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Trending Bun Hairstyles!

Hair is a very personal matter be it for men or women. You all know what your hair looks like and what you feel gorgeous in. Every person has different tastes when it comes to hairstyles. When it comes to wedding hairstyles it is always something special.

Weddings give you a special occasion to upgrade your normal usual hairstyle. You can choose your wedding hairstyles as per your own comfortability and what works best for you. If you have no clue what hairstyle to do for your wedding then here we have curated a whole long list to help you out.

Trending Bun Hairstyles

Hairstyle such as a bun is the most traditional and chic updo that you can do for your wedding. During a wedding, you will have to endure a whole lot of environmental torments such as wind, sun, humidity, sweat and above all embrace from the guests which generally comes in the form of hugs and kisses.

Amidst all these activities chances are that your hairstyle might get ruined and messed up. So you need such a hairstyle which can withstand all of these obstacles. Therefore a bun hairstyle is perfect and it is recommended for all the brides. Especially if you are planning for a summertime wedding then a bun hairstyle is the best and the most comfortable hairstyle at all times.

Here we are presenting unique collection from Aayushi Patel for your wedding season who is passionate makeup artist based in Ahmadabad.

1. Bun with curls:

Bun with curls: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

This is a super elegant look. If you are used to having naturally straight hair then revamp it with curls. And if you have naturally curky hair, then this updo is perfect for you. This hairstyle will definitely change your overall look and make you feel special. If you want to make it prettier then just add some cute flowers of the matching hues of your outfit and you are good to go. Those hanging loose curls though are definitely going to get you lot of attention and compliments.

2. Bun with blue accents:

Bun with blue accents: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

A nice volumnised bun does not call for any special occasion. It is just so special in itself. Look at the twisted bun in the image. It is so well made and looks so beautiful. Be it your wedding or reception or even your graduation day this hairstyle will work well for all occasions. To further beautify the bun it is decorated with blue faux flowers to match her outfit.

3. A low bun:

 A low bun: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

A low bun is a classic hairstyle you can go for. A good hairstyle takes a lot of time and effort. It is really a tough job to find a hairstyle which looks elegant and does a good job on keeping the hair away from the face. A bun is just that. If you do not want to go for a classic bun then try something different like in the image here. It is a coiled and interlooped bun. It Los great and gives you the grace you always wanted. To enhance it more you can add some baby’s breath to it.

4. Twisted hair bun:

 Twisted hair bun: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

A twisted bun adds a lot of volume to your hair. Hair strands twisted into a bun not only looks elegant but also neat and sophisticated. This is a really easy hairstyle to do and it is not time consuming as well. Just twist your hair roll them upwards and form a bun that’s all. If you want try out something different without investing much time then definitely go for this.

5. Top knot bun:

 Top knot bun: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

A top knot bun is a very simple yet classy look. If you want to jazz up your plain and simple top knot bun then we suggest fancy it up a little bit with a braided bun. The image clearly shows how your braided bun will look like. A high top knot bun always gives you a rich and royal looks go for this if your are looking for the same feeling and if the situation demands likewise.

6. Bun with adjacent pearls:

Bun with adjacent pearls: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

Another twisted bun hairstyle look with the elegance of pearls. Pearls have always been associated with the rich and elite class. The pearl decoration on hair really give it an elite look as well. Just simply twist your hair strands and roll them up into a bun. And if you think it is looking too plain and boring then add some pearls. It is that simple.

7. Classic low chignon:

Classic low chignon: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

Low chignons are the most elegant and classic look of all times. They are generally made at the back of the head of sideways close to the neck. It is super versatile and you can sport this look at any occasion as per your convenience. It does take a little time and effort to achieve that neat look but in the end it is all worth the efforts. Here our bride has sported a beautiful low chignon decorated with pink flowers and pearls.

8. Bun with a crown of flowers:

Bun with a crown of flowers: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

This is probably the most elegant bun in the entire list. Flowers can add a mesmerizing touch to any hairstyle. Here a low braided bun is elevated with the use of pink lilies. A beautiful touch to this sweet and simple hairstyle. This updo is not only glamorous but also soft and romantic. This hairstyle is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding and also for cultural events.

9. Rolled up bun:

 Rolled up bun: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

Another chignon hairstyle and this time with a rolled updo shaped in the form of a rose. A super elegant and chic hairstyle to sport for any fancy event or occasion. The hair is first braided and then rolled up to form a low braid just touching the neck. The loose ends are then rolled to form a rose like shape. To further enhance the look of this already beautiful hairstyle add some strands of baby’s breath. Perfect to be worn with both Indian and Western attire.

10. Bun with fishtail braid:

Bun with fishtail braid: Trending Bun Hairstyles for your Wedding Reception

Fishtail braided bun can get really tricky and messy. It requires a lot of practice and precision to get that perfect braided look. This hairstyle is generally achieved by fishtail braiding the hair in several sections and then securing them together to form a bun. This braid gives you a very elegant look and it is perfect for occasions like wedding. Whether you decide to we’re a saree, lehenga or even gown, you can carry this look with every outfit you want. It is such a versatile hairstyle. If you want to further add to its beauty then invest in some flowers and you are good to go.

That was all for this article on trending bun hairstyles. Hole you enjoyed it and picked out you’d favourite for every upcoming occasions. For more updated stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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