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Looking for extraordinary bride and groom wedding dress? Then you have to check out this gorgeous post with matching dresses and other color combinations in traditional wears like Bridal Lehenga, Shervani & Turban for Groom in colors like Pink, Red, Maroon and othe colors. Be it Punjabi or South Indian wedding, everyone will find right inspiration for D-day!

Nowadays it is a great trend and interest of people to share the dress code with there partners and look very much similar to each other. For this, they decide their’s dress code which everyone likes to make together with there partners. This is the best and most preferred way to look beautiful and look like made for each other only.

Basically design code and choice of color of wedding cloth depend on the culture of others, simply it varies as in India most of the people prefer red for color code and in foreign the dress code is like pure white for bride and black color code for their grooms i.e, bridegroom.

Below are some examples of some trendy dress code for bride and bridegroom for there marriage. These dress codes are very much in preference and new couple loves to choose some marriage.

1. Traditional  Couple Dress for Wedding

Traditional  Couple Dress for Wedding

Image Source: Sabyasachi

fig.1.Traditional marriage dress code for a couple

Above is the image of a traditional Indian dress code which is simply so pretty and looks very royal. This dress code is mostly chosen by the couple who are very much fond of traditional and royal looks, and the first preference of them to select the dress code is to find some designer cloth which looks royal as an outfit.

So far as another choice of color is concerned then there can be some color like bridal yellow saree and coffee or light brown color of sherwani. Otherwise then it rest color might not look that standard as these more.

The look above in the picture can be seen which is looking very beautiful and very perfect together. It can be chosen by those who want a royal look and very classy.

2. South Indian Bride and Groom Dress color combination

South Indian Bride and Groom Dress color combination

Image Source: Manish Pandey

Fig.2.Traditional south India look

Above is the image of traditional south Indian dress code for couples. This is something very fine and classy look. It gives an innocent look to the couple. Those who like traditional south Indian look may choose this dress code.

It gives an innocent look. Those new couples who have plans like to keep everything in very traditional form than they may choose it.

So far as color varieties in this design then that can be some peach color or other creamy color of saree but the bridegroom dress color code would be the same.

It can be chosen by the couple where in there priority is simple saree for bride and super amazing sharvani for bridegroom.

3. Bride & Groom Matching Dress in Maroon for reception or engagement

Bride & Groom Matching Dress in Maroon for reception or engagement

Image Source: Nomi Ansari

fig.3. Bride & Groom Matching Dress

This picture above is a beautiful traditional matching dress code in maroon for new couple. It is very fine and attractive as it can be seen above in the picture. This dress code is for those who are seeking for something which has some modern touch.

In this dress design bride has gown as dress code and bridegroom would wear sharvani. In this dress design the concern is that it shall be similar to each other means as we can see above if bride is wearing red than boy dress color touch is similar to it.

Here the color choice can be any royal and dark color, like red, royal blue and bridal yellow. Hence it can be chosen for there engagement or reception occasion.

4. Traditional Punjabi Look in same color combination

Traditional Punjabi Look in same color combination

Image Source: Ricco India Men

fig.4.Traditional Punjabi look

This beautiful and attractive dress code of new couple has some Punjabi touch, as it can be seen above the groom has turban similar to his and bride cloth color. This is a traditional dress code. In this chuda is also unique. Which gives a very fine touch to it and this is something unique in this.

So far as the dress color is concerned then any hot red, creamy color would suit this design. In this the bride dress color would be similar to bridegroom cloth color and his turban.

This design has nothing much in this and super cute, as it can be viewed in pic, Hence those who wants to choose for something cute and simple outfit can choose to it.

5. Royal Punjabi Matching Outfit Design

Royal Punjabi Matching Outfit Design

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Fig.5. Royal Punjabi outfit design

In the image there is a beautiful couple in royal Punjabi outfit design. It is super amazing for any new couple if they are seeking for something royal and  want to have some Punjabi touch in it. Since, in this design there is choora for bride and beautiful turban for bridegroom which gives it a touch of Punjabi look.

If the concern is on the color code which would suit it other than this beautiful creamy and creamy white combination then one can choose to some other light color like bridal yellow even hot red would also suit this design and beautiful couple look.

Many of the new couple seek for design which shall not be much with designs and shall be simple. They also seek for there comfort zone while carrying it. So, simply this can be the good choice that any one can make.

