Coordinated Wedding Outfits for Couples

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Coordinated wedding outfits are dreams for many young couples in India. Couples wearing matching wedding outfits in weddings are just truly endearing and cute. Usually while deciding to wear matching wedding outfits, people make sure that the matching wedding outfits also go well with the decor and theme of the wedding. It is quite hard to pick matching wedding outfits as it has to be a trendy and comfortable choice for both the bride and groom at the wedding.

Matching wedding outfits also contribute to making the wedding more vibrant and also elegant in a way. Coordinated wedding outfits are in trend these days as it makes the couple look more adorable and also captivating. It displays the loving bond the couple shares to wear a matching wedding outfit. If you are looking for ideas on how to coordinate wedding outfits, here is the article that features a few ideas that will help you to wear matching outfits at a wedding.

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Coordinated Wedding Outfits for Couples

1. Passionate Red Color To Coordinate Wedding Outfits

Red Color To Coordinate Wedding Outfits
Image Source: Get Wedding Inspo

Red is a color that displays royalty, elegance and affection. Couples usually love picking red matching outfits for their wedding as it is a color in India that is commonly used for wedding outfits. This outfit is designed by Nomi Ansari. The red front slit lehenga worn by the bride is absolutely stunning because of the pink sequin work which makes the lehenga look more vibrant and beautiful. The front slit-long jacket of the lehenga is unique as well as new in style. It is paired with a red color floor-length skirt and you can accessorize the look with a gold choker and jhumkas with green and red stones. Smokey Makeup can be done as it is just what you need to complete the perfect look.

The Red Jodhpuri Sherwani of the groom makes the matching outfits look more funky and elegant at the same time. It is paired with a white color pant and a red color men’s dupatta with gold embroidery on the sides is just as pristine as it looks. If you want a graceful and elegant wedding, then do pick red color as it is just what you are looking for.

2. The Patterned Matching Wedding Outfits

The Patterned Matching Trendy Ideas To Coordinate Wedding Outfits
Image Source: Recall Pictures

This patterned matching outfit may look too simple for a wedding but it is the upcoming trend that is loved by everyone. It is designed by Rahul Mishra. The hued lehenga of the bride is unquestionably splashy and bright and simple as well as chic at the same time. The waist-length top with the multicolored mandala design is paired with a floor-length skirt with the same multicolored mandala design and a huge white border with embroidery. The lehenga is worn with a white dupatta with blue and purple embroidery which just makes it even more colorful. The look of the bride has been accessorized with a heavily adorned gold choker, gold bangles, and a diamond ring which is what gives the wedding vibe. Matte or mineral makeup can be done for the bride to highlight the features like jawline and eyes.

The ethnic jacket with the same multicolored mandala design as the bride is what makes it a matching wedding outfit. It is paired with a plain light lavender colored full sleeve shirt and ultramarine blue pants. The groom has accessorized his look with a round or aviator style cooling glass and a classic brown strapped and gold metal watch which keeps his outfit simple as well as western at the same time.

Many couples hesitate to wear mandala patterned matching outfits but guys it’s the new trend now that is setting in. So, don’t miss out on wearing mandala patterned coordinated outfits.

3. The Classy White Coordinated Wedding Outfits

The Classy White Coordinated
Image Source:

White is always a classy color and it is a color that is truly graceful as well as fashionable at the same time. This is not a pure white matching outfit but a coordinated white wedding outfit with printed ethnic designs in the shades of blue and peach and olive green. The color combination is simple as well as attractive also. The waist-length shirt-like the top of the lehenga just cannot be described by words. It is truly stylish and unique because of the ethnic print on the top of the lehenga. It is paired with a long white skirt with the same ethnic prints as the top which is embroidered that making it look even more beautiful. The outfit has been accessorized with a pair of simple stoned silver or statement earrings and a slim silver bangle.

The ethnic printed jacket of the groom has the same print as the bride’s outfit which makes it a matching wedding outfit. The jacket is paired with a full sleeve plain white shirt and pants. The look can be accessorized with a pair of square cooling glasses and a dashing gold watch.

Ethnic printed matching wedding outfits are known to be the best these days. If you are planning to go to a wedding as a guest, you can choose this simple ethnic printed coordinated outfit.

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4. The Elegant And Sophisticated Navy Blue

The Elegant And Sophisticated Navy Blue Wedding Outfits
Image Source: Kalisperis Photography

Navy Blue is a color that is known for its elegance and sophistication. A matching wedding outfit in navy blue and white just takes the look to a whole new level. A floor-length white dress with gold color embroidery paired with a long ankle length navy blue jacket with gold color embroidery. The look can be accessorized with gold statement earrings or gold jhumkas which will elevate the elegance. Natural Makeup is the best to go with as it makes the look simple and sophisticated as well.

The navy blue sherwani with antique gold color buttons is just classic and admired by many guys. It is paired with a plain white color pant. The look is kept simple with no accessories. This elegant navy blue outfit is just perfect for a bride and groom at a wedding as well as to wear it to a wedding of a close relative or sibling or cousins.

5. The Vibrant Teal Colored Velvet Matching Outfit

The Vibrant Teal Colored Velvet Matching Outfit
Image Source: Get Wedding Inspo

The coordinated outfit’s one of the best and most vibrant color is teal. The teal-colored lehenga is heavily adorned with gold and orange embroidery which contrasts the teal color making the lehenga look more flashy and appealing. The lehenga is of velvet material which gives a rich and royal look to it. The waist-length top of the lehenga has full sleeves which makes the outfit look smarter. It is paired with an orange color dupatta with gold embroidery. The look can be accessorized with a gold choker necklace, maang tika, and gold bangles, and rings that give it a bridal look. The makeup can be either bridal matte makeup or mineral makeup.

The teal-colored velvet sherwani of the groom is bright as well as royal too. It is paired with plain white color patiala pants and shoes of teal color adds more richness to the look. If it’s your wedding, don’t hesitate to wear a teal-colored velvet matching outfit as it will give you a royal look.

While planning a wedding or going to a wedding, one of the hugest problems for us is to choose what to wear. Try the few ideas to wear matching wedding outfits. This will give you an idea and act as a guide for you to choose your coordinating wedding outfits.

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