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A Century Of Bridal Hairstyles And Fashion Through the Ages 

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Whatever the age, the bride is always a sign of fashion and taste of the times. The classic, white wedding dress has been in fashion since the days of Queen Victoria – but bridal fashion trends have changed a lot over time. Wedding magazines, old grandmothers’ photo albums, and even flea markets will tell us how the fashion for wedding hairstyles has changed over the past 100 years. You’ll never see the modern bridal style the same way you’ve evolved and reinvented old favorites every step of the way.

Surprisingly, at all times, whether the bride married in a cheap dress or in the image of my mother, the girl has always skillfully changed her outfit to suit her. Finding and adding “zest” to accessories or hairstyles is again a tribute to fashion.

Here’s how wedding dresses have changed from the past 100 years to the present day.

Beautiful 100 Years Evolution Of Bridal Hairstyle And Fashion

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Wedding Hairstyles Of The Beginning Of XX Century, 10th

The girls from the old pictures of the beginning of the XX century married in the image on the one hand gentle, and on the other – super elegant. Dresses differed by the closed sleeves decorated with ruffles. Collar pillars and often a massive veil. On her head she was happy, but somehow in most of the pictures of the sad bride, she was wearing a neat crown of hair. Her hair clearly framed her forehead and face. Often it was small curls, laid on the contour of the forehead “frame”. The main part of the hair was removed between the forehead and the back of the head, and the veil was attached there. The composition of the bride’s hairstyle was complemented by tender flowers there, around the crown.

Another image from the past was a gentle but slightly playful bride. A magnificent crinoline, a neat cap of lace on the head, and a low veil. His hair is slightly knocked out of the cap by an elegant wave. There was no Hollywood wave at the time, so the bride probably used a different definition. Wavy and curly hair was then considered a squeak of fashion. They were put on the back of the head, made a low beam, hidden under a cap. But always a few “buns” looked playfully around the face.

By the way, in those years almost all brides covered their heads with veils. In addition, there were various accessories: lace, flowers, ribbons, caps, and even a tiara.

Wedding Hairstyles In the 20th Century

The bride of the 20s is becoming more liberated, trying to experiment. She chooses shorter dresses, showing caviar, elbows, and collarbone. The cut is most often simple – and this is a great option to play with accessories. When you see the image of the bride of the 20s the eye immediately flashes to a magnificent bouquet and … hat. This kind of “suit” on the head was called a bridal cap at that time. The hat was in one piece with a less massive veil, but the latter still looked like a mosquito tent. The wedding hairstyle itself under this design was almost imperceptible. These are either neat “Princess Leia from the past” booklets or neat kare. Yes, in the 1920s, fashionistas began to dare and cut off their curly braids. By the way, the bridal cap did not necessarily go in combination with a veil. And closer to the 30th in general smoothly turned into a kind of kerchief. Nowadays it sounds very clumsy, but look at these images!

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’30s

In the 30s the wedding fashion came back a couple of steps back. Marrying, the girls copied the tenderness and refinement of the beginning of the century but already added new “wants”. So, the bride of the ’30s brightly dressed up and decorated her hair with feathers. Closer to the middle of the decade, the bride began to dress up in short dresses below the knee, and the veil was shortened with them. An obligatory attribute of the bride of the 30s is a headdress. A small tablet with a veil, a hat with wide fields – sometimes this accessory completely replaced the veil. Fashionistas in those years have already begun to lighten their hair so that the palaces of weddings were recorded as young then still “yellow-headed” brides. Curls were lightened, curls were curled and placed on a slant. This hairstyle was called “pikabu”, which became popular thanks to actress Veronica Lake. A slight cartoon image of the bride today would have been taken with ridicule. Bleached waves, densely summed up eyes, languid look – elegant, but, alas, too theatrical for the present.

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’40s

The way the bridesmaids dressed up during this period is confirmed by the idea that the girl will try to look gorgeous in any condition. So, the 40s. Most of the “fashion trends” in this decade for obvious reasons were taken from previous years. Therefore, wedding dresses were often mom’s or grandmother’s dresses. Young women of fashion tried to adapt them to modern trends. And yet, in the 40s of the last century, the image of the bride was quite modest. Wedding hairstyles were also simple. Easy styling on the shoulders or just above the hair, exquisite decoration (often also inherited). The alternative is a high, lush bundle of hair with a veil and long gloves. Nothing shouting and challenging. The veil was fashionable to wear to the knees, the dress was a simple claw. Atlas and pearls in clothes. In his hair – a small violet, a modest ribbon. All the glamour fell in the 50s.

