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Open hairstyles are a savior when it comes to people with long hair. If you are a person with long hair, open hairstyles would definitely look great on you. You can flaunt your long tresses in style. But it’s a difficult task to manage your long hair properly. Finding the perfect open hairstyle which is easy is a tedious task. Open hairstyles are convenient as it is easier to fix your hair and you can get ready quickly. And getting such great hairstyles on your hair in such little time is a true advantage.

Wearing your hair in a loose and free manner is a great experience. You can stylize the look by adding some cool braids and buns for a classy look. Even some quirky hair accessories can do the trick. Open hairstyles take less time and will definitely look gorgeous on you. It is a style which is suited for everyone. Open hairstyles can be simple and different types of updos can be made to get the right look. This article introduces some of the best open or free hairstyles that can be easily styled.

Open hairstyles suit people with long hair. It looks graceful and elegant on their lustrous hair. It is a great way to flaunt your beautiful long tresses. So if you are looking for some hairstyle inspo, we are going to give you just that! Here are some easy open hairstyles for people with long hair. Get styling your hair in these awesome and pretty styles right away!

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Easy Open Hairstyles For Long Hair

Crimped Stylish Open Hairstyle

Easy Open Hairstyles for Long Hair Crimped Stylish Open Hairstyle

Image Source: Reshma Fattepurkar Makeup

Try out this awesomely styled open hairstyle for the wedding season. It is perfect for people with long hair. A layer of hair is twisted and tucked at the back of the head with pretty hair accessories. A golden beaded hair decoration is provided to make the hairstyle grander. A small hair bump is also made on the crown portion.

Bumped Two-Sided Hairstyle

This is a dramatic look you could try out for a wedding. The hairstyle attempts for an elaborate hairstyle with major hair bumps and styling.  A beautiful maangtika is added to the look. It’s a bridal hairstyle which would be great if the bride is a fan of open hairstyles. It’s convenient and also looks fabulous!

Golden Accessoroized Open Hairstyle

Easy Open Hairstyles for Long Hair Golden Accessoroized Open Hairstyle

Image Source: Floristaa

This simple open hairstyle is stylized with some heavy golden hair accessories. It has jhumar hair embellishments placed in a tiered manner. It looks regal and will add extra grandeur to your hairstyle. It has golden stones studded on them. They also have a beaded hanging on them. It’s a simple hairstyle that uses the power of accessories to make them look grand.

Open Hairstyle with Braided Band

Easy Open Hairstyles for Long Hair Open Hairstyle with Braided Band

Image Source: Ritika Hairstylist

This hairstyle looks perfectly elegant. It’s a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A section of the hair is made into a braid and styled into a band across the head. The front portion hair is pinned to the back in an elegantly twisted style. A layered from is maintained with the length of the hair. You can also add in some flowers to make them look grander.

Simple Open Hairstyle for Long Hair

Yet another simple hairstyle for your lovely long tresses. A combed texture is made on the front portion. And the portion is simply tucked to the side and pinned with hairpins. The added baby breaths make the look more graceful and elegant. They really add vibrancy and colors to your look. It has a hint of green and yellow in it too. You can even add a cute little maangtika to complete the look.

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Knot Hairstyles for a Fun Hairstyle

Knot Hairstyles for a Fun Hairstyle

Image Source: Hot Hair Balloon

These hairstyles have a great touch of beauty and uniqueness. A knotted style is attempted here. In the hairstyle on the left, the hair has been smoothly straightened. And a knot style is made with sections of the hair. And the other hairstyle has been made on curly textured hair. A looped style is made on the hair. It’s a stylish hairstyle that you should definitely try out.

Open Hairstyle with Flower Decorations

A pretty and vibrant look can be nailed with this awesome open hairstyle. It is embellished with white baby breaths and rose flowers. It is a colorful look which would be great for a bridal look. The ends are curled to form a pretty wavy texture on them. This grand hairstyle would make you feel like a queen in it! The flower arrangements spark so much grandeur.

Chic Hairstyles Perfect for Teens

Image Source: Hot Hair Balloon

This cute hairstyle would be great for college or a hangout session with your friends. It looks super chic and pretty. There are two styles in this example. One is made on smoothly straight hair and the other one is on wavy hair. A small braid is made in the first one and it is secured with a bright red hair accessory, which looks so pretty. For the second, pearl hairpins have been used to decorate the hairstyle.

Open hairstyles make your hair look so much pretty. We can flaunt our hair in these hairstyles. Also, it is so much easier to try out an open hairstyle that isn’t very complicated. They feel comfortable and we can roam around without the fear of ruining the hairstyle. Trying to find hairstyles that suit your long hair is a task. So why not style it in an open style with the addition of some great accessories and styling. Go and indulge in these awesome open hairstyles that are perfect for people with long hair.

So get your comb and get styling in all these great open hairstyles!

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