6. Indian Traditional Matching Dress for wedding

fig.6.Indian traditional design

This is an amazing India dress code for new couple. It has a complete final touch of Indian tradition. Many couple choose to have a look as complete Indian and traditional. So, here is the best example of that. In dress code like such the color choice is quite different from rest and it’s designs also.

In this the cloth is designed as the chunni of sharvani shall match with color of bride lehenga and rest sharvani and pajami of bridegroom would be similar to designs inserted on lehenga of bride.

It simply looks so very pretty and made for each other types of look. And color code shall be something dark for bride lehenga and cream color for bridegroom.

It can be chosen by those couple who want to give a touch of Indian tradition and believe in rituals. And it simply suits the any new couple who choose to it.

7. Design With Royal Touch 

Design With Royal Touch 

Image Source: Anam Mirza

Fig.7.Design with Royal touch

As it can be seen in the picture above is a dress design for bride and groom. It is a good example for those who are seeking for a cloth which could give a royal touch to theirs looks on the day of marriage.

It is a traditional design which is followed in India. In this bride has worn a complete gown and has carried a dupatta of baby pink color and dark violet color, where as bridegroom has worn sharvani of cream color and turban of similar color.

So far as color choice is concerned then any cream color for bridegroom and hot and dark color would look good for this design.

Those upcoming couple who wants Royal and classy look, can choose to this design which is exactly what an actual shahi designer prefers to design for bridal couple.

8. Traditional Bride And Groom Couple Cloth Design

Fig.8.Traditional bride and groom couple cloth design

This is a beautiful and attractive attire for bride and bridegroom. This design is very traditional since for bride there is lehenga and for bridegroom there is sharvani which is an ultimate symbol of Indian couple dress code.

This design does not hold any sort of similarities or color match in the cloth of couple but still they look very complete together.

If the matter come to design then design like this would look good on all hot color and sharvani can be of coffee or some brown color and accordingly the color of bride cloth.

It is simply for those couple who wants to give a touch of Indian tradition and rituals.

9. Traditional Punjabi Dress

Fig.9. Traditional Punjabi design

Above is the design of traditional Punjabi design for couple. The dress design and final touch looks so simple and innocent. As it can be seen in the picture the bride and groom are sharing very fine and traditional look together.

It has been made with a light color choice and something bride. Apart that this color it can be made up of cream or something like bridal pink or bridal yellow.

This design has a true Indian touch which is why it looks very much traditional outfit for upcoming new couples. Those couple who wants to give a traditional Punjabi look to there couple then they can choose to this design.

10. Traditional Touch Outfit

Fig.10.Traditional touch outfit

This traditional dress design is like a Punjabi look outfit for new couples. The color choice made in this is something unique which is why it would not be wrong to say it is very attractive also.

In this design it has all the touch as of typical Punjabi look like turban, choora and everything which is inclusive in Punjabi look.

The color design for it can be something other than it, if to be found something other than this above than it can be like baby pink or hot red also. This is simply something very different from rest of the design codes. It is very attractive at one glance due to it’s color choice and super amazing look.

11. Couple Traditional Marriage Dress

Couple Traditional Marriage Dress

Image Source: Jodi Clickers

Fig.11.Couple traditional marriage design cloth

This couple traditional marriage design cloth is something very much different from rest of the designs. Like in this design bride has worn sari where as bridegroom has worn very fine looked shervani and turban. It is very simple and sweet. Which basically as couple seeks for there marriage dress code.

As it can be seen in the picture also that the color of bride lehenga matched with part of bridegroom shervani. If the concern is of color choice than it can be hot red, bridal yellow or some light color also.

It shall be chosen by the couple who want something like royal queen look in saree and as obvious a king who would complete this look with beautiful sharvani outfit.

12. Indian Traditional Shervani & Lehenga

Fig.12.Indian traditional couple

This is very fine traditional couple cloth which has a touch of design and look which any Indian bridal cloth consist. In this bride has worn lehenga where has bridegroom has worn shervani, which simply any  in Indian tradition is part for new couple for there marriage dress code.

It is simply a very beautiful attire and which most of the couple seek for.

The color for this design can be like hot read as seen in the image above or peach color or something dark also.

It would look amazing in any ways. It shall be chosen by the couple who wants to given Indian traditional look to there couple as whole. It is simply very traditional and very fine work of design is done on it. Which most of the new couples fine for there marriage outfit.

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