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Till death do us part. These words mark the most beautiful day of a woman’s life for which the wait feels like forever. The D-Day your “wedding’. Who hasn’t dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with sparkles and love where everything feels like a dream come true? Your lehenga, the mehndi, sangeet, the wedding decorations, makeup and most importantly the bridal hairstyle. Among a plethora of options available these days we are here to add some inspirations to your look book with these Gujarati bridal hairstyles from jasmine_beauty_care.

For Indians, a big fat wedding is nothing less than a show of pomp and grandeur where the bride and groom are given the utmost attention undoubtedly. To get that perfect look alongside make up and lehenga a bride must focus her attention on her hairstyle to get the diva feeling. From searching for inspiration online to multiple salon appointments the bride goes through a roller coaster of emotions to decide. To ensure that your outfit compliments your hair we have created a bunch of looks which will help you to make your dream come true.

Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

1. Buns And Roses

Buns And Roses Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

A sleek tight bun is the most common hairdo among brides and is in fact the most popular one but just leaving it bare wouldn’t do justice to your tresses. So, here is the rosy bun look where you can opt for this hairstyle and add the  magic of soft pink roses and baby breath flowers to get that subtle and diva look.

2. Baby Breath With Colors

Baby Breath With Colors Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

We love how this bride has opted out of the conventional look of a simple color and has taken the hairstyle to a top notch by the fuschia, white and red flowers which go perfectly with the baby breaths.

3. All In White

White flowers Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Simplicity and elegance can never go wrong and this bride has just lived up to the words with her hairdo which is a beauty in white. A symbol of purity, reverence and precision she looks like a goddess.

4. Cliche Red Roses

Cliche Red Roses Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Baby breaths are the latest fad among the modern generation brides to add a bit of sparkle to their fairy tale dreamy look and this hairstyle is the perfect representation of that which is complemented by the cliche red roses which signify enduring passion and love.

5. Artificial Blossoms

Artificial Blossoms Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Buns can never go wrong irrespective of its size and this massive bun with sectional detailing is ornamented by the artificial blossoms of white , green and red makes the bride a vision in red with her lehenga and jewelry.

6. Cascading Voluminous Bun

Cascading Voluminous Gujrati Bridal Bun Hairstyles

If you want to flaunt your long tresses then here is the perfect hairdo for you. You can opt for a cascading waterfall braided hairstyle and then wrap it up in the form of a bun which is sectioned at the front with a touch of puff which gives volume to your curls. Accessorize your bun with the floral strap which is eye catchy and jaw dropping.

7. A Floral Affair

Floral Affair Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand and the look of a bride is incomplete without the floral affair in her hairstyle. Flowers never cease to amaze us with their beauty and this bride looks like a princess with this hairstyle. Accessorizing your sleek and tight bun with baby breaths and a combination of roses like white, peach and red beautifies the bun even more.

8. Rose Structured Bun With Sections

Rose Structured Bun With Sections Gujrati Bridal Hairstyle

If you have long and shiny hair then here is your chance to feel like a queen by swirling your curls just in the right places in the form of a rose with sectional braids in the front with puff. To complete the look opt for baby breaths with the lover’s rose.

9. Braided Bun With Flicks

Braided Bun With Flicks Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Here is your chance to turn your luscious curls by wrapping them multiple times to create this braided bun with the classic flicks at the front and accessorize them with a rose and baby breaths to achieve this minimalist and modish look.

10. Ombre Bun

Ombre Bun Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Let your hair speak for themselves. Create a statement with your tresses by accessorizing your bun with these Ombré blossoms in the form of white, peach, pink and lavender roses which when combined represent love,romance and enhance your femininity.

11. Splash Of Colors

Splash Of Colors Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

This bride has got the look of a scroll stopper which is literally true! You simply cannot ignore this hairstyle where she stepped it up with her floral arrangement. With an elaborate hairdo by combining your bun with baby breaths and a splash of colors you can add the oomph factor just like that.

12. Swirls And Whites

Swirls And Whites Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

Brides who are tired of the same old sleek and tight buns can go for these swirls with sectional detailing for something that’s out of the box for your bridal hairstyle. This bride has adorned her bun with baby breaths and jasmines and is a symbol of purity and poise which makes us keen to turn our heads.

13. Something Lavender, Something White

Something Lavender, Something White Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

This hairstyle defines the word magic which this bride has created with her bridal hairstyle. The white flowers soothe the eyes and add the bling factor along with the soft lavender hued blossoms which complement the massive bun perfectly. Deck up your basic bun partially with these flowers and you are good to go.

14. The Peachy Look

Peachy Look Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

This bride looks surreal and beautiful with her low bun adorned with hues of peach and white flowers. This hairstyle is a sure shot winner and we are all hearts for this bridal hairstyle. Adding two subtle colors is a great idea and this bridal hairstyle is an inspiration to many which adds charm and magic to the outfit.

15. Sections And Flicks

Sections And Flicks Gujrati Bridal Hairstyles

In the latest fad of trends this hairdo with a side parting and flicks with a massive floral arrangements is a timeless classic among the brides of this generation. She looks absolutely stunning by accessorizing her bun with red flowers with a soft touch of baby breaths and a hue of baby pink blossoms.

Down the memory lane. When you would be turning the pages of your wedding album or maybe scrolling through it you definitely don’t want to remember it with regrets, that you missed out on the only chance to add the sparkle, the magic, that oomph factor to the day for which you have been dreaming and planning for decades. The day when you felt like a queen and got your knight in shining armor stealing you away with his charm and love.

So, here’s your chance to achieve ‘the’ look for your D-Day and seize the moment with your bridal hairstyle and create#hairgoals which will be a story worth telling and inspire your future generations.

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