South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

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Bridal makeup is an important part of the bride. The wedding look is incomplete without beautiful make-up. No bride would not love getting compliments on their makeup. The first thing all notices when talking to the bride is her face and so is her makeup. So until and unless, the enriched make-up look is created on her face, everything stays incomplete.

South Indian has versatile makeup looks that would complement their whole attire. Until and unless you put some good make-up with all the accessories on a south Indian bride, the whole bridal look is incomplete.  Here are some amazing South Indian bridal makeup looks.

South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

1. Nude Eyeshadow with Thick Eyelashes Completes the Bridal Look

South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas Nude eyeshadow with thick eyelashes completes the bridal look
Image Source: Tulips Bridal Studio and Academy

Since nude colours are always attractive, so the bridal look can be enhanced with a nude eyeshadow. Also, thick eyelashes help in defining the eyes. So thick eyelashes will help divert the whole attention towards the eyes. If you believe the south Indian bride at the wedding has beautiful eyes, try experimenting with this look. The whole make-up will divert to the eyes, which will help ignore all flaws in the makeup even if you make one!

2. Eyeshadow and Glitter Eyeshadow Look Awesome!

South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas Eyeshadow and glitter eyeshadow look awesome!
Image Source: Ramya Shiva

Glittery nude eyeshadow with a pinkish undertone. And the broad artificial eyelashes are the best one to switch to! With a beautiful Bindi and glossy eye makeup, is the best makeup look. Then, the red lipstick completes the whole bridal look. Also, apply a light blush and that will make the look ocean. Try adding heavy accessories. Also, apply a pinch of glitter to the eyeshadow which will make it look more shimmery.

3. Pinkish Golden Eyeshadow with Pink Lip Colour

Pinkish golden eyeshadow with pink lip colour
Image Source: Ramya Shiva

Shades of pink when mixed with shades of golden give an incredible colour. You should start with applying the pink colour on the sides and the golden colour on the middle. You should just learn how to apply them artistically. The same shade of what you have applied on the eyeshadow needs to apply as the lip colour as well. A medium-sized black Bindi would do the rest of the work. Apply light blush and you are done!

4. Illuminating Eye Make-up gives a Decent Look

Illuminating eye make-up gives a decent look
Image Source: Ramya Shiva

Not every eye make-up just talks about the eyeshadow. Some also talk about eyeliner and eyeshadow. The bolder the eyes would look, the more a bridal look into coming into the frame. Try adding up some glitters at the corner of the eyes. Also, get some eyeshadow done on the eyes. Then apply a pink shade of lip colour to create a sweet effect on the face.

5. Nude Violet Eyeshadow and Thick Eyelashes

Nude violet eyeshadow and thick eyelashes
Image Source: Tuesday Lights

Purple eyeshadow is no less than mesmerizing! So glittery or matte violet adds elegance to the bridal look. Purple eyeshadow with black eyeshadow at the other corners completes the eyeshadow. This gives a good look. Then apply a matte shade of lipstick and sum up the look by applying light blush. The apply red Bindi and bride are good to go!

6. Minimal Makeup is Never a Bad Choice

Minimal makeup is never a bad choice
Image Source: Addiction Weddings

You can see the picture. The bride beautifully wears makeup but have not over applied it. So start with nude orange or nude skin colour as eyeshadow then apply to join eyeliner and kajal. Put a medium-sized black bindi. This is because the black eyeliner and kajal are what is emphasized in the whole make-up look. So these both black will jam together. Then apply a beautiful mauve lip colour and let the bride pose for a beautiful smile!

7. Natural Makeup is Unbeatable!

Natural makeup is unbeatable!
Image Source: Kalyanaramens Wedding Company

Natural makeup with wing eyeliner is wow; this makeup look will only focus on the eyes. The broad wing eyeliner with good kajal and a red Bindi is what you need for this look. Then apply the pink colour as the lipstick and yes the bride would look like a pure south Indian bride.

