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Marriage is a heavenly bond. An event in a lifetime that is most crucial. The bride takes a new step. The couple gets new responsibilities and happiness. They get a new purpose and liveliness in life. The day they tie the knot and get married they give their relationship a new name from a social point of view. In India, women are given a bigger and more respectful place. They are worshipped as goddesses. They are glorified with jewels like the goddesses on the occasion of their marriage. On this day you can see a deity like a charm in their attire and face. Looking iconic in their marriage is everyone’s concern. At this point, what kind of outfit and jewellery you wear adds the most prominent impact.

Here in this article, we have some amazing bridal jewellery ideas for Marathi brides. These jewellery looks can help to resolve your confusion. You can even get your jewellery customized by keeping these ideas in mind or you can buy them as it is. These Marathi Jewelleries can be complemented by adding other accessories. Also, the outfit should go well with the jewellery. This Marathi bridal jewellery may include traditional Marathi Nath, Mundavalya, various kinds of necklaces like Raani Haar, Putli Haar, Mohan Mala etc. Get your bridal jewellery ideas from the article. Here you go!

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs

1. Layered Jewellery with Mohan Mala

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs Layered Jewellery With Mohan Mala

Image Source: Zorains Studio

A layered Mohan Mala jewellery! These gold beaded layers in a single piece form a Mohan Mala. There are two layers in this jewellery set, additionally, there is Maang tikka, Nose ring, Temple earrings, Kangans of gold and a beautiful waist belt. For simply styling this look, you can place a set of bangles between the gold Kangans matching your saree colour.

2. Vibrant Gold Maharashtrian Jewellery with Putli Haar

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs Vibrant Gold Maharashtrian Jewellery With Putli Haar

Image Source: Pinterest

Golden and vibrant! The Putli Haar consists of various gold coins like golds with the image of goddess Lakshmi, linked with one another. There is even a Tushi, choker necklace and gold bead linked jewellery layers. The hairs are decorated with Ambada, used as bun pin and is arc-shaped. Gold bangles and earrings can also be used. This jewellery makes a good choice for traditional Marathi weddings.

3. Two-Step Ambada with Mangalsutra Look

Decorated hairs! The hair bun is decorated with two steps of Ambada. There are pretty floral decorations too. A simple Maang tikka, chain liked earrings, a neck choker necklace, Mangalsutra and Raani haar is also used in this jewellery set. Bangles in two sets are used. This look would look great with designer Marathi sarees.

4. Use Vaaki and Gem Jewellery for Maharashtrian Weddings

Beautiful bridal jewellery! The hairs are decorated with Kajra and Ambada. Multistep temple earrings that are chain-linked are used. There are many layers of traditional jewellery. Segmented black bead necklace, segmented pearl necklace, Raani haar and Mohan Mala jewellery are used. The layers are stunning. The jewellery is decorated with red gems. Vaaki is worn on one of the arms. This jewellery look will go well with a maroon and green saree.

5. Pearl and Yellow Gold Jewellery for Marathi Brides

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs Pearl And Yellow Gold Jewellery For Marathi Brides

Image Source: Rhythmic Focus

With rose decorated hairs! There are pearl bridal hairpins, crescent Maang tikka, nose and Raani haar layers. There are layers of pearl and yellow gold necklaces. A gold waist belt and segmented bangle set also add a good impact to this look. The gold and vibrant bridal outfits would look great on this outfit.

6. Multiple Layers of Gold for Marathi Bride

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs Multiple Layers Of Gold For Marathi Bride

Image Source: Shreya Makeup Artist

Pretty one! The look begins with decorated bridal hairs, also glorified with bridal Ambada. There is a beautiful sun and crescent Maang tikka. There are heavy gold temple earrings and multiple layers of neckpieces. These include choker, Raani haar, gold beaded jewellery and even red beaded jewellery. The overall look is a good one for the royal Maharashtrian weddings.

7. Modern Bridal Jewellery for Marathi Brides

Marathi Bridal Jewellery Designs Modern Bridal Jewellery For Marathi Brides

Image Source: Omkar Kadam

One-step jewellery! A broad designer choker necklace with highlighted red pieces is used. There are big matching designer earrings, maang tikka also chain-linked bridal Nath. The hairs are decorated with roses. Additionally, there is a beautiful and segmented waist belt to complete the jewellery set. These red highlighted jewellery make a great choice for red bridal outfits. You can also try styling with a velvet saree as shown in this look.