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’50s

After the horrors of the Second World War, the beauty from Dior comes on the podium – light, laughing, playful. The feminine and romantic image of the bride from the 50s is the same classic retro that we usually imagine under this word. On the bride’s head in the middle of the last century, you can see the construction of scrolls, decorated with satin ribbons, which have already fallen in love with solid tablet hats. The standard of the bride’s hairstyle is the raised back of the head, the ideal “frame” around the forehead, and the low “basket” of hair. The crest of fashion at this time – hairpieces, lush curls. Long braids were curled in curls and stabbed in a high careless bundle. The veil was rarely worn during these years, or it was super-short: maximum – on the shoulders. In general, the bride looked as if she had just left the Pin-up cover of the magazine.

Another variant of the image of the 50s is the privileged chic. These are expensive luxury dresses in which first-class movie stars got married. So, in 56, the magnificent Grace Kelly got engaged. Married to Prince Grace of Monaco, she wore a modest but uniquely closed wedding dress, which was created for her by Hollywood designer Helen Rose. Along with this, Grace chose the same laconic hairstyle as the whole image – smoothly put on the back of the head. The royal bride’s head was decorated with a lace cap and a veil, long to the floor. The famous wedding image of Grace in the mid-50s was tried to copy for many more years.

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Wedding Hairstyles In The ’60s

If in the 50s there was still slight negligence in the bride’s hair, then 10 years later there was no trace of her. Not from the bride, of course. The bride’s head was decorated with a laconic, elegant and at the same time original for that time design with the raised back of the head, removed “tails” and in general – without all unnecessary. In addition to the hair and hairpieces, they were also considered as a wand, a gimmick by the finely hairy bride. The short haircut of beans was popular at the time, as well as the fashionista cut thick, short bangs. The favorite accessory of all girls in the 60s, including the brides, was the bezel, a wide ribbon in the hair or flower arrangement.

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’70s

Happy hippies were also married. And also set the fashion for a whole generation. And if the bride’s dress in the ’70s showed us a refined and seductive young lady, the hair still gave out a flamboyant creature with flowers on his head and in his head. Long hair under a magnificent veil did not hesitate to dissolve. The strands were wrapped in a flat on the face – a kind of “light from Abba”. A volumetric veil was attached to a small wreath of artificial flowers. The modest practitioners practiced a variant with a straight veil, on which a round wreath was put on top of a ring, not a crown. The image of the bride was natural and cute. In many ways, the current wedding fashion borrowed details from the 70s.

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’80s

That’s where the once sophisticated and gentle maiden turned into a real torn-off in a wedding dress. The combed “dragon” was often on the top of the head, curled curls of curls fell on the shoulders of flashlights. It was an image without borders. Brides in the 80’s as if they couldn’t say “stop” to themselves. They emphasized everything they could: a magnificent skirt, gloves, urine-like hair, voluminous veil, wreath, sequins, shadows, rhinestones, pearls, almost foil on all sides. And it was considered beautiful. Even Princess Diana, the trendsetter of those times, looked like an air cake meringue at her wedding ceremony. Although the hair of Lady Dee in 81 A.D. looked rather modest under the abundance of veils.

Wedding Hairstyles In The ’90s

20 years ago, it was fashionable to get married with high hair. Hair was wrapped in larvae, on rollers, sculpted just beyond the forehead of the Eiffel Tower, and filled with lacquer bottles. It is no secret that the owners of such hairstyles often did them the day before the wedding, and then the night before the celebration slept sitting down. Nevertheless, the image was majestic, slightly glamorous, and very complicated. Dresses then were in fashion as lush as well as case cut. With a high combed hairstyle, the short veil and studded flowers at the base of the tower looked great. Hair hairstyles always served as a highlight of the broken and twisted strands in the face.

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Wedding Hairstyles In The ’00s

Well, here it is, the new millennium. Fashion for the wedding image at the beginning of zero, strange as it may seem, was notable for its simplicity. A modest cut of the dress, the same plan of hair. A typical variant is a low beam with a pearl rim. The veil is straight from the beam. There is also an alternative version of the bride of the XXI century – brighter. Crinoline skirt flounces, mittens “through the finger”, curls in a turret or a wreath of curls. The bride in zero is not ashamed of a wide neckline, and can afford to open her back. Despite the freedom in the choice of style, a wide range of fashion trends, still under the crown most often went in a laconic outfit. This also applied to hairstyles.


Probably a gentle image, after all, he’s for centuries. Nowadays the bride is still as sincere as in the 50s. As feminine as in the 70s and as refined as at the beginning of the last century. Today, the fashion of loose careless curls with a wreath of fresh flowers. Long multi-layered veil without lace, voluminous low bundles, and weaves. Low key, but elegant accessories. And the main thing is that nowadays the retro style is very fashionable – which covers a considerable period of time with its variety. In general, the bride nowadays has a place to walk around with her fantasy.

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