few centimeters away from the roots.
  • Try to place the rollers at the sample parallel to the floor, at the sides, and at the back of the head perpendicularly.
  • Make sure that the curls are dry and gently release them from captivity.
  • Give your hair the desired shape, using only your fingers, and fix the result with lacquer.

How To make curls: playing for high stakes

The beauty of large curls is that they can be made on different lengths of hair. For a long hairstyle, you’ll need a strong fixation and a 3- centimeter diameter curler. Shall we begin?

  • Wash your head and treat your hair with spray or mousse for styling.
  • Start perms with the front strands (they dry faster).
  • Wrap the strands from the tip to the roots towards the inside (to the head).
  • In order to maintain the root volume, make sure that the rollers do not hang at the roots and are securely locked in place.
  • After the curls have dried out, spray the curls with lacquer before unwinding them.
  • Start releasing the strands from the back of the head. Done!

Curls – Spirals

You’re gonna need it for these curls:

  • Long hair (yes, yes, it’s better not to experiment with short hair).
  • Spiral rollers (plastic or wooden).
  • Mood!

So, let’s go:

  • Wash your head or moisturize clean hair from the sprayer.
  • Divide the hairline into several horizontal zones.
  • Take a thin curl and twist it on the spiral from top to bottom, fixing the tip with a special clip.
  • Dry the hair (preferably in a natural way).
  • Form curls with your fingers.

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By the way, you can safely mix curlers of different diameters and shapes to tighten the curls. But what kind of rollers are there, we’ll tell you soon!

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