Shakira’s Hairstyle Transformation, Hairs Don’t Lie

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Shakira has been in the news because of her attractive looks and voice, but her hairstyle is something that doesn’t make it difficult for her to be followed by global journalists. When she was 40 years old, Shakira changed her hair, image, and style of music more than once. Many of her images, often danced and bolder than women, fashionable women of the late 90s are actively imitated. But to her most loyal fans, she has always remained a hot Colombian diva with a bare belly and golden paw pants. Shakira has always tried very hard to change her image with different styles, but all in vain.

For almost 30 years of world fame, the singer’s hair color, length, and hairstyle have changed several times. Changing up her hairstyle is one of the most powerful things that reflect on Shakira’s beauty evolution from time to time. Following are the popular hairstyles of Shakira:

Check Out Shakira’s Hairstyle Evolution Over The Years

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Shakira’s Hairstyles: The Beginning Of a Career Is A Burning Natural

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll records her first album at the age of 13. “Magia” is gaining popularity in the girl’s hometown, and this curly swarth becomes a star. Although not yet on a global scale. Here’s how she looked: huge burning eyes and magnificent rings in her hair. If it weren’t for her short stature, Shakira could have become a supermodel thanks to her appearance. Classic Latin-American beauty.

Rockstar In Latin American Or Search For Yourself

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The young singer kept her natural beauty until the end of the millennium. Thick hair was either straightened or curled into neat curls. But more often than not, Shakira performed with a magnificent hairstyle. At the beginning of her career, her albums failed several times.

And yet in 98, after a tour throughout Latin America, the Colombian recorded her fourth happy album, she was only 21 years old. Shakira then followed the style of pop-rock. A photo with an electric guitar, a comb, and a black mane. Quite an unusual style for a modern singer’s admirer.

Shakira’s Hairstyles: From Black to Red

Gets the world fame of Shakira dancing to the rhythm of his own drums. It was at the end of the millennium. Shakira dyed her hair in ruby, her strands were flowing with a waterfall. They were often woven into small braids. Such onions slimmed down the singer, gave her a “glove” with an already bold image.


Switching To The Bright Side

With the beginning of the 21st century, Shakira acquires world fame and… brightens up. She has already met the Pope, received praise from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and acted as a goodwill ambassador. This is not yet a blonde – her reddish (lightening) hair does not fit the general image of the singer. But it is this image that brings her the Grammy Award. Thus, in 2000 Shakira became “the best Latin American singer”. Style of clothes left much to be desired – she has not yet found “his” image, but in the works has already caught a wave.

Her Blonde Hair

The very “Whenever, Wherever” image that flew all over the continents was from this series. The clip, where Shakira in “primitive” attire lights up against the background of waves beating against the cliffs, is still remembered by devoted fans. At that time, her image was as follows: a leather mini-top, a naked and eternally moving belly, and narrow golden trousers on the hips. And, of course, a lush, thick hairstyle.

These are not burnt strands anymore: Shakira’s head has light and dark shades and textured styling in the spirit of a freedom-loving savage. She is one of the first trendsetters in the contrasting art of melting. In her makeup, the star used black eyeliner, or rather a “stroke”. The eyes stood out very brightly.

Shakira’s hair was always “dancing”: the girl often spun her head and “played” with her hair. They were flowing in waves, falling on their shoulders, gathering at the face. But most often the hair was loose.

Little Demon

Since 2000, Shakira has been meeting with the son of former Argentinean President Antonio de la Roy. Their relationship will come to an engagement, but the wedding will never take place. However, so far the ten-year union with Antonio singer characterizes the best years of her life. So, in 2003, we have an absolute blonde in front of us (not without “yellowness”, of course). Its curls are still curling, but now they are not careless waves, but a petty demon. Just like at the age of 13, only the color is different. She still lights up the audience with her dances. Records tracks in both English and Spanish. And the full image is the same: ethnic stage costumes, suede, leather, jeans, and latex, Shakira’s hairstyles remain bold and disheveled. This image of Shakira is associated with her by everyone and is considered to be a classic one.

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Hollywood Glamour

The barbarian image followed Shakira to about mid-zero. At least in 2006, the star appears in front of the public with neat, large honey-colored curls. Then, at the MTVMA award, she lights up in a bright pink oriental suit, and her hair looks like a brightened version of Princess Jasmine. All this time, her relationship with Antonio de la Roy continues. The couple does not marry officially, and Shakira herself declares that they do not need paper for complete happiness. In 2007 a joint duet with Beyonce “Beautiful Liar” is released. Shakira is still the same “goddess of the disco”, but instead of a daring Amazon, she demonstrates feminine chic. That’s what a well-groomed hairstyle does!

And Again The Rings

At the 2007 Grammy Awards ceremony, a hot dance star appears on the red carpet in a glamorous red dress, and on her head, she is wearing the same small demon, but a more natural caramel shade with “burned out” strands. The hairstyle is more like a grown-up Afro, but it doesn’t spoil the feminine image of the singer at all. By the way, during this period of her life and creative work Shakira chooses minimalist makeup, which emphasizes her natural beauty. But at that moment she has already turned 30!

Shakira’s Hairstyles: Down With The Length

In 2010, the track “Waka Waka” becomes a hit, and the image of a girl from an African village is remembered for a long time by the audience.

Although Shakira’s hairstyle in the clip is the most common: her blond hair, which was loose, was decorated only with an accessory of colorful beads. In 2011, Shakira parted with Antonio de la Roy. And… what does a typical girl do when she breaks up with her loved one? That’s right – she cuts her hair. For the first time in her career, the singer chooses a carriage. A short haircut is very good for her and changes everything cardinally. Despite the long trials and proceedings with the former, a dark strip in Shakira’s life ends with the appearance of a new lover. It becomes a football’ club  ‘Barcelona’ Gerard Picque.

Shakira’s Classic Blonde

Already in 2013, the couple has their first child, and after a few months, the newly made mother returns to the stage. Hair gradually grows back, and the singer forms a “cascade” on her head and continues to look one hundred percent. Two years later, the second son is born, but instead of souring on maternity leave, Shakira rhythmically moves his body and still continues to look his best.

Now, in her 40s, the singer is still a style icon and is not going to give up her position. Her hair is again a magnificent blonde. Only now it is a well-groomed Hollywood look that emphasizes the elegance of its owner.

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