8. Try Experimenting with a Clean Makeup Look

Try experimenting with a clean makeup look
Image Source: Light Bucket Productions

Not someone who loves putting on a whole lot of makeup? A clean makeup look is what is best! So start with a light nude show and light blush. Also, apply nude lip colour and the bridal look is done! Also, you can apply another nude colour for blush and eyeshadow. If you don’t want this to be too simple, you may switch to something nude.

9. Yellowish-golden Brown Eye Makeup

Yellowish-golden brown eye makeup
Image Source: Official Sandy’s Artistry

Yellowish-golden eyeshadow is different. So if you try experimenting with it, the look that will come out will be unique. You can outline the yellow golden colour with dark colour, you may choose dark brown. Then you can go for light blush. Now, apply a nude light lip colour and the bride will come up with amazing looks. Try to apply little blush on the tip of the nose as is it will help give a complete look to the bride.

10. Brown Toned Makeup will Enhance the Bridal Look

Brown toned makeup will enhance the bridal look
Image Source: Official Sandy’s Artistry

Yes, brown-toned makeup has a different dignity hidden in it. So if one knows how to put the make-up in the right way, the bridal look will get rocked. Starting with brown eyeshadow with a black outline will define the look. The applying eyeliner and kajal. Both should be applied finely, neither in a thick manner nor in a smudged way. Then apply lipstick with a brown-toned touch in it. And the bridal look is obtained.

11. Pink Lip Colour and Defined Eyes

Pink lip colour and defined eyes
Image Source: Official Sandy’s Artistry

Pink is the sweetest colour you could find. This is a versatile colour which when applied on any occasion looks incredible. So applying pink lip colour is wonderful! Then opt for wing eyeliner and eyeshadow with mascara. Thick mascara is what is most suggested! Also, create a unique Bindi that will have three loves. And you are done! Try to apply blush if you don’t want a very clean look as shown in the picture. You can switch to light pink blush or nude brown blush.

12. Kajal and Eyeliner gives a Defined Eye Makeup

Kajal and eyeliner gives a defined eye makeup
Image Source: Krish Photography

Kajal and eyeliner are the best combinations you would ever come across. They add elegance to the eyes as well as define their overall look. Try to apply thick eyeliner and apply thick mascara. Thick mascara will always help define the eyelashes and changes the overall look. Then, applying red lipstick and red Bindi with rolled up hairstyle will finalize the look.

13. Nude Brown Eye Makeup and Red Lip Colour

Nude brown eye makeup and red lip colour
Image Source: Creative Studios

Is the bride a makeup lover? Then this is what you should switch to. An extremely gorgeous nude brown colour with an outline of some dark brown colour. Then apply nude blush and complete the look with red lip colour. That is wow! Just try it out and let everyone compliment the bridal makeup. Remember that this is a heavy makeup look. Don’t accessorize less with this make-up. Your bride should always accessorize herself well with this makeup look.

14. Golden Nude Eyeshadow with Nude Lip Colour

Golden nude eyeshadow with nude lip colour
Image Source: Priya Bridal Makeover

Nude holden eyeshadow with an outline of a dark colour is what a perfect makeup look is about! Add eyeliner and kajal to the bridal eyes to enhance the eyes and complete the eye make-up. Add a light tint of blush. Then wear a binding which should match with the colour of the saree of the bride. Then apply a light nude pink colour and the bridal look is done! You can also switch to some dark lip colour if you are inclined to dark colours.

15. Smokey Eye Look with Decent Lip Colour

Image Source: Makeup by Navyashree

A Smokey eye look is something nobody can resist! So start creating a smokey eye look using dark sea blue shade. Also, outline the inner eyelashes as well. Use dark blue colour on the inner side of eyelashes. Then illuminate the corners of the eye with golden eyeshadow. Then sum up the look by applying lipstick that is neither too light nor too dark in the shade and the bridal look is done!

This article would have helped you a lot. No matter which bride you are making ready, these versatile makeup looks will go for with every attire. You just need to apply them gracefully. So here were some amazing South Indian bridal make-up looks.

You can try them for yourself if you are to-be-a-bride. In case, there’s someone you know who’s going to get married, do tell them to try these amazing makeup looks that would match perfectly with their outfit. It’s never bad to suggest something better, right! So you may tell them to give it a try or save this for yourself.

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