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We know that you have been dreaming about your wedding dress when you were just five and we are sure you have already decided its colour, design and weights. However, you have never tried that dress and it will be most costly dress ever. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find that dress of dreams. No doubt a beautiful dress makes a bride more gorgeous.

As time passes, dream slowly-slowly turned into unbearable pressure. That’s why you have to decide it before six months of wedding. Because to choose the wedding dress is one of the most difficult task to done in the marriage.

You will have to roam from one shop to another shop just in order to find the perfect one, same as you have dreamt of. After choosing the fabric , you will be busy in search of good tailor to stitch your dream dress. The process will surely need some days and you can’t tolerate its burden with all other works.

To resist that pressure you should already know about each factor related to your dress. So, do you know about all tips to choose your wedding dress? Don’t worry, if don’t, we are here to help you out of the problem. We will give you some tips, you are in search of whom.

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Dress

1. Keep searching to know what you want

You might have clear thoughts what you really want, how your dress should be? But in this changing time you have an opportunity to enhance it more. We know, you have already imagined your dream dress but know it may be fade because of large time gap.

Open up your search engine are do some search for your dream attire. You will surely get you new ideas, new designs which can help you to imagine your dress with some more clarity. Don’t sit down with just one dress, if you like one dress online then it does not mean that now you have to stop it.

You have to do more search and imagine which kind of dress will suit on your body shape, face cut and will make you more beautiful. You have lots of options for where to search about the dress like go on any bride magazine, Traditional magazine, any designer’s page.

2. Give importance to your comfort

Being comfortable in any dress whether it is wedding dress or any other one. It is important to give preference to your comfort. Just don’t think that you have to wear it for some hours and some hours you will be free from that because if this might be happen you will not be able to enjoy and make our own wedding memorable. So, you don’t need to wear too much heavy dress because in Indian tradition, wedding dresses are being made with weaving and embroidery work.

Go for light weighted and less jewellery. Don’t give order for full sleeves and close neck. However, “how the dress will be?” is your decision. So, don’t be in hurry, take your time to settle for one design.

3. Shop early but not too much

As we have mentioned above, you have to shop your wedding dress earlier otherwise you won’t get the perfection in the dress you want. Wedding is just full of mess and lot of confusion because of work and this mess will not let you decide the best outfit for you.

You have to invest time in order to get the perfect dress. On the other hand, you don’t have to shop too much earlier like 7 to 8 months before of your marriage. Don’t be excited to purchase the wedding dress so soon like your have been marriage fixed today and from tomorrow you are out for shopping, that will be not good.

There are chances of you becoming fat or might be slim too which will not let the dress to be in perfect shape. You have to try the dress once again before 1 week of your marriage because if there would be any need of fitting, you will get time to refit it.

4. Be wise while choosing your shopping crew

Even we suggest you to go with the person who knows you best. Go out on shopping with too many people will only lead you towards confusion. Two or three people who can judge you better in particular dress will be right choice. When go with too many people, they themselves get confuse and make you so.

You just don’t have to look at the dress but you also have to give them a try. By giving them a try, you will know which dress suits you most and in which you are feeling comfortable too. Don’t forget to have clicked picture of the dress when you wore it so that you can also decide which suits you most.

5. Make sure you gonna wear everything resonating to the dress

Do you agree, your ornaments, foot wear and even undergarments should resonate with the dress. Because if these things will resonate to dress, they will complement it too. You should which colour of footwear will go with the dress, which kind of jewellery you are going to wear. However, don’t wear too ornaments in your wedding because it may make you look like over dressed.

There should not be any kind of barrier which can stop you to wear your dream dress, not even your bra. Don’t shy to carry strapless bra or transparent bra can help you out of this.

6. Theme of your wedding

Let me tell you, it is one of the most important things. You should consider your wedding theme a priority, everyone there at your wedding will definetly follow it and if anyhow you will not be able to match your dress to theme, you gonna look like  odd one out. Don’t shop too early until the theme of the wedding is clear to you because you need to complement the theme and for that you will have to notice everything.

7.  Location, Location and The location

Many people don’t decide any theme for their wedding, what will you do in that case? Decide your wedding dress according to your marriage venue. But again decide your dress after booking venue for the wedding.

These are seven tips based on how to choose your wedding dress. May these tips will help you to find best outfit for your wedding.