8. A Queen Look for Marathi Bride

A complex set of heavy neck jewellery! There are various gold layers of chokers, Putli haar, Raani haar and beaded necklaces. A Marathi Mangalsutra is the most important even though it is not that heavy. It holds great significance in a brides life. There is even a heavy waist belt. Avoid this kind of jewellery set if you are not comfortable with heavy jewellery.

9. Green and Red Fabric Gold Jewellery for Bride

Green And Red Fabric Gold Jewellery For Bride

Image Source: Mahendra Dhanwade

Fabric gold jewellery! There are various layers of gold chokers, necklaces and beaded gold necklaces. The special highlight of this jewellery set is the fabric gold necklace over the green fabric. There is also a broad red fabric gold waist belt of brides. This is not a usual jewellery look but makes a winsome choice. Additionally, there are temple earrings and a big Maang tikka. This jewellery set makes a good choice for the Marathi saree with embroidery works.

10. Vibrant Gold Jewellery for Maharashtrian Bride

With a matching waist belt! There is a simple and small Maang tikka and earrings. There is a gold choker, a Raani haar and a multilayered gold beaded necklace. Even you will see a leaf-like traditional nose ring. There is a matching ring, waist belt and bangles.  These go very well with the gold print Marathi saree.

11. Segmented Bridal Jewellery for Marathi Brides

Segmented Bridal Jewellery For Marathi Brides

Image Source: Rutuja Bagwe

Segmented gold jewellery! There are temple earrings and traditional Marathi bridal Nath. There is a set of gold Kangans. For the necklaces, there is a choker and a longer one. Both of these necklaces have a basic pattern that’s beautiful and it is repeated for the whole necklace. The necklace is embellished with red and green gems. This bridal jewellery makes a great choice for a bi-coloured Marathi saree.

12. Gorgeous Marathi Bridal Jewellery Design

Gorgeous bride! A fabric gold choker, a Tushi and a Mohan Mala necklace layers are used for this combination. A beautiful bridal waist belt with a centre design looks beautiful. There is a small Maang tikka and temple earrings. There is also a crescent bridal Nath. This brown gold is a good choice for bridal jewellery. Maroon to red Marathi bridal saree would look great.

13. Gem Embellished Marathi Bridal Jewellery

Gem Embellished Marathi Bridal Jewellery

Image Source: Aisha Makeup and Hair

Gem embedded! There is a big Ambada for the hair bun. Large hanging earnings and a bridal Nath. There are two sets of neckpieces. A big choker set. A long necklace with a floral centre design looks adorable. There is even a pointed pearl maang tikka, that looks winsome. With a matching bangle set, this jewellery set makes a good choice for the monochrome Marathi bridal outfits.

14. Raani Haar with a Big Centre Design

Raani haar! There are linked temple earrings and medium-size Maang tikka. There are two steps of necklaces. These have a huge centre design that looks pretty. Additionally, you can try wearing big rings with this jewellery combo.  A plain gold waist belt works well too. Any matching saree and bangles would do great for this look.

15. Gold Choker With Kolhapuri Saaj

Gold Choker With Kolhapuri Saaj

Image Source: Makeover by Amruta

The bride is wearing two pairs of gold necklaces and a graceful Kolhapuri Saaj. The bride is even wearing a bridal Ambada, small gold earrings and a nose ring. This is a simple look. Lightweight jewellery for women who don’t want something heavy. An artwork bordered Marathi saree will go well with this bridal jewellery set. Add bangles that will complement the saree.

16. Simple Marathi Bridal Jewellery Look

No heavy gold load is needed! Simple and lightweight gold earrings and a nose ring. Three layers of simple gold necklaces are arranged quite distantly. This simple bridal look can be uplifted by wearing a multi-chrome bridal saree and multicoloured bangles. Again, a good choice for brides who want lesser layers and comparatively light jewellery.

Here in this article, we have bought you some winsome bridal jewellery ideas for Marathi brides. These ideas make a great choice for the brides. The article brings you various jewellery combinations possible that you can try on for your superb bridal look. The elements of this bridal jewellery set are many traditional bridal pieces of jewellery. These jewellery ideas will make your memories more memorable.

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