90’s Hairstyle Trends Which Have Been Long Forgotten

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Have you been trying to make your bangs look bigger than your other friends? Remember those tons of lacquer, and sometimes even sweet water, the forehead needs to maintain these unimaginable designs? Yes, it’s hard to forget the hairstyles of the 90s, each of us remembers shiny rubber bands and heavy rims. While hairstyles were definitely super stylish and practical in those days, the 90s are all about the more toned-down look. Let’s delve into the past together and look at the most iconic hairstyle trends of the ’90s.

Famous Hairstyle From The ’90s That Are Trending Globally

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Hair Of  The 90s: Windproof Bangs

To “put” these bangs, the girls of those years devoted a lot of time to this incomprehensible and labor-intensive process. A straight line at the forehead first had to be combed, then formed a flat and vertically standing “comb”, and then literally pour lacquer. If there was no sugar solution, and some creative women used soap, it is more reliable. This design reliably protected its owner from the wind and the scorching sun, and also attracted the attention of the opposite sex. The more monolithic the bangs, the cooler the girl.

Bang A La “Just Maria”

Not everyone was given “simple” bangs, although it was a great way to disguise teenage pimples. The above-mentioned ridge was still welcomed, but in this case, the bangs were to be divided into two parts, and the lower one – to be placed over the forehead, imitating a curtain.

Hairstyles Of The ’90s: “deplorable” chemistry

The star of the series “The Rich Are Crying, too,” Veronica Castro, has made a revolution in the minds of Soviet youth, not knowing it herself. The girls ran to the hairdressers to spoil their hair with “chemistry”, doing their hair and putting their bangs on their foreheads. She had to envelop the front of the skull so there was no access to fresh air.

By the way, the Soviet pop stars also succumbed to the general madness.


The rare beauty of the 90’s managed to seize a much-needed tool like a flute. That’s why the enterprising girls braided a good hundred braids and slept on them. The view in the morning, of course, was far from Carmen Elektra, but it was quite suitable for the school disco.

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Hair Of The ’90s: Bangs With A Roller

Another option that our girls had a hard time with. Due to the lack of stylers, they had to twist their bangs on a round comb and walk like this until they were dehydrated. Hair loved to get stuck in this tool, from which they had to save them with scissors. But beauty was worth all the effort.

Hairstyles 90s: Tail a la “Leaning Tower”

The most popular hairstyle of those bright times – high tail, decorated with some accessory, was appropriate everywhere! It was necessary to wrap the hair with a bright elastic band or even a scarf to make the tail rise above your head as high as possible.

Colorful Strands

Hair mascara is sold everywhere. Those unfortunate people whose parents didn’t give money for such nonsense were dyed and dyed their hair in green or crayons. The result was often unimaginable, but no one was embarrassed.

Hairstyle With “Sophista Twisty”

The accessory advertised by the “shop on the couch” was so popular with Russian beauties because it was possible to make a French shell with it in a matter of seconds. This styling, by the way, became very popular, it was considered to be especially chic to produce a few thin strands hanging on the face.

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Hair Of The ’90s: The Little Demon

No matter how this image was created, with the help of pigtails or tails, the effect was the same – mega-cool! So much so that the guys picked up the trick.

Hello, Aerobics

The appearance on the country’s screens of programs dedicated to vigorous aerobic exercise caused a flurry of emotions. Reflection of love for sports was a passion for headbands, which were sometimes replaced by coquettish ribbons or, worse, acid-colored scarves. The corduroy rims were a more modest but not less favorite option.

Hair Of The ’90s: Photo

It’s nice to sink into the past sometimes, so let’s smile together and remember what it was like.

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